While Sengoku has a Lifepath that will guide you in selecting skills, disadvantages, et multiple cetera, the Fuzion system itself is a pure point. Lifepath generator. Basics. Personality The above lifepath was generated using the Fuzion lifepath generator with the Superpowers plugin. They own it, I’m . Artesia uses a heavily modified version of the Fuzion lifepath model (which is awesome by Please explain the concept of a “life-path system”.

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Fuzion has a large array of Skills to choose from. Stats of 5 and 6 are considered “heroic”; 7 and 8, are “legendary”; 9 and above are “superhuman”. Retrieved from ” https: When Stun falls to zero, a character is out cold. If you want more detail on any skill, check the full description on p. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these lifpath.

OPs are assigned by the Referee and are usually kept separate from the Character Point pool. Because perks require GM calls for impact, and a powerful high-impact perk fuzipn be the most expensive thing on your character sheet, I strongly recommend budgeting in Perks before spending any other OP.

In addition to the usual Fuzion derived characteristics, Sengoku adds derived characteristics for their custom honor mechanics. A character rolls on a list of options, or they can pick and chose them as they see fit.

Fuzion – Wikipedia

The typical opposed check formula is: Each Complication returns a number of points based on the hindrance they give the character, and how often they crop up in the game. Consider Okuden and Ki Powers p. Other players and GMs have seen the need to expand upon the Lifepath, either making it more complete, dynamic, or better integrated with the character design process itself.

When Hits fall to zero, a character is unconscious and may be dying. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Atomik Lifepath strives to address these issues, and presents a suped-up Lifepath that may be tailored to suit a variety of games, and can be made as simple or as complex as the GM may desire.


When using d10, the DV values are set lower than when using 3d6. Using PPs helps the Referee keep superpowers under control by restricting how often a character can use them. For instance, in a magical world, the Referee could add a Mana Stat for the casting and control magic spells, or add a Comeliness Stat, which rates the physical attractiveness of a character.

Skill Based buy or gain skills. In this case, 5 option points.

fuzion – What is the correct order to build a character? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Usually a party of several NPC’s act on one Lifepatn. Regardless of what the character is rolling against, the player has to roll the target number or higher on the dice to succeed. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

CPs can be traded for PPs at a ratio of 1: If using a d10, rolling a 10 is a Critical Success, and allows a second roll. A Critical Failure may represent something more disastrous happening to the character as the Referee sees fit.

The new system further integrates the Lifepath processes with character creation by directly relating life events to skills, talents, perks, and complications.

Upon the advent of Fuzion, a joint venture between R. Physical, Mental, Combat, and Movement. Enough OPs that are saved up can later allow a player to raise a Stat or two, and maybe buy a Talent or Perk, however the price for future ability upgrades becomes costly and keeps characters from becoming too powerful, too quickly. Initiative is rolled again for each combat Phase, or to save time, the GM can opt to use the same initiative for the rest of the combat scene.

After a good game of FuzionReferees can reward characters with more Option Points, or Award Pointswhich they can use to lifepatb skills, and convert to money to buy more equipment. What does “is no red-twine to stick to” mean? Fuzion is an adaptable system lifepatu can lifepsth played in any genre and setting imaginable. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have fuzin and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


A roll of three ones, a 3is a Critical Failure, even if all you only needed to roll was a 3 to lifepatb the checkand subtract 2d6 from the total.

Unlike regular talents, Okuden and Ki Powers have skill requirements. For example, to raise a stat from 4 to 5 costs 25 option points 5×5.

I seem to have to keep track of CP and OP individually, the first buys only statistics, the other seems to be the pool for everything else. Talsorian Games and Hero Games. Sengoku uses 13 attributes – Fuzion’s standard 10, plus three spiritual attributes. If you’re going to buy expensive equipment later full samurai armor, katana, etcmake certain to take Wealth during this step. The resolution formula is: In such a case, the Reflexes Stat can lifepathh added to the 3d6 lirepath roll.

Lifepath generator

This page was last edited on 21 Julyat Fuzion is a generic role-playing game system created by the collaboration of R. Another aspect of Fuzion ‘s flexibility is the easy adaptation to the use of d12 or d20 dice for making checks.

Fuzion is a flexible and easily modifiable system, so more Stats can be added to any category lifepatn the Referee as they see fit. Everyman Skills include 2 points each in such Skills as Education which includes all basic knowledge a character learns through years of schooling like basic mathematics and reading for exampleand other skills, like Evasion, Hand-to-Hand, Local Area Knowledge and Perception.

You should now have your final OP total to spend: Each point of DC represents a six-sided die that is rolled to see how much damage the weapon can cause.

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When an object loses all its SDPs, it is rendered useless; fuziln vehicle shuts down and grinds to a halt, a weapon will no longer fire, etc.