Racetab meet manager live results

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racetab meet manager live results

MileSplit now offers live results hosting FREE for all meets! Hytek Meet Manager has long offered live results as a part of their pro software For RaceTab 3. I have used Race Tab when I first started timing so I know a little from It can also automatically provide live results with little to no extra work. Tomahawk Timing - Contractor License HY-TEK's Meet Manager Rosters. TFRRS-XC MEET DIRECTOR CHECKLIST UPLOADING XC MEET RESULTS FROM MEETPRO 1) Set up a TFRRS Meet Director/Timer Account- If you do not use DirectAthletics for your meet . UPLOADING MEET RESULTS: RACETAB.

Rob rowed while in school and can bring our timing expertise to your kayaking or other water event.

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Rob is also in charge of finish line photography for many of our events. He times five to seven days a week throughout track and cross country seasons, throughout the midwest. With head timer at the MHSAA D1 and Horizon League Championships credentials during his first season, he has shown the ability to handle high level competition as well as complicated multi-camera sets.

The pace of the MichianaTiming. Brittany Passenger Brittany has extensive experience in timing cross country, road runs and track and field meets. She is extremely proficient in reading FinishLynx images accurately and rapidly.

She has worked at many championship level meets over the past number of years.

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Brittany often assists with pre-event planning and race day rapid registration. Brittany has received extensive training on our Chip Timing Systems and has probably logged more hours evaluating FinishLynx photos than any other member of our staff.

racetab meet manager live results

She began as a cross country and road race timer and now heads an FAT timing crew and cross country crew, most often joined by her sister Ann. Brian Macomber Brian is one of the most experienced track and cross country minds in the mid-west.

racetab meet manager live results

Brian has experience as a FinishLynx operator and as a Hytek operator. Wireless N router I made sure each of my computers are assigned a different name. I use to make a mistake of naming all my computers the same thing.

This made it hard to know which computer is which on a network. This will also need to be done to any new meet folder you make in the future. Rookie Comment by T Penman on May 4, at Insider Comment by Jason Byrne on May 4, at 4: What you want is to be networked so both are working against the same exact file.

Also the meet file is a. Comment by Ryan Johnson on April 16, at 9: How do I show the tie breakers for high jump.

racetab meet manager live results

If 3 people have cleared and they all have a different number of misses at the previous height how do I indicate that in the results? So far t only shows them all as splitting the points. How do I get the discus and the javelin to be recorded to the partial inch measurements such as Currently it rounds down.

I can only get the semis and finals to show up in the complete results report. Thanks in advance for any help!!!! I have to score my team's league meet in 10 days and I want to make sure that there are no glitches. Also I have tried some of the newer versions on Racetab and I feel more comfortable with this version. Comment by Kim Harlow on April 21, at 7: I have the latest Racetab, and we have run another program successfully in the past.

Rookie Comment by Rodney Cain on April 23, at Create a meet folder on results computer with meet name. When the heated events have been saved as a text doc the page breaks between heats do not apply when the document is printed.

racetab meet manager live results

Also, the document will only print in portrait.