Er ist wieder da has ratings and reviews. Emily said: Although I read this book in German, there are already lots of German reviews and it m. Look Who’s Back is a bestselling German satirical novel about Adolf Hitler by Timur Vermes, Author, Timur Vermes. Language, German . “Ha, ha, Hitler”. Buy Ha Vuelto by Timur Vermes (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Machen wir uns nichts vor. He states bluntly that with the recipe of internet, mass-entertainment and a minimal baseline of social-welfare, global capitalism has found an opiate that lets it continue its accumulation unchecked and unquestioned. Er ist vuelgo da by Timur Vermes. As, all over the world, the political centre of gravity drifts to the extreme right, this is a warning we would do well to heed.

I can design your desired wall without any misgivings that is if you promise that no Jew will be involved in its construction whatsoever. Oct 18, Lilo rated it did not like it Recommends it for: So, there are jokes involved.

The film is slated for release in It is more a book about the ua of nazism-like mentality rising again in the near future. I laughed out loud in very few places – but all the while, my inner demon was seething with evil laughter.

Man ertappt sich dabei, wie man einem der schlimmsten Diktatoren aller Zeiten zustimmt. Just a moment while we sign vermds in to your Goodreads account.


Please don’t lift them to your shoulders and allow them to put a chokehold on you. We live in an age where the best news analysis often comes from a comedy channel, where hour news channels are largely considered a joke, where memes vurlto Cthulhu for President appear every four years. Kleine Leseprobe als Appetithappen? Let’s take a closer look. While the country sees him as a comedian par excellence on TV, Adolf is using it as a means of propaganda to re-establish his philosophy in the minds of the Volk.

Plus it really is chilling when we see this Hitler causally comments how some of the people he meets in the should have been reformed well Retrieved 30 December But for the love of sanity, look at what the vielto does.

As Herr Hitler broadcasts his creepily familiar hopes for the German future, everyone just keeps laughing at cermes amazing impersonation. I cannot say anything about the translation as I listened to the German original.

Look Who’s Back (Er Ist Wieder Da) () – Rotten Tomatoes

In December it was announced that Vermes’ bestseller was to be produced by Constantin Film as a movie. If at any time the reader starts liking the protagonist even agreeing with him as I did two paragraphs above! Running into ideas For the last few days I’ve been vernes Timur’s book, and yesterday Vuelgo finished it.

Oliver Masucci as Adolf Hitler. So give it a chance and let it make you smile. He talks about some subjects using this character, and not just stupid subjects, really important things that are happening nowadays.

You will never have true Americans without pure lineage. Which is important to remember as that is how he gained power and control to follow up on his less sane ideas.


He is recognised instantly by those he crosses but nobody takes him seriously taking him for an actor vuelro performance artist. Look Who’s Back, by Timur Vermes. The film is slated for release in But that brings up what is, in my mind, so important with the author and many of the readers: I believe we had a wall here in Berlin as well, vudlto course it was built during a time I was indisposed, but it did prove to be serving its purpose until Bolshevists tore it down.

Yet in order to learn this true fact, readers could have vurlto themselves the expense for this book. I am quite taken aback. He deliberately wrote this as a satire, to show the dangers of Hitlers thoughts and the ignorance towards those coming from anyone else than Hitler himself Or just the one who’s regarded as someone else.

Look Who’s Back (Er Ist Wieder Da)

I laughed out loud in very few places – but all the whil I have finally managed to read this controversial book, and now I understand why it has become so controversial. Lars Rudolph as Kiosk owner.

And, also, one of the best book covers of all time. We need to STOP the silence.