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lola and narcisse meet me in st

And Mary Carmichael and me” The four Marys were dispatched to the Dominican Royal Priory of Saint Louis at Poissy. Far from being a. Meet Me in St. Louis is a American Technicolor musical film made by Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer. Divided into a series of seasonal vignettes, starting with. Francis (To the Duke of Guise): Your men will report to me as they would to you. Francis (Ripping off the cloth that reveals him as a Royal): Meet your new . Kenna (Runs over to Lola along with Remy and Bash): Lola! .. There's a chest of gold in an empty sarcophagus, beneath the arch at the church of St. Isabelle.

You know who also loves Elizabeth? No happy woman reaches for an orange dress. So war council time: Mary saved hundreds of lives. After losing hundreds of lives? I did love when she told off Nicholas. So also Catherine was throwing a dinner for the last guy she needed a vote from to become regent, and he was being a real d-bag.

Batten down the hatches, but like a year and a half ago some idiot published a whole book about their theory that Elizabeth I was actually a man in drag, and let me just say: She was sort of kind of sexually abused by her stepfather Thomas Seymour who ripped her nightshift into a thousand pieces. She was seen running after Dudley just in a transparent shift more than once. Lady was a lady. During a poison attempt early in her reign, Elizabeth was given multiple enemas before recovering by a physician whose doings were very public.

Anyway, Elizabeth channeled my rage nicely. Mmmm, red flag girl, red flag. She should have asked him to show his first. Meanwhile Narcisse was being shady as shit on the honeymoon. Also this whole episode was shot really beautifully. There were all these dope tracking shots and zooms and it was really gorgeous. He was all"Ugh annoying Delphine is in trouble" but looking at the size of that beaut I have to say, if I got a burn that severe I would literally collapse and quite possibly pass away. He then tells her it would be riskier for him because once Francis learned of their relationship, that he would try to use Lola against Narcisse.

Narcisse then becomes serious and says that he would like to trust her, and that "Once we start this, you will begin to see me without my defenses. We will share things that will strip us both bare from every direction possible. She could finish her bath and go home and forget anything between them, or finish the bath and join him in the drawing room where he will share a secret.

She chooses to join him and begin their "journey" of trust. He then tells her that Francis is the one that killed King Henry. Lola doesn't believe it at first but then finds out that it's true.

He then tells her "Once Francis learns of our relationship, and asks you to betray my trust, I want you to remember who told you the truth about who they are and what they are capable of. It is still unclear whether or not she took it out and got rid of it or not, but it's suspected that she did plant the evidence, but didn't tell Francis, that way she has a choice of who to save if anything should happen. At the end of the episode, Lola walks past Narcisse talking with someone.

Narcisse follows her and when she stops walking she asks why he chose her, since there were so many other open women. He tells her he doesn't have any ulterior motives, but she tells him she's not so sure since she's read all about him. Narcisse then kisses Lola, and she ends up against the wall, but then she pushes him away and slaps him, saying "Don't seek to take before I give.

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Narcisse then replies with a "Glad to hear you're thinking of giving. In Terror of the FaithfulLola is seeing picking flowers in the woods. She hears her horse and calls out "Rosie? Lola says it must have been 'someone', indicating she knew it was him.

She then questions if he followed her all the way from the castle just to scare her horse and strand her out here. Narcisse pretends to be innocent and asks why he would do such a thing, if not to spend a few moments alone with her.

Later, Lola is riding the horse with Narcisse and he tells her how his second wife loved to ride like her, especially since the position for the woman was aggravating. Lola tells him she didn't want to crowd him and he says he doesn't mind if she'd rather be pressed up against him.

Lola doesn't want to and Narcisse reminds her that he's seen her in a bath before. He then proposes that they begin meeting in secret, because he knows Lola doesn't want to be looked down on from her king and friends, that she doesn't have to defend liking or doing something. He says she strikes him as impatient, and so he'd like an answer soon. Later, Lola tells Francis that she knows he killed Henry and that he's being black-mailed by Narcisse.

Francis freaks out a little, and Lola tells him Narcisse told her the truth so she'd be on his side, and that when Francis tries to use her against him, she wouldn't. Francis tells her that Narcisse threatened Mary and their baby as well, and then Lola confesses that she did hide the envelope in Narcisse's estate. The guards search Narcisse's estate but find nothing, and Francis apologizes because since Narcisse found the letter, Lola would be in danger too.

