Bill Dudney — J2EE AntiPatterns. Page 6. What Is Refactoring? ▫ A means to improve the design of existing software without breaking (i.e. rewriting) every piece. Recommended Reading: J2EE AntiPatterns. J2EE AntiPatterns is a book that teaches design patterns using a different approach. j2ee-. J2EE Antipatterns The design patterns we have discussed so far are about learning from what others have done correctly. But often, studying others’ mistakes is.

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J2EE Design Patterns by Jonathan Kaplan, William Crawford

Ok now this is really long winded and I will get quiet now. Excessive Layering and Leak Collection Cover j2eee architectural errors that affect performance and extensibility.

Agreed that it is clunky and inelegant. Too Much Data in Session. Which is a good book for learning j2ee. I think with J2SE 1.

Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning antipattfrns, books, tutorials, and more. Distribution and Scaling Refactorings. What are the most common antipatterns in Rails?


J2EE AntiPatterns (EJB and other Jakarta /Java EE Technologies forum at Coderanch)

Choose the Right Data Architecture. Anyway, I have a j2ew questions. Description “The flip-side of Patterns, AntiPatterns provide developers with formal descriptions of common development gaffes that can derail a project along with practical guidelines on how to avoid them.

Hard to say that the partitioning will become practical, however there is some very interesting work going on in the Grid Computing space. Question on J2ee Anitpatterns. Just like the active community collecting design patterns, there is an equally active community cataloguing antipatterns and their solutions.

J2EE Antipatterns – J2EE Design Patterns [Book]

In short, a book that is recommended for those who want to find a way to better understand the design patterns and how they can improve their developments. Skiers, watching the trail from the chairlift above, might point out someone doing a particularly good job getting down antioatterns slope. Would you like to change to the site?

All code examples from the book are available to the reader on the book’s companion Web site. Hi John, The us version of the site is at http: Web Service Business Delegate. Accustomed to the descriptions of design patterns based on the famous Design Patterns: I admit that an EJB server can do some useful things not handled by a web server, such as declarative specification of transaction demacation processing, and simulation of an object database via entity beans with CMP over a RDBMS.


Distribution and Scaling AntiPatterns. Do you think this paradigm will ever become truly antipqtterns for running across firewalls over the internet? Originally posted j2re Frank Silbermann: Plan Realistic Network Requirements.

Brown, et al, AntiPatterns: Using Strings for Content Generation. Visit the Companion Site.

This was a antipattefns productivity drain trying to maintain. He focuses on enterprise integration, Web services, messaging, and service-based architecture. Juan Rolando Prieur-Reza, M.

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