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A little while back I gave you all a free copy of my Greyhound Speed System. This was based upon a strong premise and many of you got in touch with me to tell me filteype some great results that you had been getting. While the basis of my original system was good, I felt that there were certain tweaks that could improve its profitability.

And you could start using this simple and proven approach to Greyhound racing to pocket easy profits each and every day In this revised system, the staking has been changed so that we are now focusing on one specific type of bet…. As with all systems, I would advise paper trading this one for a while to get a feel for it before you use any real cash….

If you are using Google Chrome you may experience difficulties downloading the system. Once you have done this, you will be able to view the document. Could you please email me a copy of the pdf please.

Many thanks T Baines. Hi Matt I cant download it either. I just keep getting a blue screen Regards Chris. I cant get the link to work either would you kindly send me a copy of the pdf please. One of the key aspects of the system that I wanted to put across in the PDF was the fact that you will experience long losing runs.

I experienced a few losing runs but they were often followed by some highly profitable winning runs. On average, you only need filetypr winner out of 11 to break even, so there is no need to panic.


Hi Matt, I am as keen as ever, in the trial did you check every filethpe that was a selection to check if the order changed from RP website or stick to the forecast order? This takes a little longer as you have to keep an eye on the markets a few minutes before the race but it is well worth doing. Hi matt, no luck today, but I have learnt a lot, went on Paddy P. Afraid i am having problems with the link,all i am getting is a blank page,would be obliged if you could send me a copy many thanks, James.

It works for some people but not others works fine for me. Sorry but you must be fed up of hearing this. I am sorry but I too am only seeing a blank page on the download link.

Cashtrap Greyhound System Review – Betting Rant | Betting Rant

Please can you email an alternative link. The link didnt work with google chrome, but did work when using firefox as my internet browser, maybe this will help others? I signed up this morning but got a blank screen. Do i need to start again or will you still have my details. Would you please email me a copy?

Just purchased your Lay-zy Dog system as well. I can not download Please send the copy of system via email. Thank you in advance. I have purchased and tested your Lay-zy Dogs system and think it is fantastic. My only problem is try to lay my selections at Starting Price… How do I do this.

Betfair says SP is only available on Horse racing…. I would advise you to lay the selections as close as possible fildtype the start of the race.

Free Greyhound System For Download – Betting Rant | Betting Rant

Just a note i cannot be at my comp for the races so bets are placed before the days racing as per racing post betting. I will keep posting results. Dear Matt, could you please e-mail me the password to the Latzy Dogs filetyp which I bought some time ago and I need to refresh some of the details.

They are certainly possible on Betfair, which allows one to set an SP limit and also maximum liability. I place them quite often. Hi Matt, Just tried downloading the euro almanac and the screen went blank when I hit the confirm button. Not sure if it has been taken or what. The best bet would be to email Agora customer services: You must be logged in to post a comment.



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