Mehnat ka fal meet halfway

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mehnat ka fal meet halfway

Aakhir been Aakhir beeni sey Aakhir ka Aakhir kaar Aakhir karna Aakhirash . Vexed, Woe Desire Of Meeting, Or Troubles For Meeting All Of A Sudden, Abrupt, Meharam Meharbaan Mehav Mehnat Mehnat-e-paiham Mehntaanah Mehnti hu'a Phaelaana Phaelaa'o Phakkar Phal Phalaangna Phali Phalna phoolna . Dusre din qazi ne us sarraf ko bula-ke yell kaha, ki mere pas bahut kam hai, akela . Agent fcy ne Ablative from, with, by, se Locative in, on. met par. As a rule, the regiment commences its march at daybreak, and halfway a halt is called for The body of the sick man broke out into eruptions, bimar ka badan phal- gaya. Sabar ka fal meetha hota hair. (Patience gives sweet And, “mehnat” means hard work. .. Tell it to me the next day we meet at skool or else.

Vowel sounds are very 'clean': The recordings This book is accompanied by recordings which will help bring the language alive for you. They introduce the sounds of Hindi, present the dialogues and other features from the book, and go beyond the book with several further listening and speaking exercises that will build your confidence in using Hindi in real conversations.

Pause the recording whenever you need time to think, and practise imitating the Hindi voices as closely as possible, speaking out loud. Where does this book lead? The web-based course A Door into Hindi www. Most importantly of all, you will find some million Hindi-speakers waiting to talk to you: McGregor is what you need if you want to start reading Hindi newspapers and magazines, many of which are available on the internet. Its phonetic basis makes it really easy to learn; and if you're in India, being able to read the Hindi all around you in signs and posters will bring its own reward, even before you start reading more ambitiously.

As you begin to learn Devanagari, there's a very useful web-based 'Hindi script tutor' to help you learn the characters and their sounds: The best way to learn the script is to copy out each character several times, pronouncing its sound as you do so.

Start with the consonants. Each basic consonant is actually a complete syllable: The 'a' vowel is always there unless replaced by some other vowel indicated by a special vowel sign.

More on this later: Write on lined paper, with the top line of the character falling on the printed line, and the rest of the character hanging below.

Aspiration In the descriptions of the Hindi sounds you'll see many references to 'aspiration' - the amount of breath that escapes from the mouth when a sound is spoken. In English, the initial 'k' of 'kick' is strongly aspirated, the closing 'ck' much less so. It gave me the creeps.

There were no police around to stop him. Luckily, I recognized the shop. All of a sudden, there was a scream. She was screaming hysterically for a long time. Then, the screaming faded out, swallowed up by the fog. I eventually found myself outside our apartment building. The elevator was not working, so I had to climb the stairs. On the way up, I heard something rustling behind me on the darkened stairwell. There was the sound of creaking and heavy breathing.

I hurried up the steps and when I got to my apartment, I rushed inside and slammed the door behind me. I turned on the TV but there was nothing on. Maybe the reception was bad. Maybe the TV stations had stopped broadcasting. I got some juice out of the fridge, made myself a sandwich, then sat down and waited for my parents to come home. As I waited, I took out a notebook and started writing this diary. Day 2 I must have dozed off. When I woke up, I was lying on the sofa and the sun was shining in my eyes.

The black fog was gone.

mehnat ka fal meet halfway

A feeling of fear overcame me. What if something happened to them? I just hoped they were safe. I ran to the window and looked out.

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The sky was a beautiful shade of blue, the sun was beating down and everything looked fine. Then, I noticed something that unnerved me. It was completely silent. All over the city, nothing was moving. There was not a soul in the streets. I tried my cellphone, but there was still no reception.

I went downstairs and ran out into the street. Everything was deathly silent. Walking along the road, I saw a dead cat, a dead dog and numerous dead birds.

They lay there, scattered randomly in the steet and on the sidewalk. It was as if death had come suddenly and unexpectedly. There were also some abandoned cars. The doors were open, but the people were not inside. Where had they all gone? I walked further down the street and as I passed by a supermarket, I saw someone lying in the gutter outside. Going closer, I realized it was the dead body of a man. I was so shocked and disgusted. His neck was torn out and his stomach was ripped open.

His guts were missing. I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from vomitting. It was as if he had been attacked by a wild animal. The building was silent and there was nobody around. It was a mess. Everything was turned upside-down. It looked like there had been a fierce struggle.

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I noticed some blood on the wall and the ceiling, but there was no one around. I was hungry and I needed something to eat.

I went down the street to the local store. It was deserted, but the window in the front door was smashed, so I crawled through. I grabbed some donuts and a bottle of juice.

mehnat ka fal meet halfway

Stealing things made me feel very guilty, but desperate times called for desperate measures. When I glanced behind the counter, I saw a pair of legs sticking out. The shopkeeper was lying there in a pool of blood. The sight of his dead body made me feel sick. His neck was torn out and his stomach was ruptured.

I was so horrified, I just ran out into the street.

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Was I the only one who survived? I fell to my knees and began to cry. Just then, I heard a low buzzing noise overhead. Looking up at the sky, I saw a plane, flying low over the tops of the buildings.

A hatch opened in the undercarriage and some large packages fell out. They sailed down to earth on parachutes.

mehnat ka fal meet halfway

There were also hundreds of small pieces of paper fluttering down. I ran down the street and managed to grab one of the pieces of paper as it floated down. There was a message printed on it. A strange mixture of toxic chemicals were spewed across the city.

The majority of people were killed and the others have contracted an unknown disease. An emergency has been declared and the city is under quarantine. Those who have survived are asked to stay in their homes, barricade themselves inside and wait for rescue parties to arrive. Do not go out at night for any reason. I ran over to it. The package had split open and the contents were strewn across the street. There were cans of dried food, bottles of water, blankets and a small black case.

When I opened the case, I was shocked to see there was a gun inside and two boxes of bullets. There was also a leaflet explaining how to load and shoot the weapon. Why are they giving me a weapon? And what am I supposed to do with it? I gathered up as much canned food and as many bottles of water as I could carry. I also took the gun and bullets, just in case.

I brought everything back to my apartment and waited there. As I waited, I read the pamphlet that came with the gun. Following the instructions, I loaded it with bullets and left it on the coffee table.

Better safe than sorry, as my mom always used to say.

mehnat ka fal meet halfway