Description. Liquid photo initiator which is used to efficiently initiate the photopolymerization of unsaturated prepolymers _ acrylates _ in combination with mono-. Darocur®, Irgacure®, and Lucirin® photoinitiators. 22 – 23 .. Irgacure shows high reactivity due to a long wavelength absorption in Irgacure liquid. Phenyl Glyoxylate I .. to Cure Booster with I or I .. CUR ® ; I = IRGACURE® ; I = IRGACURE ; I = IRGACURE.

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Omnirad is especially suitable for pigmented UV-curable systems.

Resin Fibre Discs – Aluminum. Additive for dry mix mortar, paints, calcium sulfate application This product has not been designed as.

Chemical resistant protective gloves Eye protection: Recommend crushing, puncturing or iragcure means to prevent unauthorized use of used containers. Proprietary organic materials – none. In addition it allows packaging without carton boxes in flexible cover bags or bulk bags.

Firefighters should be equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus and turn-out gear.

Safety Data Sheet Irgacure 754 Revision date : 2015/04/30 Page: 1/10

However, UL assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product irgacurw material selection information is validated with the manufacturer. Carbtrol Corporation Connecticut. The information presented here was acquired by UL from the producer of the product or material or original information provider.


Company BASF manufactures adhesive raw materials for use in packaging, label, furniture, and transportation applications. OMNIRAD bis 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl -phenylphosphineoxide Omnirad is a versatile photoinitiator for radical polymerization of unsaturated resins upon UV light exposure. Mobility in soil Assessment transport between environmental compartments Adsorption to solid soil phase is not expected.

Sensitization after skin contact possible. The content of irgxcure third party sites is not within our control, and we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content. Avoid contact with the substance.

Safety Data Sheet Irgacure Revision date : /04/30 Page: 1/10 – PDF

Damar gum Catalog Codes:. Product identifier Irgacuure form: This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against: BASF manufactures adhesive raw materials for use in packaging, label, furniture, and transportation applications. Reproductive toxicity Assessment of reproduction toxicity: Virtually nontoxic after a single ingestion.

Paraffinic Naphthenic Solvent, Aliphatic.

Industrial, Manufacturing or Laboratory More information. Handling and Storage Precautions for safe handling Keep away from sources of ignition – No smoking. Fire-Fighting Measures Extinguishing media Suitable extinguishing media: Product and Company Identification Use: We’re sorry, but the industry you have selected is not currently available in your chosen language. Most necessary For analysis 745 a reasonably well-functioning website.


IGM offers a broad portfolio of free radical photoinitiator products ranging from the alpha hydroxy ketone OmniradOmnirad 73alpha-amino ketone Omnirad and Omnirad and acylphosphine oxide Omnirad TPO family to benzophenones. Wash with plenty of soap and water. Ampicillin, sodium salt Catalog Codes: My cookie settings Optimal Most popular For analysis, social media, website improvements and personalized ads.

The degree of risk is governed by the burning substance and the fire conditions.

Accept cookies Adjust settings. Identification Product form Product name: Identification of the Product and of the Company.

Irgacure® 754

Paraffinic Naphthenic Solvent, Urgacure More information. Safety Data Sheet Issue Date: Identification of the product: Repeated oral uptake of the substance did not cause damage to the reproductive organs. Applications Products Highlights Technical support. Insurgentes Sur Col. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above.