Ssf4 rose ending relationship

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ssf4 rose ending relationship

This list of characters from the Street Fighter fighting game series covers the original Street .. He makes a cameo in Balrog's Street Fighter 1 ending in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Ingrid also possesses psychic abilities similar to Rose's, addressing both Ryu and Rose by name, despite never revealing them to her. Street Fighter characters index Street Fighter I | Street Fighter II | Street Fighter Alpha | Street Fighter III | Street Fighter IV | Street Fighter V | . Jul 20, Super Street Fighter 4: AE Balrog Tutorial - Episode 1: Normals by DMG PR The Dash Straight can be used to end combos, but it has other uses as well. .. If Rose has ultra meter and you knocked her down, just use meaty . oichio, so don't worry about relation from it if you are going for a tick throw.

Haggar's appearance as a wrestler in those endings is most likely just an Easter egg. If they aren't just Easter eggs, that's fine too and doesn't contradict because it's wholly possible that Haggar has decided to go back to wrestling since then because his tenure as mayor ended two years after SFZ3 according to All About Capcom.

Capcom hasn't stated it either way though though I myself am pretty sure it's just Easter egg appearances. Streetwise has an election poster in Haggar's gym that places Haggar's elections and thus SMB at Other sources say Haggar was elected 5 years before Final Fight One, which, if you go by FF1's retconned date ofis as well.

He's just "mayor of Metro City" in the Japanese version. With respect to Sakura, since her ending has her yet to meet with Ryu after her initial glimpse of "that person" with the white headband, the series is treated as the following what-if: Final Fight has officially existed within the Street Fighter canon storyline universe as early as when Street Fighter 2 was first released, and possibly earlier than that, due to the game initially billed as Street Fighter ' Guile's and Bay Area's dogs were declared to be pals within the storyline ever since Street Fighter 2 existed.

It was just that the Zero series had the first Street Fighter games with Final Fight characters directly involved, but the Final Fight series still officially existed within the Street Fighter universe before Zero was made.

Why does Final Fight 1's intro state it took place sometime during ? Capcom went by the release date for Final Fight's date of occurrence. They would do this with Final Fight 2 later on.

Entering into SFZ, Guy is already proclaimed the 39th bushinryu master, so he's already had his fight to the death with Zeku; aka the game's not about his training to become the 39th, he already is, just like if you enter SFZ3 as him. The real-time year in the real world was at this time. Next real-time yearSFZ2 comes out. Now Capcom decided to have Guy still training to become the 39th, and he meets Zeku at the end of the game, Guy's ending, to then engage the fight to the death.

Back to the SF universe timeline: Final Fight Streetwise's election date of for Haggar places Final Fight One at the yearanyways official statements are that he became mayor 5 years before Final Fight One. Although Capcom of Japan had initially set as equally official birthdates and ages for the Final Fight cast, they may have eventually veered towards the latter. The unrest may be including Cody's jailbreak. Whether Shadoloo's operatives include the Skull Cross Gang or some other unnamed group or individuals is not known for sure.

Haggar has a Z3 entry in AAC; it's where we learn that his term will end two years later. This is relevant to Poison being a guy finally stated in English. Here's what the translator David Sirlin said about their authenticity: It was written or maybe gotten from old archives by Capcom.

It took a long time for Capcom to even give us text because they needed a bunch of approvals for it, probably from Capcom Japan. So it's pretty accurate, but you never know when a company is rewriting history with their story. Bottom line, it's a pretty trustworthy source, but you never know. About Final Fight Revenge. About Final Fight Streetwise. Made by the same team as Final Fight Revenge. This time, the team had "free reign", although Capcom of Japan still had final word, thus the new material it introduced is authentic, not that it significantly matters since it takes place considerably long after any other canonized game in the saga.

Your end came much later than the Private Justice Academy series and didn't have as blatantly open a plot left ditto for Darkstalkers, come to think about itbut it also ended on what many will see as a much more sour note. For what it's worth, some press releases etc. It's uncertain if CC ties into Final Fight and the SF universe through Sho a distant successor to bushinryu ninpou, and the game's setting in Metro City IF such evidence can be tracked down anywhere.

Not at this time. A not overly important but still notable side note: While the plots of the VS games are all what-if, generally the characterizations IE, personalities within them usually aren't for the most part.

Generally speaking, Capcom apparently uses the VS games to show character traits that are official, even if the storylines aren't. This doesn't seem to really apply to Pocket Fighter that much, but that's because Pocket Fighter is a joke up-beat goof-off type of game, so of course character personalities will be made to be a bit more light-hearted and such than usual. Character endings in VS games may offer clues onto what endings actually happened in the canon games, as well, and where characters may be after their tenure in the canon has generally ended.

Ditto for character quotes.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

However, any material within crossover titles is subject to question if it stands alone without any support from canonical titles and the like.

There has yet to be an officially endorsed manga or anime storyline for Street Fighter, also, so you can't take any of those for canon This includes the SFZ animes, the SF2 animated movie even though that officially was what inspired the SFZ series, Sakura Ganbaru! Please let me repeat. All About Capcom is the most well-known and biggest of these. Note that overseas official strategy guides generally don't get their storyline info directly from the company their purpose is game strategies, not game storylines so they don't really count either.

There is evidence however, that the creator of Sakura Ganbaru! Of course, since the creator of Sakura Ganbaru! Ditto for certain bits of Ryu Final as revealed in the accounts of SF4. These mangas and animes have their own alternate universes that they follow.

The alternate universality becomes quite apparent in many cases. With SF4, the 25 animated opening and ending clips found in the console versions of the game are the only SF anime which currently qualify for seishi status. The openings are more likely to be regarded as canon than the endings of course. More on these with each SF4 character's section. The Street Fighter comic is not canon to the authentic history compiled in this guide.

Udon employees even said so. The storyline is checked over by Capcom of Japan and approved, but that doesn't mean it's canon. It just means that Capcom of Japan wants to make sure Udon isn't butchering their characters etc etc.

It's a good comic, though, I feel, and there are many details in it where Udon the comic's creators ask for details from Capcom regarding various things. The creators and writers are more interested in keeping close to the spirit of Street Fighter than the canon of it, since the latter could be hard to do and also inflexible in a comic, so the comic isn't exactly a good source of canon.

They also stated that they had to go by overseas names, including Shotokan instead of ansatsuken for Ryu's fighting style. Finally, Nash is named Charlie Nash in the comic because they decided that was basically the best way to please both people who preferred Charlie and people who preferred Nash.

His name in the actual canon still isn't Charlie Nash, though. The comic I think is really good, a great read, and I love the art, but just to stave off any possible feature e-mails, I need to say that ANYTHING in the comic which seems off from the canon probably means it really is indeed a liberty the writers took. I still recommend it, though, because it's pretty cool and has nice art. It's viewed as ultimately Udon's take on the SF2 outcomes, inspired by their comic series.

Udoneko said that Capcom told them the games weren't connected and are meant to be in their own separate universes! The operative word here is "games": Those are the separate universes, the multitude of what-if possibilities we can witness within the constraints of the game's engine and programming.

The guide's not concerned with that. Rather, it records authentic history, what has happened and is set in stone, unless Capcom exercises its power to change it, which it has of course. Capcom's release schedule of certain selected games. Remember, this is the release date schedule, and not the dates in which these games where applicable occurred in the canon storyline. Shadaloo Cammy's noncanon debut where she actually has a storyline. Playstation Portable Final Fight: Street Fighter EX was made and developed by Arika.

Since Haggar was in the middle of elections, and 40 during MB then 46 during Final Fight 1, which is during Additionally, both characters like to take baths.

In other media[ edit ] Rose makes a cameo appearance in an episode of the first season of the American Street Fighter cartoon series "The Medium is the Message" as a competitor in a Street Fighter tournament in India among other Street Fighter Alpha characters. She has a more prominent role in the second-season episode "The Flame and the Rose", where she teams up with Ken and Blanka to fight against Bison.

Rose also plays a major role in the manga adaptation of Street Fighter Alpha by Masahiko Nakahirawhere she is a soothsayer who guides Ryu in his quest to control the Dark Hadou. She plays a similar role in the Street Fighter Alpha: Bison's daughter in the live-action film Street Fighter: Throughout the early parts of the film she is referred to as "White Rose" and is Bison's most valued possession.

