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israel sweden relationship

Israel's ire was again directed at Sweden this week, when Lofven's believes the troubled bilateral relationship is rooted in the ruling Social. STOCKHOLM — Israel has resumed its relations with Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, whom Israeli officials harshly criticized last. If history is any guide to the future, Stockholm's ambition to build bridges to peace will remain a vision as long as Swedish-Israeli relations.

israel sweden relationship

Sweden may consider itself liberal, but it is in fact quite xenophobic. Now people are being forced to put their [supposed principles] where their mouths are, yet instead the Sweden Democrats could win up to 30 percent of the vote in the upcoming elections. The Sweden Democrats' rise to prominence has been swift, given it only for the first time crossed the electoral threshold to enter parliament less than a decade ago with 5.

While leader Jimmie Akesson has tried to distance the party from its dubious history, there remains problematic elements within it. Last week, the Swedish periodical Expressen uncovered anti-Semitic social media messages disseminated by three of the Sweden Democrats' municipal representatives. Nor is it evident that the phenomenon is more widespread or extreme in these parties than in Jeremy Corbyn's apparently more palatable Labour in Britain.

As regards Israel, the government appears to have adopted a pragmatic policy of engaging political leaders who publicly reject anti-Semitism, take active steps to root it out their milieus and support Israel diplomatically.

This has found expression in close ties to Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz, whose coalition partner was created by a Nazi SS officer; Hungarian President Viktor Orban, who recently was accused of fanning the flames of Jew- hatred in a media campaign denouncing George Soros; and the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte, who previously compared himself to Hitler. All three were nevertheless welcomed with open arms in Israel over the summer. For his part, Mazel believes that "if ever the party formed a government—which is very difficult because others are unwilling to join it—relations with Israel would be good.

israel sweden relationship

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Changing tides in Scandinavia–Israel relations

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As one of our loyal readers, we ask you to be our partner. Thank you, Ronit Hasin-Hochman, CEO, Jerusalem Post Group Yaakov Katz, Editor-in-Chief The delicate framework of political relations between Israel and Scandinavia is slowly witnessing a turnaround as the countries involved begin to recognize the potential that lies in the economic sector.

Derisive declarations are out and joint ventures are in. Scandinavians are in favor of increasing free trade with Israel, particularly in the field of technology. On the political level, there is mutual mistrust, but fast-growing trade ties between the countries have forced Scandinavians to unravel their criticism of Israel and recognize her unique contribution to the region.

In recent years Scandinavian countries, which continue to be among the largest contributors of foreign aid to the region, have not reaped the benefits of this monetary assistance.

Changing tides in Scandinavia–Israel relations - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

More importantly, as boycotts between Arab states and Israel are replaced by increased economic cooperation, Scandinavians no longer fear the implications of economic ties with Israel. Growing trade ties between Israel and some Arab countries, which have publicly expressed their cooperation with Israel, have changed the Scandinavian strategy.

Simultaneously, relations between Scandinavia and Israel, once characterized by mutual suspiciousness, have transformed as Scandinavia has reached the unequivocal conclusion that every currency invested in Israel yields large returns.

In the eyes of many Israelis, Scandinavians typically view the region from a very narrow perspective. The assassination was directed by Yehoshua Zettler and carried out by a four-man team led by Meshulam Makover.

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The fatal shots were fired by Yehoshua Cohen. The United Nations Security Council described the assassination as a "cowardly act which appears to have been committed by a criminal group of terrorists".

Swedish envoy: 'There's a tendency in Israel to demonize Sweden' - Israel National News

The Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurionquickly outlawed Lehi as "a gang of rogues, cowards and low schemers," but five months later, he declared a general amnesty and released them all.

The police investigation was not initiated until 24 hours after the assassination, and according to Israeli historian Amitsur Ilan, the investigation was "amateurish. Sweden, for its part, tried to delay the admission of the state of Israel into the United Nations. Relations between Sweden and Israel remained chilled as a result of the assassination and Israel's amnesty for the perpetrators.

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