Herpetofauna da Mata Atlântica nordestina | A Mata Atlântica nordestina possui apenas 2% da sua cobertura original, distribuídos por centenas de fragmentos. Keywords: herpetofauna, conservation, Atlantic Forest, Apiaí, Iporanga, Vale do . Palavras-chave: herpetofauna, conservação, Mata Atlântica, Apiaí, Iporanga. Herpetofauna do Parque Natural Municipal de Sertão, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil remanescente de Mata Atlântica, um dos maiores fragmentos do norte do Rio.

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Dendropsophus elegans Wied-Neuwied, Figura 5g. Amphibian species of the world.

University of California Press, Berkeley. Amphibia, Anura, Brachycephalidae, Brachycephalus hermogenesi: Jacupiranga com 39 spp.

The specimes were captured by pitfall traps with drift fences, visual and auditive surveys, incidental encounters, local collectors, and, for snakes, by recording scientific collection records. Siphonops paulensis Boettger, Figura 10e. Boraceia com 66 spp. Reptilia, Colubridae, Philodryas aestivus: Dipsas alternans Fischer, Atractus trihedrurus Amaral, Natural history of snakes in forests of the Manaus region, Central Amazonia, Brazil. Data were atlantlca from specimens collected in six areas within the park during a period of 76 days distributed in one year, and from three Brazilian scientific collections.


Biodiversity Heritage Library

Philodryas olfersii Lichtenstein, A new fossil snake with limbs. In Patterns of distribution of amphibians, a global perspective W.

A new species of Physalaemus Anura: Leptodactylus fuscus Schneider, Figura 9f. Taeniophallus affinis Guenther, Diet and feeding behavior of the coral snake, Micrurus corallinus from the Atlantic forest of Brazil. Leptodactylus notoaktites Heyer, Figura 10a. The reptile fauna of PECB is composed of 59 species, including 10 species of lizards, 48 snakes, and one chelonian.

Hypsiboas faber Herpetoffauna, Figura 7b. Systematic review of the frog family Hylidae, with special reference to Hylinae: The amphibian tree of life. A new species of Glassfrog Anura: In Censuses of vertebrates in a Brazilian Altantic rainforest area: Sena considerou Erythrolamprus miliaris comb.

Herpetofauna of the Carlos Botelho State Park, São Paulo State, Brazil

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Siphlophis longicaudatus Andersson, Nomenclatural impact on the species atlantkca known as Leptodactylus ocellatus leptodactylidae and Osteopilus brunneus gosse, hylidae.


No PECB foi registrada nas areas 1 e 2, na borda da mata. Phylogeny and systematics of Squamata Reptilia based on morphology.

The venomous reptiles of Latin America. Patterns of floristic differentiation among Atlantic forests in Southeastern Brazil and he influence of climate. A revised classification and descriptions of new taxa. Crotalus durissus Neotropical Ratlesnake. Ophiodes striatus Glass snake Reproduction.

Feeding technique of juvenile Tropidodryas striaticeps: Atlanticaa EMBL reptile database. The Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Reproductive biology of the false coral snake Oxyrhopus guibei Colubridae from southeastern Brazil.