Gypsies that followed a white haired woman known only as Master. The woman had a glowing yellow lightning bolt on her forehead and a very similar hairstyle to Rose. When Rose was a child roughly ten years of ageM. Bison, a former student of the Master, returned to the tribe and declared that he was going to kill Master, as her knowledge of Soul Power was a threat to him. Though Master fought bravely, Bison's Psycho Power corrupted Soul Power ultimately killed her and almost every other person present in the village.

Midnight Live was cool. But no one use T. Next time, I'd appreciate it if someone would use him. Come to think of it I saw Midnight Live! You and Tsukamoto were also there. Thank you for watching! I thought I was out of the camera's line of sight embarrased.

If you're going to be selling a new joystick, please put it up on the official site. As soon as I have more information I'll be sure to let you know.

Dhalsim and Sari's marriage The usually cool Dhalsim getting passionate and marrying someone of a different class Next year will be awesome! Have a Happy New Year! My New Year fortune is good luck! It said "There's no doubt about your good fortune. For arcade players like me, I'm really happy to hear your words of enthusiasm for it! I still play in the arcade! I'll be supporting the effort from the shadows! These voices, these thoughts, this passion has definitely reached us.

We are working hard enough to make an arcade version a reality. Please believe in us and just wait a little bit more! This blog is what I look forward to the most. I've been playing Street Fighter for many years now, but to think that Capcom would listen to players opinions and answer questions to this extent, its like a dream. If you say it like that, that makes me really happy.

Writing this blog can be difficult at times, but if even just one person is looking forward to it like this, then I can keep writing them!

For the end of the Year of the Ox we had Bison. For the Year of the Tiger, shouldn't it have been Sagat? I dropped the ball! Ono, and the development staff, how was your Christmas? With lovers, spouses, children Before we knew it, it was time for the end of the year clean-up. Little Devil Horns it is! Please give up on Vipers's alt where you can't even see cleavage. Since Viper is a mother, I'd like to see a "Mama Time" costume with her wearing an apron!

We had a lot of requests for Viper's costume! Personally, I would also like to see her with her hair down and sunglasses off, and with an apron and slippers - Mama Viper!

But if Viper was fighting as a mama, her beloved daughter Lauren would probably be carried off somewhere Especially since I was there. Especially since I went in Ryu cosplay, with my travel sack over my shoulder and in barefeet. I also feel it was too bad the game wasn't there. I wanted it to be on display, and for everyone to get a chance to play it.

Sorry for not getting it done. You did a Ryu cosplay! I would have wanted a picture with you! Your eye icon is ugly. Hurry up and change it. Please put up with it a little while longer! The BP loss system is whack. If I win I don't get that much, but if I lose I lose a lot. If you lose to someone weak you lose a lot of BP. On the other hand, if you beat someone weak you don't get that much BP, and if you lose to someone stronger you don't lose that much! I'd like to ask about SFIV tournaments.

I heard from arcades that its hard to have tournaments without Capcom's permission. So is it difficult to have one without Capcom's permission? Also, if like with the Shiozawa Cup, we consult with Capcom beforehand, is it possible to get special titles? You don't have to get Capcom's permission for that. But if the arcade has said that, then just in case maybe it's best to give Capcom some kind of notice.

We can give out special titles with consultation! Please get into the event spirit! Incidentally, will we be able to leave comments somewhere in the channels? What a nice first dream. However, its not possible to leave comments in the channels.

More than the channels being a way of communication, it was the result of communication - its a nice service kind of thing! I have a big request!

Just 2 rival battles aren't enough! Coming from a fellow Shiozawa! Wow, we have the same last name of Shiozawa! Aside from celebrities I've never met another one.

This Shiozawa would also like to see rival battles with all the characters. But that would be a lot of rival battles and very difficult to implement. But it would be nice! If we're going to have alternate costumes, I'd like an explanation. Why do we have to have stuff like Chinese vampires and robots?

