The Identification System for Power Stations “KKS” serves to identify plants, sections of plants and items of equipment in any type of power station according to. 71 Page Identification System KKS Part 1 – General 4/ II – . The Power Station Designation System KKS satisfies these requirements to a degree not. KKS Identification System for Power – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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In case of single closed regulation circuits, it is divided into 2 parts: Numbering begins anew for each structure. A Grid and distribution systems B Power transmission and auxiliary power supply C Instrumentation and control systems D Instrumentation and control systems E Conventional fuel supply and residues disposal F Handling of nuclear equipment G Water supply and disposal H Conventional heat generation J Nuclear heat generation K Nuclear auxiliary systems L Steam, water, gas cycles M Main machine sets N Process energy supply for external users e.

EM – Conditioning of signals related to functional measurement group in digital system. Order according to voltage levels, counted from higher voltages to lower.

VGB-Be-eBook: KKS Identification System for Power Plants

Skip to main content. B — Mechanical equipment Redundant zeros must be written. The numerical digits count and subdivide the unit e. EB – Conditioning of signals related to single drive control.

C — Direct measuring circuits S — Ancillary systems Main machine sets Given the possibilities shown in the table, it is not practicable to meet all possible requirements for identification of discrete process-related function e.

A Grid and distribution systems B Power transmission and auxiliary power supply C Instrumentation and control equipment D Instrumentation and control equipment for use only when function codes CM to CT are insufficient for the identification of system combinations The subdivisions in F2 and F3, are given in the applicable Function Key.

Supply systems which serve only one equipment unit are identified on an equal footing as subsystems of the system in which sgstem are installed. Physically separate rooms systeem structures identificatjon identified by numbering, grid squares in the outdoor area by coordinates.

R — Gas generation and treatment Room Identification by Numbering Serial no. Subsequent isolation and pressure equalization valves in the measuring circuit are components of the measuring circuit and therefore classified as KA.


The additional code is used for the numbering of: When creating in DCS systems secondary variables of the same technical installation that differs with counting sign for breakdown level 2, the same rules are to apply as for this variables created from the same installation.

The alphabetical symbols of this breakdown level are used to classify and divide the overall plant into subsystems, systems or building structures. On breakdown level 2, the individual windings are classified but not on a phase-specific basis by means of GT for transformer equipment and numbered starting on the high-voltage side.

Identification System for Power Stations (KKS)

Equipment unit identified in breakdown level 2 belongs always to a system identified in breakdown level 1. Exceptions are junction boxes for main machine sets and heavy machinery, and junction boxes in electrical and control and instrumentation cubicles and cabinets; these are identified on breakdown level 1 according to the associated main machine or heavy machine and cubicle or cabinet respectively.

Such modifications are subject ifentification agreement between the parties to the project. When technical installations differs only with counting signs of installation it is necessary to assign to a secondary variable counting signs like for one of those installations e.

Special Rules for Civil Engineering Where individual structures for which separate structure codes exist are combined to form one structure, that structure is ldentification the code of the most ientification individual structure. Sysetm equipment Combined electrical and control and instrumentation equipment Combined electrical and control and instrumentation equipment, with or without a power unit e.

Where an equipment unit serves as an interface between two or more systems, its system code is assigned on the originator principle, i.

Details of platns unit numbering are subject to agreement between the parties to the project. Calculation of new value on base of 2 variables, e. Process-Related Identification Process-related identification of systems and items of equipment according to their function in mechanical, civil, electrical and control and instrumentation engineering. Drains and vents are identified as far as the final isolation element — including double valves — or as far as the open outlet as part of the drained or vented system originator principle.


X — Heavy machinery not main machine sets The origin and development of Kos Further applications are subject to agreement between the parties to the project. System code System code consists of three letters and two digits.

The grid sizes and the meaning and type of the data characters A or N are subject to agreement between the parties to identificstion project. They should be established individually for different control and instrumentation concepts. Safety equipment, consisting of safety valves and their associated piping, are assigned to the system to which they are connected. The AN number of breakdown level 2 is used to number the items of equipment classified in Identificatioon and A2.

System-related identification is expedient where the supported items are positively assignable to one system. Format of Breakdown Levels The code is made up of breakdown levels.

The result was a series of operations whose sequence was often irrational. On breakdown level 2, transducer racks, supports and frames are identified by means of GZ.

KKS Identification System for Power Plants – eBook

EY – Conditioning of signals related to functional protection group of technical and electrical protection system of the unit. A – Grid and distribution systems for electric power plants, thermoelectric power plants and heating plants Measuring Circuits Measuring circuits comprise analog signal acquisition, conditioning, distribution and measured data recording and indicating processing elements.

Measuring Transformers The idebtification of measuring transformers as well as their quantities in the given system are identified in breakdown level 2 by letters GT and three digits. Identification of the functional groups involved in process-related tasks so as to relate them to the principal task concerned may be performed by using the alpha characters in F AL According to cubicles, divisions, sections etc.

B — Power transmission and auxiliarY electrical power supply It is not allowed to use any opwer letters. Special guidelines apply to data characters G, F0 and A3. Sustem second character of FN numbers the cubicles.