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hashers meet the

Who we are: Meet the Grenada Hash House Harriers, the local chapter (known as kennel) of the world-wide organisation known as the Hash House Harriers. Meet the Hashers · Future Runs Virgins and visiting Hashers are welcome. Wear shoes By the way, if you are a Named Hasher, bring your whistle. If you' re. Hashers, meet the hashers, They're the biggest drunks in history. From the town of Shenzhen, They're the leaders in debauchery. Half minds, trailing shiggy.

Cumming was widely credited with bringing hashing to the United States and lived outside of New York City, where he continued to hash until his death on August 21, As ofthere are even two organized chapters operating in Antarctica.

At a hash, one or more members "hares" lay a trail, which is then followed by the remainder of the group the "pack" or "hounds". Sawdust, flour or chalk are usually used to mark the trail. The trail periodically ends at a "check" and the pack must find where it begins again; often the trail includes false trails, short cuts, dead ends, back checks, and splits. These features are designed to keep the pack together despite differences in fitness level or running speed, as front-runners are forced to slow down to find the "true" trail, allowing stragglers to catch up.

hashers meet the

Members sometimes describe their group as "a drinking club with a running problem," indicating that the social element of an event is as important, if not more so, than any athleticism involved. Beer remains an integral part of a hash, though the balance between running and drinking differs between chapters, with some groups placing more focus on socialising and others on running. Generally, hash events are open to the public and require no reservation or membership, but most require a small fee, referred to as "hash cash", to cover the costs incurred, such as food or drink, and the club treasurer may also be nicknamed "Hash Cash".

Some hash clubs have a hash home which could be a bar, restaurant, resort or a sports club. In that case the hash always or almost always starts at the hash home.

The club may then transport the hashers to some other location to start the run. Other clubs simply post the start on the internet and the hashers drive their own vehicles or take public transportation to that location. The run will then start and finish at that location. Many hash clubs are in college or university towns in which case the hashers probably are young and most will run the trails.

Other clubs might be in areas populated many older people so they will probably walk the trails. In the United States, hash clubs tend to have a large amount of armed forces veterans. Some hash clubs meet at night which means that the runners might need a flash light to find the marks. Some hash clubs are men only, some women only and many are mixed. Some are very adult orientated which means raunchy songs etc.

Others are family oriented. There are many informal groups attached to various hash chapters. For example the regular hash meets every Saturday but then there is an informal group that meets on say Wednesday to research trails. Socialising[ edit ] The end of a trail is an opportunity to socialise, have a drink and observe any traditions of the individual chapter see Traditions.

When the hash officially ends, many members may continue socialising at an "on-after", "on-down", "on-on-on", "apres", or "hash bash", an event held at a nearby house, pub, or restaurant. In addition to regularly scheduled hashes, a club or chapter may also organize other events or themed runs. Many also hold special events on their anniversaries or when they reach a milestone in the number of runs e.

This may include a special weekend with several runs and evening celebrations Red dress runs[ edit ] An event held annually by some chapters is the "Red Dress Run". InDonna Rhinehart was taken to a hash in Long Beach, California, to be introduced to the sport.

She was invited to "wait in the truck" until her host returned.

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Instead Rhinehart joined the hash in her red dress. Hundreds of hashers wore red dresses for the event which was widely covered by local media.

hashers meet the

In addressing the crowd, Rhinehart suggested that such hashes might be held to raise funds for local charities. Rhinehart died in as some clubs were celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Red Dress Run.

River hashes or snorkel hashes rashes, splashes, or snatches follow normal hashing traditions, but take place in an aquatic environment with participants using snorkels, fins, kayaks, floats, and other rafts.

Snowshoe hashes are much like normal trails, but the hare and hounds are in the snow, on snowshoes.

Meet The Hash Harriers: The Original Drinking And Running Club

Marking trails with white flour or with colored chalk is impractical on snow, flour can be colored using carpenter's chalk most common practice or jello mix which will be more vibrant when it gets wet from the snow. You can't take yourself too seriously if you're hashing.

They meet weekly or monthly and usually run distances of six miles or less, following a trail laid out by a group member known as the "hare. A young Australian who has participated in hashes in Melbourne and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, described the runs as "stunning," giving her an opportunity to see parts of rural Cambodia she never would have visited on her own.

hashers meet the

Hashing is widely popular among tourists for the same reason. New members are described as virgins, and songs and nicknames vary from being slightly bawdy to extremely vulgar. Post-run, the participants gather for "The Circle," a ritual that involves singing and punishing participants who broke hash rules during the run e.

The most common punishment is a "down down" — hash slang for chugging a beer. Other traditions include post-run dinners, assignment of nicknames and, in some branches, including the Mother Hash, the exclusion of women.

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Some of the all-male chapters are so defiantly macho that, according to Velupillay, nothing "feminine can be mentioned Although the Hash remains popular, some clubs struggle to attract younger members who might be put off by the less-than-PC culture. Which is a real pity, because in our era of fitspo gym bunnies we could learn a lot from the noncompetitive, social ideals of the Hash.