Amagami ss ayatsuji tsukasa ending relationship

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amagami ss ayatsuji tsukasa ending relationship

An anime, entitled Amagami SS was released in the summer of , produced by AIC. Kaoru and Tsukasa revealed to have this in episode 13 of Plus. Junichi, in Ayatsuji's route, depending on choices made by the player, ends up as a frog . have very good relations with girl in question (otherwise he gets Good End). Read the topic about Amagami SS Episode 24 Discussion on MyAnimeList, Ayatsuji Tsukasa- 10/10 favorite arc perfect ending for the anime and it totally crushed my hopes of a drama-free relationship, but it made the arc. Amagami SS. > Tsukasa Ayatsuji based on the endings I'd say he'd be happiest with Tsukasa but he also So in all honesty, I'd prefer he end up alone. . I said sae because, I feel there relationship is more balanced.

Junichi almost sinks back into depression when Kaoru arrives more than 30 minutes late for their date. Kaoru's father, possibly deceased.

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While she and her mother still hold him dear, they have since been soldiering on by themselves, with Kaoru having an after-school job. But Kaoru is badly shaken after she discovers her mother is dating and thinking of remarriagebecause of the prospect of having her dad "replaced", coupled with the suddenness of the revelation. The endings for some of the girls, going as far as 10 years in the future, notably for Haruka and Tsukasa.

Rihoko is sorta clumsy and forgetful.

amagami ss ayatsuji tsukasa ending relationship

Each arc in the anime's first season featured a unique ending theme, sung by the voice actor of its focus heroine. Don't You Dare Pity Me! In the anime Kaoru flips Junichi to the ground when he tries to comfort her, because she doesn't want him to see her holding back tears.

amagami ss ayatsuji tsukasa ending relationship

UndeterredJunichi then gives his pep talk flat on his back. Surprisingly averted for half of the girls' bad endings in the game caused by choosing another girl over them and thus standing them up on their supposed date. Half of them forgive the protagonist, and they stay as friends.

The other half, on the other hand By far, the most vindictive Bad End is Morishima Haruka's. Years later, Junichi is now an office salaryman when the company he works for is bought out by Morishima Haruka, who becomes his direct boss. Unlike before though, there is no twinkle in Haruka's eyes, only a cold, piercing look in them, nothing like the warm and friendly sempai he had betrayed years ago.

Though one manga version Amagami: Various Artists includes a chapter on how she still keeps him in her heart after all these years, and begins a possible new relationship with Junichi Saes end is even sadder than Harukas, after she colapses from cold, her parents force her to change schools, and its implied that despite still loving Junichi she never sees him again.

Dragged by the Collar: Haruka gets dragged away from the swim team's Oden stall by Hibiki Promises to add extra scenes to each girl's arc, as well as exclusive episodes. Earn Your Happy Ending: To get Best End, Junichi must not only have very good relations with girl in question otherwise he gets Good Endbut must not two time if he does he gets Normal End with girl he dates on Christmas Eve, and bad ending with girl he stands up Embarrassing Middle Name: Though she doesn't seem to mind, it's still weird by normal standards.

It Runs in the Family: The second opening's final scene shows whoever the current female lead is strolling away from the camera, then turning and smiling. The first opening has the featured girl to be the last one shown. They even look like each other. Kibitou and Kibina are "sister schools. Episode 5 of the anime starts with a prologue showing our protagonist Junichi going home, crushed after being stood up on Christmas Eve - just like the first episode.

By chance, Junichi runs into Kaoru already established as a close friend in Haruka's story arc. She correctly guesses that he has been stood up, and after an awkward silence, invites him to her house for Christmas cake.

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When the story proper starts, Junichi acts quite unlike himself in the previous arc no "planetarium of depression", no self-pity to be seen. It appears his emotional wounds have healed better, probably all due to this Friendship Moment. It is also no accident that Kaoru is the love interest for this particular arc. Kaoru tries to cheer up Junichi after he is stood up on Christmas Eve, with apparently far-reaching consequences see above.

This takes place at the Cold Open of episode 5. Years later, Junichi provides emotional support after she is badly shaken by her single mother entering into a new relationship. This is basically the entire point of episode 7, and leads or crosses over into Aww, Look!

Umehara invokes such a moment as well on the premise of Haruka's "Lovers" route. Junichi has more or less given up on attempting to woo Haruka, which prompts Umehara to openly declare that in the next lesson break, he will confess his feelings to her.

As it turns out, Umehara has actually gone to Haruka to ask her to be more responsive to Junichi's feelings, which in turn raises her respect for Junichi what with the loyalty invoked by his best friend. Umehara actually does this a lot for Junichi and the girl he has feelings for. This, coupled with his own inability to find true love, makes him the ultimate Love Martyr. Kaoru contemplating her feelings for Junichi in the bath; in the anime, at the start of Episode 6.

Paralleled by Junichi himself at the end of Episode 7. Haruka may be the School Idolbut she sure as hell doesn't act like one. Despite making Junichi her "slave", she started to have feelings for him, as to the point of telling him to make him hers and erasing her "black personality" for him, but Junichi tells her that he loves her just the way she is.

Anime Amagami SS She have a gentle personality and works hard to make the Founder Festival of Kibitou as the 2-A class representative and the president of the festival organization committe. Her reason to do that is to give happiness to everyone.

A few days later, Ayatsuji-san shows her Dark Side to her classmates because Yayoi a classmate was saying that Ayatsuji and Junichi are dating and not working.

After that, she goes to a temple with Junichi to burn her Diary. Afterwards, she confesses her feelings to Junichi.

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Because Ayatsuji has revealed her dark side to the class, the class then leaves Ayatsuji alone to handle the festival organization committee work. The situation of the committee is complicated, and Tsukasa is forced to seek help from her classmates again. Trying to erase her Dark Side, Ayatsuji-san turns back to a very gentle girl like she was before the discovery of her real personality.

Finishing the festival's preparations and ending the festival Junichi confesses to Ayatsuji that he likes both sides of Ayatsuji. The Ayatsuji Tsukasa arc ends with Ayatsuji-san going back to her real personality and being Junichi's girlfriend.

OVA Taking time when she went home with Junichi in the evening time. Junichi takes a look of the van which sells Melon Pan. Tsukasa tells Junichi to wait and let her buy it when Junichi admitted that he was curious about the taste because Miya had told him. She surprises Junichi by buying so many Melon Pan which is implied by Junichi that she must have used her innocent action to lure the owner to give her more.

At first, she teases Junichi by giving the piece of the Melon Pan and eats it in front of him. But soon, after the second time and being told "meany" by Junichi. She gives the piece, by piece, and continue on forcefully even though Junichi hasn't finished to chewing the bread. She is defeated at the first vote tally badly as she obtains 3rd place, but soon obtaineds the 2nd place because she is able to steal the fans from Hanazawa, the only male candidate because of his carelessness to drop his backpack full of porn mags in front of a bunch of girls.

She gives her speech to the school and ends up winning the president election with Junichi becoming her vice-president. As the series goes on in this arc, she is as strict as ever to Junichi, revealing that she is tutoring Junichi so he can be with her in the same university.

And she didn't even realize that Mea actually joined the election to steal Junichi from her. She is made to wear many different outfits which will affect many males to vote for her by looking at her appeal. However, despite many photos being taken by Junichi, only the plain photo is used for her poster. The special event ends with Tsukasa stealing Junichi's hidden photos of her from his pocket.

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Game In her route, she is a hard working class representative. Image is extremely important to her and acts kindly towards others.