Meet to swing

meet to swing

Eventbrite - cmDance presents Diversion 20th Anniversary: Where Swing. Nov 3, Democrats are on a mission to flip middle-class enclaves from red to blue – and women are the key, both as organizers and as voters. Sep 13, Swing, an AI-based Tennis App, Allows Players to Track Their Stats and Improve Their Games.

Cyrus Chen When he was a graduate student in statistics at Columbia, Swupnil Sahai considered doing his doctoral dissertation on the statistics of tennis. As an avid tennis player, he wanted to create an easy-to-use app that amateur players could use to track their games. Ultimately, his dissertation focused on something far more academic and forbidding sounding: Swing just released a new video feature that automatically generates highlight reels of the most important points from every match.

In a story featured on its U. Part social network, part tennis coach, it matches you with similarly skilled players. On the court, it keeps score and tallies your shots, while a companion Apple Watch app handily tracks your forehands, backhands, and serves.

Statistics and Data Science Meet on the Tennis Court with Swing

Mangolytics has 12 employees — a mix of former Apple engineers and former professional tennis players. Sahai uses similar technology in the Swing app, which runs a tiny neural network on the Apple Watch to analyze tennis strokes in real time.

meet to swing

Sahai says the skills he learned at Columbia are helping him to succeed at Tesla and Mangolytics. He recently emailed his doctoral advisers from Columbia — Tian Zheng, professor of statistics and associate director for education at the Data Science Institute DSIand Andrew Gelman, professor of statistics and political science and member of the DSI — telling them how much he benefited from their teaching.

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If you record your swing on the first tee, your lesson will more than likely be finished before you reach the second tee. How exactly does your technology work?

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Can you walk us through the process? Technology is constantly changing.

meet to swing

In the last 2 years we rewrote the entire service layer to utilize micro services and serverless technology. That is one example of constantly keeping up with trends and the latest technology.

meet to swing

The user never sees this, but there are over 45 steps in the analysis process. The server first prepares the uploaded video for processing through the artificial intelligence engine. Once prepared, the body points and swing positions are then detected in each frame using machine learning algorithms and other proprietary techniques.

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For example, if Swingbot has detected you have a poor shoulder turn, we will explain what shoulder turn is, what is expected in a proper golf swing for the shoulder turn, show you the frame in your video where the detection occurred, and draw lines showing you what is wrong with your shoulder turn.

A custom video is also generated that you can watch that includes narration and line annotations further explaining the issue detected. The custom video uses the frames from the uploaded video so basically you are watching an instructional video featuring your own swing.

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They are right, except it was generated by a computer. I guess you could say we passed the Turing test for golf instruction. What are some of the specific use cases or scenarios you can share on how consumers can leverage your app?

meet to swing

If a user has any interest in learning how to swing a golf club, I encourage them to download the app.