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Glyph of Rude Interruption — If you are assigned to continuous interrupt duties, this can be a noticeable dps increase.

Could be useful but you should never be hanging out in Defensive Stance while dealing continuous damage. Glyph of Intimidating Shout — Can be useful in raiding anytime you may be mind controlled.

Glyph of Thunder Strike — Looks pretty cool Rotations Unlike Fury who manages and stockpiles rage in preparation for a Colossus Smash, Sudden Death will proc often enough that Colossus Smash will come up approximately every seconds.

This can allow for near continuous Colossus Smash phases and makes it much more difficult to stockpile rage. The single target rotation consists of keeping Mortal Strike on cooldown and the Colossus Smash debuff up as much as possible. There are alternate single target rotations once you obtain the two piece Tier 16 bonus. They will be covered in the Advanced section at the bottom of this guide. Inside Colossus Smash Slam as much as possible. Mortal Strike when you can't.

Overpower as a last resort. Outside Colossus Smash Even though Slam doubles the damage of Overpower, you will want to prioritize Overpower outside of CS both to lower the cooldown of Mortal Strike, and for additional chances to proc Sudden Death. Colossus Smash as soon as available. Mortal Strike on cooldown. Use Battle Shout or Heroic Throw as fillers when nothing else available.

Execute Rotation Only use while dealing Single Target damage. Execute will cause all Overpowers for the next 10 seconds to be free. Outside CS Colossus Smash as soon as it is available. AoE Rotation Sweeping Strikes: It costs 30 rage, has a 10 second duration and 10 second cooldown, so you must spend 30 rage to refresh it every 10 seconds.

Keep up Sweeping Strikes. Tab target Mortal Strike to spread Deep Wounds. Use Thunderclap only to keep Deep Wounds up. It should only be used approx. If targets are close enough together, prioritize spaming Slam over all else, use Mortal Strike, Overpower and Fillers when unable. Slam-Cleave is better than Execute if the targets are close enough.

If the targets cannot be Slam-Cleaved, just keep up Sweeping Strikes and continue the normal single target rotations. With the Tier 16 Two-Piece bonus, Overpower may be dropped from the rotation entirely while adds are close enough for Slam-Cleaving. The ideal time to use your cooldowns is just before entering a Colossus Smash phase to take advantage of the increased damage. Care should be taken to stack them with potions, increased damage phases and other mechanics that may boost your damage.

It should be used as often as possible and aligned with other abilities whenever possible. Because it only effects Critical Hit damage, it should be used with Recklessness and Dragon Roar as much as possible. Skull Banner effects not only you but the entire raid.

For this reason, it can be considered a raid cooldown and may be more beneficial to use for the raid instead of solely for yourself, especially during Bloodlust. Few classes stack critical hit chance the way Warriors do, so the raid vs personal benefits will be determined by your raid group size, class makeup and your own damage comparative to the rest of the group. Consult your raid leader to determine the best time to use it. For example if your Bloodbath starts off dealing 30K over 10 seconds, dealing damage every second; after 5 seconds it will have dealt 15k damage and have 15K left to go.

If you then refresh it with another 30k bleed, Bloodbath will take the damage left on the previous bleed and add it to the new one, combining the two.

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It should always be used inside of Skull Banner, Bloodbath, Trinket buffs, Synapse Springs, Potion or any other damage increasing mechanics whenever possible. Bladestorm Bladestorm deals impressive burst AoE damage with a low cooldown. Preferably planned to coincide with increased damage phases; or cooldowns such as Recklessness, Bloodbath, Dragon Roar, or Bladestorm.

Rage is only gained for actual health damage taken, damage absorbed or otherwise mitigated does not gain rage. However you will only gain half as much Rage from auto attacks as normal.

So you do not want to sit in Berserker Stance unless you are taking damage that is equal to or greater than 2. High burst damage will also be a time where raid cds will be used and could make switching into Berserker Stance a DPS loss. You will hate Spirit Shell.

Figure out what damage is worth being in Berserker Stance for and plan ahead. Shattering Throw Shattering Throw was changed in 5.

This means that it can and should be used during the Pre-Pull countdown for increased raid damage. While Shattering Throw does not help a Warrior due to Colossus Smash; it is a good damage increase on a pull, due to stacking with other raid members pre-pots, Bloodlust and personal cooldowns. Defensive Cooldowns Good usage of Defensive Cooldowns can make the difference between a good Warrior and a dead Warrior.

Most magic and many special abilities cannot be parried and must be dealt with normally. This ability is best used when a tank dies to allow you to hold threat and not get 1 shot while the tank is rezzed or another tank taunts.

Shield Wall Shield Wall has been buffed in 5. Shield Wall is now a very viable and powerful cooldown and no longer reduces your damage output. Bind it and familiarize yourself with using it on demand. Hit Rating is valuable, but beyond hit capping your special attacks it provides less benefit per point to our damage than an equivalent item budget amount of AP, Crit, Haste, or Expertise.

Take the talents to hit cap your specials, any hit rating on gear after that is icing on the cake. A common misconception is that you "have to hit before you can crit. Note that this is in reference to white damage which uses a single roll system. Your Hit Rating will not impact your Crit Rate in any way. A second misconception is that a miss is a "missed opportunity for a WF proc" and that more Hit Rating will generate more WF procs.

This misconception is generated from the flawed assumption that all swings are possible WF procs. However only swings that are outside of the WF cooldown are eligible to proc WF. A good portion of your autoattack hits will never be capable of producing WF procs.

A 5 minute fight with no flurry would see white swings with a 2. A Shaman might look at that and think that 0. That does not mean that the goal is to have low hit rating either though. Enhance shaman have no such feedback system and are able to hit cap specials through talents - therefore, hit rating above and beyond your talents is great to have, but is not a necessity.

Prior to patch 2. Boss mobs are currently believed to have 5. It will take 23 Expertise 91 Rating to remove Dodge from the attack table versus a boss mob. Modeling at one time indicated weapons hasted between 1. The range of 1. However, you'll also experience many more white swings during that time, and so the loss of potential WF procs should be offset by the increased white DPS. It is no longer believed that the 1. There is no need to worry about the 1. The original claims about the supposed DPS loss had done no empirical or simulated testing to back up their modeling.

More recent testing has indicated that whatever potential WF DPS is lost because of swing timer issues is more than made up for by the gigantic leap in autoattack DPS. Pater has a short writeup exploring this here.

Mp5 is almost universally agreed to be a hunter stat that is wasted on enhance shaman gear. Note that the more you decide to contribute in a "hybrid" manner healing to top off yourself and others the mana pool will become slightly more important, but not such that you should sacrifice significant DPS upgrades to hold on to 15 Int on another item.

The combination of Judgment of Wisdom and Shamanistic Rage use it early, use it often should prevent you from running out of mana even in full rogue leather gear - unless you're having to spot heal.

The parry reduction element of Expertise will have only marginal use in raid settings: Many bosses randomly turn to cast attacks and can parry while turning, but this possibility is too random to value significantly. Unlike parry, mobs can dodge attacks from behind and Expertise is currently the only way to reduce the number of dodges.

The dodge reduction element of Expertise will vary from encounter to encounter: Shade of Aran, High Astromancer Solarian, Reliquary of Souls because mobs cannot dodge while casting, but useful against mobs that do not cast or only cast instant spells.

Expertise has been shown to affect yellow damage as well as white damage, so under the second circumstance it is actually more useful than hit rating for enhancement shamans. We still don't know how Expertise's dodge and parry reduction affect the one-roll white attack table.