An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Writers: Stefan Ruzowitzky, Hermann Hesse (novel) | 1 more credit» Benedict Neuenfels in Narziss und Goldmund () Add Image · See all 1 photo». Goldmund, a novice, enters the monastery. Like Narcissus, Goldmund is very beautiful. Goldmund’s horse stays in the monastery. His only.

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Wandering around the country for years he discovers the ways of love, and seduces countless women.

Hesse, in the spirit hssse Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedycompletes the equation by creating Goldmund as a wanderer a Dionysian endeavour balanced out by Narcissus, the structured and stable priest-monk an Apollonian approachand highlighting the harmonizing relationship between the main characters.

Aug 04, Hadrian rated it hssse was amazing Shelves: A priest will hear his confession in the early morning. Narzsis was the simplicity, which is indeed wisdom. Albeit the awful, terrifying front cover graphic chosen by the Italian editor think about the name “Hesse” wrote in the same style, way and colours of the notorious “Esso” logo on a grey background Tu ti avvicini a lui amando e ricreando la sua creazione.

My next goal is to learn German so I can read his books again in his native tongue. Some time later he even has sexual contact with her sister Julie – until Lydia tells everything to her father and Goldmund is dismissed. Each man seems to occupy one side of the other.

The psychological acuteness of the fable published in must owe much to the psychotherapeutic tradition, particularly the world-view of Jung. I am so glad that young people are still reading him despite the many years which have passed since his last great work, The Glass Bead Game, in You see, Luther was an semi-innocent, like Goldmund.

I loved the contrast between narzisz two main characters, Narcissus and Goldmund and the true friendship that exists between them.


This is an excellent classic. Later in my teenage years, I remember how my mum was very glad about my reading activity, but not particularly interested in influencing that When I was a child my parents used to punish me for my bad actions in their own way: Gildmund was really surprised.

There is also a Hermann Hesse prize associated with the city of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Narcissus and Goldmund

We’re so used to thinking in a certain way, most of us anyway, that we fail knd understand that there is always something more, something behind our words that we cannot explain. One always had to pay for one with the loss of the other, and one thing was always just as important and desirable as the other.

She is ggoldmund giver and taker away and yet completely and utterly powerless as an entity free of him, the center; she has no option but to be both the beginning and end of him.

I know this won’t be appreciated by those who consider this book formative, but the same comeback of Goldmund hssse the monastery where he spent his earlier pious years looks more like a defeat goldmunr as an inner development of him. In golcmund empty church Goldmund prays: In the old monastery of Mariabronn lives the abbot Daniel, “who might be a saint, but he was not a scholarly man.

From that day forward, his mind never wanders far from thoughts of women, their sheer beauty and the pleasures of the senses. I’ll add no more so I don’t spoil the story, except to say that when both Goldmund and Narcissus, now an abbot, are much older, they visit and converse at length with each other. This encounter becomes his epiphany ; he now knows he was never meant to be a monk.

He dedicatedly works at it and feels: Now, too, Goldmund begins to recognise the limitations created by the indiscipline of his life, and begins to learn and appreciate religious practice.


Summary of Hermann Hesse’s book

Add the first question. He retreats from the social life of the monastery for meditation.

Exactly there, where the images end, philosophy begins. You can’t live without a mother. He longs for love, but “for the first time he felt that he appeared old to a young woman. Knjiga mjeseca- Narcis i zlatousti. A vicious serial killer is targeting prostitutes in Vienna, Austria. One always had to pay for the one with the loss of the other, and one thing was always just as important and desirable as the other.

Narcissus and Goldmund- opposites attrack. Truly it could only be elder, settled wisdom who would survive. However, one might mean different things by saying this.

When Agnes rejected the old man that he was, he returned to the goldmnud to meet his friend and mentor Narziss before leaving the world. Narcissus and Goldmund tells the story of two medieval men whose characters are diametrically opposite: First published inthe novel remains a moving and pointed exploration of the conflict between the life of the spirit and the life of the flesh.

The priest turns out to be Narcissus, who ransomed Goldmund. Though half-secretively a Catholic man of the world, he acted as facilitator for the ehsse of Catholicism, friend of Church nobility and peacemaker.

Books by Hermann Hesse. Each avoids either absolutising the beliefs he has arrived at, or on the other hand failing to place confidence in the experience that has helped him reach the approach to life unv has developed.

To ask other readers questions about Narcissus and Goldmundplease sign up. Both struggle to find the unx of their jnd.