In SFIV, the main point was keeping the essence of the character intact. So this time, our development staff is really satisfied with the alternate costumes. Once you see them in action its really fun! So if everyone would give them a try I'd be really happy. It goes well with the nitty-gritty feel of the Street Fighter series.

I'm really happy about Cammy's Bison cosplay alt. I'd like to see Bison's cute bodyguards all sporting that look. I love female characters, and I'd like to see the dolls fight in various different looks!

Please give props to whoever made the alt costumes for Balrog and Cody. Zangief's costume is great! Why the heck are people complaining? But some people are unhappy about it that makes me sad. The 2nd ultras all look pretty strong. Are they ultras that can only be used with the Revenge Gauge is at max?

No, you can use them in the same way you use Ultra I! So plan your strategies accordingly. You haven't really said if the costumes will be paid-content or not. They're going to be free, right? Same as last time, the alternate costumes will be sold in 5-character packs, released in order. About Ultras As a super-special move in the SF series, you really went overboard with the flashy flying moves, but its just about right.

ssf4 rose ending relationship

Seeing the characters facial expressions is a great touch. That kind of camera work is one of the great things about 3D games. We didn't want to lose the "Seriously?!

The sound Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken makes when it hits their chin, the slow-motion. I've watched it 50 times! I'm content with just this! Thank you so much! I'm happy you like it that much! That super-close up is really cool. Metsu Hadouken is cool no matter how many times you see it, but personally I think the Metsu Shoryuken is really manly! Will Evil Ryu be available as a hidden character? Can't you give out a BP penalty for ragequitters?

If someone ragequits, it shows up in their Disconnect Ratio. If that number is too high, then people won't want to fight against them. That is their penalty. I'm an American living in Japan. I have been enjoying SFIV since the loketests. Also, what's going on with the netcode? Some things can't be helped, but not just for fighting people overseas, but for a large country it would be nice if everyone could enjoy a smooth battle.

Thank you for coming out to the Kansai Qualifiers! The search function has been improved upon from SFIV! As for the netcode I don't really know what that means, sorry! On the video explaining Ultra II There don't seem to be enough character slots I mean, if we just showed you the character select as-is, then you'd be able to guess how many character are being added and from what series. I was waiting for it! Its too sexy and cool! But personally, I would have named it "Titty Thunder!

What kind of crazy name Death Penalty Combo is already plenty cool enough!

ssf4 rose ending relationship

I believe the Death Penalty Combo is based on an illustration. But during the cross-chop part, the characters are too far away so its not really as intense as it could be.

It would be nice if we could get a closer look at Viper's crossed arms and the opponent's face. To be honest, we tried that out! But at a close angle, the lightning effects really go off in your eyes, so we had to find a good balance between coolness and safety!


Will there be a character model viewing mode? If there isn't, tell me now so I can minimize the shock. We don't have any character model viewing modes Sorry we couldn't fulfill your expectations here! I've been concerned about this for a little while now, but all the "I want this and that" in SSFIV comments and advice We aren't depending on them, but as we want to make our players happy, that also means responding to requests. That's the development plan, so we are not missing out on your voices.

To what extent are you making adjustments - when this becomes clear, please tell us players. We always welcome your opinions and requests! We can't respond to everything of course, but if we have the chance we do take things into consideration, so please keep em coming! I think if the developers look at the comments from everyone from here on out, they're sure to get disappointed.

But please just think of it as everyone who loves SFIV giving it their all to have the next installment be even better. Yes, the developers understand that everyone's comments here means that you haven't given up on us!

That's why we get a lot of different opinions. Are Ryu and Chun-Li dating? I don't think so! I don't think Chun would pick Ryu I have no basis for this Nakky, are you okay? SSFIV and work, yeah sure, but take care of your body.

ssf4 rose ending relationship

Don't be like Abel's "Karada ga! Everyone, thank you for such kindhearted comments. It wasn't a very difficult or major surgery, so I was out of the hospital in a week. Now I'm all better and eating a lot everyday! It wasn't because of work, so while I was in the hospital I was just itching to come back!

As a new character, I'd like an old lady fighter. Yeah, we have fighting old guys, but we haven't seen any old ladies in fighting games, so it would be something new!