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meet the antagonist band

with THR about becoming the newest antagonist in Netflix's corner of the I listened to a lot of Nyabinghi music, which is Jamaican gospel. Meet The Antagonist I started this blog because of the abundance of absolutely fucking awful bands who have accounts on Myspace. Antagonist A.D. are a metalcore band from Auckland, New Zealand, formed in This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

Covering topics widely left alone in Australasia like animal and women's rights —tracks such as "Show Some Heart", "Suicide Girls" and " R.

Antagonist A.D. - Wikipedia

It was at this point when the band made their first trip to Australia with the help of Washed Up Records label owner Tommy Dollars. It was the first time in years that a New Zealand hardcore band had made the trip across the Tasman.

Featuring two brand new tracks, "Distance" and "Stranger". With international tours looming on the horizon the band released We Are the Dead under the name Antagonist A.

meet the antagonist band

Shortly after the Earth Crisis tour towards the end of the band decided to part ways with guitarist Ross McDougall, who is now in Saving Grace. Between the recording and release of the 7", the band found a replacement for Ross in Matthew Livingstone.

Founding member and bassist Joshua Moffitt left the band in July to move to Japan, where he worked with other scientists on a new sustainable and environmentally sound power source for Japan.

meet the antagonist band

The album was mixed and mastered by Zach Ohren and released on Mediaskare Records. The album was released July of that year and was followed up in August by an album release tour of New Zealand and Australia.

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We took our time not wanting to rush anything so we'd be happy with the final product. So yeah, we had a slow relaxed writing process.


Which we learnt a lot from. The biggest thing was making sure we had a lot of fun writing the album which we did. The new video for Paul Allen has just been released.

It works extremely well with the lyrics of the song.

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The song's inspiration literally came from me watching American Psycho on the couch while writing the lyrics for the last song written for the album. Seemed to move in nicely Can you tell us about the NZ music scene? Is it difficult to gain exposure? Has that been a necessary part of the process to get to where you are today? It touring should be a necessary part to any band's life.

Meet Antagonist A.D.: Hardcore from New Zealand

The NZ music scene is very small. It ebbs and it flows but has a very nice family type of feel. When we started out, we played and we continue to play with bands of mixed genres to try and play too as many people as possible. The festival had an insane lineup!

Antagonist (band)

How was that experience? Did you get to stay around and catch any favourite bands?

meet the antagonist band

It was awesome man - such a good experience. We stuck around and watched Hatebreed kill it. It was so good seeing them play their old classics.

meet the antagonist band

We passed through the city the festival was in on Sunday as well which was the third day of the festival. Your upcoming tour of Australia is with the Destroy Music mini-festival. We met them the first time they came through to Australia. We flew over early to see our friends in I Killed The Prom Queen on there Say Goodbye Tour, We ended up staying at the same place they were staying in Bondi Beach for a few days — got to know the guys from there.

meet the antagonist band

Since then we've toured New Zealand together also You' ve played plenty of live shows over the years, with many great bands. Do you have any favourite live moments, either as a performer or fan?