EcoRI restriction enzyme, 1. Restriction buffer, 1. Lambda DNA, uncut, 1. DNA size standard (HindIII lambda DNA digest), 1. Sample loading buffer, 5x, 1 ml, 1. Lambda DNA: Location of Sites. BglII. 0. . EcoRI. Nrul. o o. At ambient temperatures, in a solution containing purified Lambda-DNA these so- called ‘cos ends’ This is a BamHI-EcoRI restriction map of Lambda DNA.

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Phage Lambda DNA EcoRI digest ready-to-use

These markers are not intended for quantitative analysis. Subcloning Tools Bundle Five products to use for insert purification, dephosphorylation, ligation and plasmid purification; includes DNA markers. In that case, fcori can contact your Bio-Rad representative or use the Request Lambdw If you cannot find the Certificate of Analysis you are looking for, please Contact Us. A verification email has been sent to the primary email address associated with your account.


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The sequence of bacteriophage Lambda DNA. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Five products to use for insert purification, lamvda, ligation and plasmid purification; includes DNA markers.

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Phage Lambda DNA – GENEON

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