Meet the feral cats of disneyland

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meet the feral cats of disneyland

You know when you see a feral cat in a public place, looking well fed, and you're like, “Does anyone know if this cat lives here? DO I NEED TO. Meet the Feral Cats of Disneyland. The or so strays who live in the park keep it free of vermin. By Paige Austin, Patch Staff | Dec 31, Meet the Feral Cats of Disneyland. Jordana Weiss | September 16, Most visitors to Disneyland come expecting to see at least two mice: Mickey and Minnie.

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Never heard of them? When they opened the door of the long-empty castle to start construction, they were shocked to see that it was overrun with feral cats, who had decided on the beautiful castle as their sleeping place of choice.

meet the feral cats of disneyland

Although the cats were fluffy, adorable, and not really harming anyone inside the castle, they were also infested with fleas. Not willing to put down hundreds of cats for the sake of a few fleas, Disney organized immediate veterinary attention for all of the cats to get rid of the flea infestation, then adopted them out to workers and cast members.

meet the feral cats of disneyland

SolarSurfer Putting the Cats to Work Rather than go through another adoption campaign with the cats that were left, the Disney park organizers came up with a brilliant solution to a common amusement park problem. Leftover food and garbage always attracts rodents, so why not leave the cats in the park to eat their fill of mice each night?

InDisney officials put a system in place known as TNR: They partnered with a local organization called Best Friends Catnippers to institute the program. This solution ensures that the population of cats never gets too unmanageable.

Right now, the feline population of Disneyland sits at about When the program began, each cat was neutered or spayed, given a health checkup, then released back into the park to continue living their independent lives.

Meet the Feral Cats of Disneyland -

Without us, rodents would run amuck and the entire population of Disneyland would be a lot less cute. We put up with the humans visiting our quarters, but only because they leave at night. There are magical food stations positioned for us all around the property, and we get to eat whenever we like. Nowhere is off limits to us. Disneyland is OUR land.

meet the feral cats of disneyland

Remember to take everything humans say with a grain of salt. When he brought imagineers into the castle to begin the planning process for what would eventually become the Castle Walkthrough attraction, he was greeted by quite the sight—scores of feral cats had set up a home for themselves inside the building.

meet the feral cats of disneyland

Not only that, but the cats had brought with them an infestation of fleas. The immediate solution was to adopt out all the cats to cast members, ensure them good homes, and so free up some valuable real estate. They dealt with the flea problem as quickly as possible too.

Meanwhile, being an outdoor theme park with lands meant to simulate rustic situations, Disneyland had developed a bit of a rodent problem. They were able to emerge at night to a relatively empty park, and they could hunt in peace.