Clanbook Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following titles. Clanbook: Assamite – Revised EditionRegular price. Secretive, insular and fanatically loyal to the precepts of their Clan, the Assamites claim to be descendants of Haqim (Assam), who is said to fight against. Retrouvez Guide to the Camarilla et des millions de livres en stock sur Still, I would have been happier if it also included the Assamites who joined the inexplicable, as well as equally redundant (ANOTHER Appearance 0 clan?.

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The Nosferatu watch everyone else, but who watches them? The Methuselah Ur-Shulgi, first detailed in Children of the Nightawakens and shatters the Tremere ritual binding the Clan from drinking vampire vitae.

PDF Potentially the mightiest of the vampire clans, Toreador is also the most divided clan, paralyzed by bitter infighting.

She clutched the flowers she had been plucking a bit closer, holding them tight against the white cotton of her dress. Some people would say weirder. Unseen even by mirrors, these lords of darkness glide through the night they rule, orchestrating the rise and fall of Kindred and kine alike.

Payez ce que vous voulez. Needless to say, such pursuits including hunting other Cainites for blood, and engaging in diablerie in attempts to strengthen their clan and their closeness to Haqim are not popular with the other Clans. During an attempt to one up Adam Jones in a game of poker, Sen Sen made a compact with a luck spirit who granted him lirve power to win the game. The sheer volume of information contained in the new clanbooks each 32 pages longer than the first-edition series permits Storytellers to round out their chronicles.


Reluctantly, Vasyl accepted the bargain, in some way desperate to escape from his quietly sadistic sister and the guilt of his obsessions. In the ensuing fight, she fell to the rage of her newly-embraced sibling’s first assamit, and would have died had Vasyl’s guilt not driven him to bring her into the same undeath which gripped him. Once they spent their time in contemplation of the infinite. It was small, and moving at an uneven pace, but unarmed.

UnMasqued – Assamite Clan Page

We came from the dark, and to the dark we shall all return Bury yourself in this book Determined to never be separated again from her partner in suffering, the c,an Cainite severed her ties with both New York and Alamut in one last outburst.

It’s an sasamite you just can’t refuse. Unsurprisingly, by the tender age of eight, Mu Huang Sen was amazingly spoiled. The ceremony is held after a day long festival The intended person for sacrifice is led to an alter with a black bag over their head, which is only removed upon reaching the alter and the announcement of the ceremony beginning.

Turn off email alerts. See All Ratings and Reviews. The consummate predator, the manipulator from behind the scenes, the aesthete dedicated to the beauty of the night, and asssamite on.

Those being that violence had ruined his old way of life, and ignorance and overconfidence had lead to violence. Copy Link Tweet This. The betrayers tore down the monuments. You won’t learn a thing. Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! From their webs of shadows the Lasombra guide the destiny of the dread Sabbat.


Here, the enigmatic Cainite pursued an agenda of almost pathological hatred toward the usurpers and the Clan of Serpents – the later being an emnity held over from his days as a mortal.

Clanbook: Assamite Revised

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. A diverse ljvre of noble warriors, erudite scholars, learned sorcerers and murderous diablerists, the Assamites have stepped forth to claim their legacy in the Final Nights.

PDF Once they built monuments to eternal peace. Eventually, Constantine tracked his way to Altair’s design company, kidnapping Alashain in an attempt to lure the Assamite into a confrontation. Majesty and mystery – the two words are synonymous with assamute word “Tremere. We call to the darkness within all of you. Now learn the secrets of these enigmatic vampires – their history and legends, their allies and enemies, and the truth of their relationship with the fearsome Lupine.

Secretive, insular and fanatically loyal to the precepts of their Clan, the Assamites claim to be descendants of Haqim Assamwho is said to fight against Khayyin Caine and his curse.

All Listings filter applied. When the fury grows, peace will suffer.

Potentially the mightiest of the vampire clans, Toreador is also the most divided clan, paralyzed by bitter infighting.