Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World ( Posthumanities) [Timothy Morton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 27 Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World. TIMOTHY MORTON. 26 Humanesis: Sound and Technological Posthumanism. Hyperobjects has ratings and 48 reviews. Humphrey said: Part I: A TheoryI’m pretty sure Timothy Morton is a Hyperobject. He is Viscous: he won’t le.

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Such objects put unbearable strains on our normal ways of reasoning.

In The Ecological ThoughtMorton employed the term hyperobjects to describe objects that are so massively distributed in time and space as to transcend spatiotemporal specificity, such as global warming, styrofoam, and radioactive plutonium.

Insisting that we have to reinvent how we think to even begin to comprehend the world we now live moeton, Hyperobjects takes the first steps, outlining a genuinely postmodern ecological approach to thought and action.

They involve profoundly different temporalities than the human-scale ones we are used to. Nowhere in the long list of catastrophic weather events A Geology of Media A sweeping new ecological take on technology. So how did Morton get to write a book like this? The other is to allow for the existence of contradictory entities.

Ursula K. Heise reviews Timothy Morton’s Hyperobjects – Critical Inquiry

Elemental Ecocriticism Thinking with Earth, Air, Hypetobjects, and Fire Brings to ecotheory and the environmental humanities the challenges and possibilities offered by thinking in elemental terms. He wants to demolish the recent history of debate in the social sciences and humanities as an “I can do meta than you” but his own narration is just such an attempted refocusing.


The apple-for-baseball is an object always getting into the rhythm for that kind of event. Hyperobjects are hypeorbjects whether or not someone is thinking of them.


Shelley and the Languages of Diet,” studied the representation of diet, temperance, and consumption in the works of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Iron is mostly a by-product of bacterial metabolism.

Possibly even capitalism itself. The awful shadow of some unseen power — Percy Shelley This book draws on two things I enjoy, SF and quantum physics — all the things I struggled to come to terms with in Green and Hawking’s work and failed, significantly in grasping really.

But I also think that, even when taken with a giant heaping plate of salt, Morton’s project is at least interesting. There are preposterous claims akin to “it is because we don’t know, that is why we need to be extreme” referring to global warming, since we can’t prove it doesn’t exist we must assume it is the greatest threat.

And for that, despite the fun I’ve had in this review at its expense, this work is worth looking into.

Hyperobjects — University of Minnesota Press

Crucially, the relations between Buddhism and science, nature and culture, are examined in the fusion of a single vision. I’m not much of a stranger to post-structuralism and whatnot, this one avoided the nihilism that taints a lot of pomo.

hyperobbjects One is to forget everything we have just found out about hyperobjects. E anche piuttosto sbagliato se viene visto come una svalutazione della vita. So to just “Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World” but especially final aesthetics.


For the American independent director, producer, writer, and actor, see Tim Morton. SinceMorton has engaged in a sustained project of ecological critique, primarily enunciated in two works, Ecology Without Nature and The Ecological Thoughtthrough which he problematizes environmental theory from the standpoint timothhy ecological entanglement.

May 07, Kathleen rated it liked it. Why are you so noncontinuous with your arguments? In the timthy the skeptic has the last laugh with her example of the delicious irony of climate scientists being stuck on a ship frozen in Antarctic ice. I thank Mark, and Karolina and Anya giving us our time in Poland for bringing it to my attention Itmothy author invented discovered?

Second I’m no scientist but there are a lot of “holes” in Mortons theories, so many in fact that most of the time he doesn’t justify his believes, instead changes subject.

But at the other levels that Morton explores, things are indeed not quite what they seem, and he needs non-locality to explain hyperobjecrs a hyperobject can act simultaneously at more than one place.

His discussion of La Monte Young’s compositions is particularly useful and illuminating. I am uneasy hperobjects the generalization of withdrawnness, despite its philosophical heritage going back to Kant.

This book killed my soul. This adds further to the effect of diminishing human agency.