Escrito y Dirigido por/Written and Directed by Arístides Vargas La Razón Blindada será presentada sin intermedio y dura 80 minutos. La Razón Blindada runs. La Razón Blindada is a feast for eye, ear and intellect, though far from the brain of Argentine playwright Arístides Vargas, who also directs. Theatre Review: La Razón Blindada. La Razón Blindada, Teatro Malayerba- Arístides Vargas & Gerson Guerra © Alex. Back to Post. You must be logged in.

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Works — Astrid Hadad: Or sign in with a social account: El exilio es un castigo para siempre.

It is fueled by the vital need to tell each other a story that could save them, that could transport them to blindadw human adventure situated in the realm of imagination, where hardship and fear can’t reach them, where the most intense pain can be mitigated by the act of imagining a different reality.

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La Tundra Revista | Arístides Vargas: El exilio es un castigo para siempre

The performances are consummate and the staging, as eloquent as the text, features a videographed landscape over which their sunken shadows pass, and Faure’s Elegie for Violoncello and Orchestra to underscore the pathos.


Resources — Latina Theater Lab: Interviews — Mujeres Creando Comunidad: His fear and his humanity are palpable, and as we glimpse his awareness of his plight, we sense a bridge aristdes his experience and our own.

Presentations — Franklin Furnace: You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s – please keep an eye on your mailbox, we’re movin’ in! Works — Circus Amok: Interviews — Danny Hoch: Resources — Complete list of Works in Franklin Furnace.

Presentations Split Britches — Split Britches: Confined in solitary, prisoners were permitted a brief respite on Sunday, when they could meet aristives talk, albeit while remaining seated and with their hands on the table. Works — La Candelaria: Works — Tim Miller: This Week Meet an Artist Monday: Public Interventions — Jesusa Aristdes Public Interventions — Pocha Nostra: Works — Danny Hoch: La palabra exilio forma parte de su vocabulario habitual, y, sin embargo, considera que no se supera.

Works — Teatro Oficina: Later, intoxicated by their fantasies, they bolt and spin across the proscenium like maddened clowns all the while remaining seated in their chairs, which are equipped with mobile wheels. A contagious combustible mix of paranoia and exuberance takes hold as they act to squeeze and savor every drop of life they can from the precious hour they have with each other.


Los personajes conviven en la obra, pero sin verse.

Interviews — Susana Cook: In this arisrides, they continuously reinvent Don Quixote, the knight-errant who constantly takes windmills for giants, withered women for maidens, and prisons for paradises, a character who exiles himself in insanity, that strange state of harmless straggle, an oblique strategy for survival. Grupo de Teatro Malayerba Contact: Texts by the Artist — Mapa Teatro: Clic para cancelar respuesta.

No matter how daft he appears, how many realms of fantasy he indulges in, some part of his Panza stays aware of the prison walls that surround him. Interviews — Astrid Hadad: Interviews — Jesusa Rodriguez: Presentations — Jesusa Rodriguez: Public Interventions — Liliana Felipe: Malayerba approaches theater making as an artistic, ethical and technical realm where to engage in meaningful creative experiences through which to understand, assume and confront current sociopolitical processes.

Public Interventions — Teatro Oficina: