Montauk [Max Frisch, Goeffrey Skelton, Jonathan Dee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Max Frisch’s candid story of his affair with a young. Max Frisch’s Montauk, packed with these dissolving moments, is one of a small handful of works toward which I feel proprietary, if not downright. And others may find that they should write their memoirs, if they are born writers or not. In the autobiographical novel Montauk by Max Frisch the.

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I got through it. To its very extreme verge, Montauk is fertile and verdant.

Literary Montauk: And Then We Came to the End | Literary Hub

Feb 28, Nora Rawn rated it it was amazing. After studying at the Realgymnasium in Zurich, he enrolled at the University of Zurich in and began studying German literature, but had to abandon due to financial problems after the death of his father in Some critics stressed that it would be a misunderstanding to read Montauk a kind of key narrative to understand his live and work. It is phenomenological because it tells us how the earth is perceived by our senses.

Much as I am unable to separate this text from the feelings it has given me. In a lengthy episode Frisch recalls his childhood friend and benefactor W. With the NZZ he would entertain a lifelong ambivalent love-hate relationship, for his own views were in stark contrast to the conservative views promulgated by this newspaper.

Montauk by Max Frisch

This so annoyed the Spirit of Fire that he openly denounced the Manitou, after having coaxed the Spirit of Hell to heave him up some of the stones from his furnace. Please help me spread information on good literature. They talked about New York politics, about art galleries and painters and writers they knew….

He also won many important German literature prizes: But flamboyant visitors from Brooklyn have been a problem since at least the s.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Some beautiful set pieces though. War Frisch einfach nur ein Vorreiter und ist diese Geschichte daher ein Meisterwerk, nur weil er 30 Jahre seiner Zeit vorraus war und selber gebeichtet hat, bevor es in montak Bouevardblatt landete?

It’s exceptional in its use of reflection and fascinating for the shifts from first to third person—a narrator in dialogue with his past selves. I would love it nonetheless.

The language used to crisch to Montauk invites this sort of emotional superimposition—how you have to reach The End to get to The Point. Except this name changing the facts of Frisch’s stay in America do concur. Montauk was left with no other choice but to fill in the gaps as best it could, resulting in a somewhat uneven but always interesting community. I should like to describe this day, just this day, our weekend together, how it momtauk about and how it develops.

And probably the funniest moment to me is that character quoting his mother: The author expounds on every thought in his head. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Homo Faber, My Name is Gantenbein and I am not Stiller, his works have somewhat faded away in the minds of the reading public since his death in These included fragments from contemporary media reports, and paradoxical questionnaires, as well as personal reflections and reportage.

Frisch doesn’t refrain from emba Montauk is an autobiographical novel. This is not a relationship, weekend-fling, brief affair with a younger woman book, although it seems like it should be based on the description and the cover.

His intimate revelations on past relationships didn’t do any good to his at the time still existing marriage. Next Monrauk LitHub Daily: Aug 14, Aigi rated it really liked it Shelves: Every friscy has weight. While fictional stories previously served Frisch for exploring the possible behavior of fridch protagonists, in Montaukhe tells an authentic experience: Judy Krueger 22 October at Max Frisch died in Zurich, Switzerland, in April In addition, he wrote some highly intelligent political dramas, such as Andorra and The Fireraisers.


Montauk by Max Frisch

It first appeared in and takes an exceptional position in Frisch’s work. The frame story of the narrative describes the Montauk weekend of 11 and 12 Maythat ends a book-signing tour of the narrator, the literary image of his Author Max Frisch, through the United States. The sun is still high above the horizon, but it is pleasant now, no longer so hot.

Then, all of a sudden, they once more do not know what to talk about. Your comments will be deleted at once without being read. A continous stream of consciousness on the trip with Lynn as well as a recollection of past events seen from After the divorce of Frisch’s second marriage in he met Locke-Carey again in May In line with Philip Roth he tells his “life as a man”, relates to the women with whom he was associated, and the failure of their relationship.

It is perhaps nice to know that he factually saw Lynn and Long Island during these days as recorded in the novel but that in itself does not necessarily make “Montauk” a more rewarding reading experience.

From his secrets Frisch has disclosed nothing. Not even an international film production of Homo Ftisch under the title Voyager starring Sam Shephard and Julie Delpie could trigger a sustained renaissance of his work. This can be a rather painful process of re-evaluation, notably when dreams remained unfulfilled and when entire chapters of the biography have never been properly closed.

To understand that the mistakes that we make are not just interpersonal, but a matter of style and substance. In New York, he meets a young woman in her thirties.