, the complete industry guide – Find Pelco KBD-KIT-X or any electronic security product from the extensive products in the database. Buy Pelco KBDKIT Matrix Keyboard CM/MUX Wiring kit Keyboards – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Remote Keyboard Wiring Kits of the KBDKIT Series are used to connect KBD, KBD, or KBD keyboards to the CM Matrix Switcher, or to.

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Installation – direct mode – Pelco Universal Keyboard KBD300A User Manual

The keyboard is wired directly to a maximum of 16 receivers. A separate system, such as an MS or VA switcher, is required for routing video to the monitor s.

This causes the zoom speed command to be sent. Only one wall block is required for this application.


Refer to Figure Make sure all receivers are configured to communicate using either Pelco P or Pelco D pelxo and that each receiver has a unique address. Refer to your receiver manual for switch settings.

Decide on a suitable location for the keyboard and wall block. The keyboard must be within 25 feet 7. The wall block must be within 6 feet 1.


Do not mount the wall block at this time. Connect the transmission wires from the.

Refer to Figure 10 and do the following: Communication to the keyboards is RS Maximum cable distance for RS communica- tion over gauge wire is 4, feet 1, m. Pelco recommends using shielded twisted pair cable that meets or exceeds the basic requirements for EIA RS applications.

Pelco KBD-KIT-X CCTV Remote Keyboard Wiring Kit | Security Products –

At the wall block wire the transformer to pins 3 and 4. Replace the cover on the wall block. A double-sided sticky pad is provided to mount the wall block. Secure the wall block to a suitable surface.


Set the keyboard DIP switches according to the instructions in the. Plug in the keyboard data cable.


The LED display shows number 1, which is the default camera number. Programming and Operation section and program and test for proper operation. Connecting the Keyboard Refer to Figure Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.