Symbiotic relationship of a marabou stork

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symbiotic relationship of a marabou stork

31 Symbiotic Relationships Question to answer: Why do the pairs live together? Barnacle/ Whale Cowbird/ Buffalo Bee/ Marabou Stork Hermit Crab/ Snail. this answer kinda helped it wasnt exactly on the lines of what I needed but still, good information Answer the stork uses its bill, which is saw-like, to cut up the. The stork uses its saw-like bill to cut up the animal it eats. Because of this, the animal carcass is able to be used by some bees for egg-laying.

Since the visual abilities of the 2 species are different, they can identify threats the other animal would not as readily see.

Marabou stork and bee symbiotic relationship

The custom is of Scandinavian origin. In Norse mythology, Baldr was a god of vegetation. To prevent this, she made every plant, animal, and inanimate object promise not to harm her son Baldr. The story goes that Frigga overlooked the mistletoe plant, so Loki was able to trick the blind god into killing her son Baldr, with a spear fashioned from mistletoe.

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Baldr's death brought winter into the world, until the gods restored him to life. Then Frigga declared the mistletoe sacred, ordering that from now on it should bring love rather than death into the world. Happily complying with Frigga's wishes, any two people passing under the plant from now on would celebrate Baldr's resurrection by kissing under the mistletoe.

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The sticky juice of mistletoe berries was used as adhesive to trap small animals or birds. A study of mistletoe in junipers concluded that more juniper berries sprout in stands where mistletoe is present, as the mistletoe attracts berry-eating birds which also eat juniper berries.

They share the prey. Females are smaller than males.

symbiotic relationship of a marabou stork

Bill length can range from The marabou is unmistakable due to its size, bare head and neck, black back, and white underparts. It has a huge bill, a pink gular sac at its throat crumenifer us means "carrier of a pouch for money"a neck ruff, and black legs and wings. The sexes are alike, but the young bird is browner and has a smaller bill.

symbiotic relationship of a marabou stork

Full maturity is not reached for up to four years. Behavior and ecology[ edit ] Like most storks, the marabou is gregarious and a colonial breeder. In the African dry season when food is more readily available as the pools shrinkit builds a tree nest in which two or three eggs are laid.

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It is known to be quite ill-tempered. It also resembles other storks in that it is not very vocal, but indulges in bill-rattling courtship displays. The throat sac is also used to make various noises at that time. Breeding[ edit ] The marabou stork breeds in colonies, starting during the dry season.

symbiotic relationship of a marabou stork

The female lays two to three of eggs in a small nest made of sticks; eggs hatch after an incubation period of 30 days.