Uae pakistan military relationship

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uae pakistan military relationship

Defence relations between Pakistan and the UAE began shortly before the UAE's formation in Pakistani troops. The United Arab Emirates and Pakistan have issued the following of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces. UAE, Pakistan military ties are a harbinger for regional security.

High level military delegates from both sides visit time to time to boost their military associations.

  • Statement on Pak-UAE relations on official visit of PM of Pakistan to UAE
  • Pak-UAE relations

The army chief praised the development witnessed by the UAE in different fields. It is observed that many critics and adversaries are adamant to prove that Pak UAE ties are no more fostering.

uae pakistan military relationship

Earlier when in Afghanistan, attack on UAE consulate was carried out in January, Afghanistan blamed Pakistan for this suicide attack and viewed that UAE should rethink about its relations with Pakistan.

On twitter account of Mr. Earlier in Nov he conducted a survey on social media to seek people opinion about independent Balochistan or do they favour or support this cause or not.

uae pakistan military relationship

Soon after visit, the campaign on social media started to destabilise Pak-UAE relations but those who are involved in negative campaigns and propaganda must remember that both countries are clear about their associations with each other. The UAE has always been among the first countries to deliver humanitarian relief and assistance to Pakistan in times of need.

Pakistan Armed Forces deployments

Init launched the Pakistan Assistance Programme for building schools, colleges and hospitals in Pakistan. Lately on this March 23, the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa was brightened up with the colours of the Pakistani flag to celebrate the Pakistan Day which depicts relations between both states.

So those who are trying their energies for spoiling both countries connexions must keep in mind that they will not to able to successful as mature leadership understand their duties and dynamics of alliance between them. In an era of low or average oil prices, its members are also looking for cheaper alternatives. Over the past two years, the Qataris have really turned their backs towards the West and looked toward the East, as all the Gulf countries are doing the same for the promotion of their trade and economic relations among the Muslim brethren.

Qatar in particular is working closely with Pakistan and Turkey in this field and the three countries are in the early stages of talks aimed at joint production of new defense systems.

Qatar has also expressed interest in the fifth generation JF fighter jet which Pakistan developed with China. Pakistan sees the GCC as a key market for its military ties expansion.

Pakistan has enduring military tie-up with UAE - Pakistan & Gulf Economist

While the Pakistani troops may not provide the same quality service as western private contractors, they are cheaper and never overcharge the Qataris. At the same time, Pakistan is also looking to increase economic and political ties with Iran, however, to pursue shared interests and to maintain its policy of balancing Riyadh and its rival Tehran.

Bilateral relations between the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan have acquired new dimensions at defense levels emerging into trust-worthy strategic partnership and are still continuing.

Apart from trade and economic relations, Pakistan UAE military ties are time-tested.

uae pakistan military relationship

The Pakistani military has a historic role in helping to train and equip the UAE military, such as training fighter pilots of the UAE air force and other defense related equipment and technology acquisitions.

Apart from exchange of delegates at official and unofficial level, military conducts joint exercises to strengthen their capabilities.

uae pakistan military relationship