One direction meet and greet experience

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one direction meet and greet experience

One Direction star Liam Payne revealed all things boyband and babies at a fan meet-and-greet. Twitter user and big Payno fan @OnMyMindnjh shared the entirety of her experience, leaving no stone unturned, and letting. Ultimate VIP and VIP packages were available for One Direction tour dates in North One reserved ticket in the first 3 rows; Meet & Greet & Individual photo with. In years past, being a VIP meant you got to meet One Direction, softly and then concluded that it was the only way to fully experience 1D.

A Fangirl's Guide to Surviving a One Direction Concert

Any comments on this blog will not be answered. Have your own amazing One Direction concert experience?

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We want to hear it! Send us your experience and photos of you at the concert and of the boys to experienced. So I just got home from the One Direction concert and it was honestly the most amazing concert of my life.

Storytellers of 1D, Steph's Experience of Meeting One Direction

I am truly blessed. My sister left and I right waiting for sound check to begin, not knowing what was in store for us that day!

Sound check of course. For us regular VIP folk, unlike Ultimate VIP, we were told that seating for sound check would be based on first come first serve, so we went fairly early and arrived at the venue for After waiting in a gated area in the middle of a mob full of other fans, they finally let us through and after receiving our awesome VIP laminate and tickets, were led to the Molson bridge to wait.

While waiting, the tour guide raffled off some prizes which was very mediocre compared to watching Eleanor and Louis drive by in a taxi, Louis then walking backstage, and coming out onto the balcony, with Eleanor leaving the venue in the same taxi. Then it was a race to finish as we all ran to our seats once they finally gave us the go to. We miraculously got the first row! There was nothing more exciting, nothing that got your heart pumping so fast that you wanted to pinch yourself to make sure what you were seeing was real when the five boys appeared on stage.

one direction meet and greet experience

I honestly was in shock at the fact that they were standing right in front of me. I brought along two t-shirts to throw on stage for the boys. He picked it up, read it, laughed and showed his fellow band members along with the audience!!! Zayn apparently saw this and got mad at Paul!

Redefined — My 1D experience

No it was THEM who gave it to me! So yes, I have in my possession the t-shirt that Zayn Malik touched, held and placed on his body The boys sang two songs and then it was time for questions.

Things just got more surreal as I was chosen to be the first person to ask a question! It came out of nowhere. All I remember is everyone screaming and raising their hands to be picked to ask the boys a question. I kind of just stood there with a unsure look on my face and my hand half raised with not as much enthusiam as most around me.

Then everyone sat down and I was left standing with the mic, so I pulled my 1 fan sister up beside me and whispered violently to her: LOL Google could have answered that.

one direction meet and greet experience

So after my best friend got off of work, me and her drove to Tampa. So we get to the concert and we went up to the box office to ask if they had any tickets left. We went until the show started before asking again. So we went up to a different lady and asked again and she was kind of sketchy like in a drug deal way about it.

So we flipped out and I was shaking at this point because I had loved the boys for only 6 months and I never thought this would happen. The concert was amazing! I cried when Na Na Na came on cause I was they are real! This is a picture of how close I was to the boys with no zoom! I still reblog pictures of Tampa and I still cry when I watch videos from Tampa cause it was the first time I ever saw them!

So after the concert, me and my bestfriend tried following the bus but we relizaed that we were ahead of them soo we just decieded to go home because we were going to try and meet them in Orlando. Saturday was the day of the Orlando concert and me and my friends had tickets so we were going to dedicate the day to stalking the boys. I would like to start out by saying thank you to tracking1D to giving us info of where the boys were.

So me and my bestfriend got info that the boys were going to the recording studio that day before the concert. She instead of finding the hotel we went straight to the recording studio.