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Near the end of the episode, Narcisse tells Lola that her planting the cipher in his estate was answer enough, but he wanted to know why she did, as he thought she'd had a change of heart. She tells him that she did have a change of heart, and asks when he found the letter.

A teary-eyed Narcisse replies that he found it moments before the guards arrived to search his place. She answers his question, that he wasn't blackmailing Francis to become a good catholic leader when he was threatening her son.

Narcisse tells her that he would never hurt her or her baby, and that he just warned Francis of what might happen if the Valois line was to fall. She tells him that he's just a dangerous man, and he replies that his friendship could have helped kept her safer, and that the world was a dangerous place, and she would regret not having someone like him to look after her.

Do all married couples have these struggles? The guard looks at Mary causing her to stop smiling and her face turns to anger, the guard bows to her and walks away as Greer looks on. Mary what is it? That guard every time I see him I want to gouge his eyes out. What on earth…who is he? Before Mary can answer her a guard runs up to them. The guard gives her a note and leaves.

Next the doors to the throne room open and Queen Catherine walks in followed by several of her Ladies in waiting. She is wearing a beautiful red and gold gown with a matching crown in her hair, as she approaches two people who are waiting for her: Walking up to Roman and greeting him. Roman how lovely to see you Dryly to Hortenza: You look well Catherine…given the circumstances.

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What circumstances are those? I always enjoy his company as I know he greatly enjoyed mine. Catherine cuts her off as Mary comes up to them. I remember you as a child so talkative free with words. Catherine could I have a private word with you?

Oh there you go more words. To her Lady Beatrice: Beatrice will you please show my cousins to their chambers to ensure their comfort. Mary Giving the letter to Catherine so she can read it: I received a letter from my mother Marie de Guise, the protestant insurgents surrounding her castle are demanding blood. Queen Catherine Still reading the letter she sighs.

Well this is awful, but why are you coming to me? She also wrote to me of a time when you feared for your life, you wrote to my mother asking for help and she came through with a loan of 50, crowns to recruit an army. I never used that money. Well you never gave it back either. She gives Mary back the letter Is this really about an old debt? Mary Cutting her off: How were you going to support yourself in exile? You and my mother were friends once.

I wish her well; there is no hidden money.

lola and narcisse meet me in st

Catherine I beg of you Queen Catherine Snatching her hand away. It invites sympathy, then pity, and disdain. Give the impression that your weak and you too could need a secret fund. Queen Mary enters her chambers to find two maids hard at work cleaning her room, when suddenly she hears a noise coming from her changing area. The maids leave as Mary goes over to her desk and picks up a letter opener.

John Appearing right behind Mary: John Proveau at your service. And yet your name is known in certain circles. He has spoken of your rise in your field; a man who gets the job done Your messengers said you had an urgent matter to discuss?

Meet Me in St. Louis - Wikipedia

Queen Catherine has a secret stash of gold somewhere for emergencies, I need you to find it and bring it to me. By then it will be too late. Well how will you go about it? No innocent blood then, promise me!

lola and narcisse meet me in st

You will keep me apprised before any serious action is taken. Leave everything to me. Mary turns her back for a few seconds and when she turns back John has disappeared, and Mary is left alone in her chamber.

The scene comes up on Queen Catherine crossing herself as she sits in the confessional to tell the priest of her sins and receive penance. Forgive me father; since my last confession I have: Queen Catherine comes out from behind the screen and she is stunned to find the priest dead on the floor. She is so shocked that she fails to notice a figure sneaking up behind her as a pair of black gloves come up and grab her, covering her mouth to silence her very loud screams.

The Queen is dragged off as she struggles unsuccessfully.

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Kenna Sensing his worry: Francis will survive the war, you must believe that. Kenna suddenly runs as she spies a ball in the snow. Kenna kicks the ball to Bash who catches it, then kicks it to Kenna, and soon Remy joins in and the three play happily while a very pregnant Lola watches from a log.

Lola Feeling some obvious pain: Lola are you alright? Remy Helps his wife up: