The New F V3 Does It All. And Looks Darn Good Doing It.” cf reinforcement of the tail section for anything other than depron as you may. F Depron 6mm By Paul K. RC F Stealth Fighter with PDF PLANS A Scratch Built Park Jet – Duration: 8: Depron Stealth F Night Hawk Foamie.

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This by far the best scratch build F i have seen?

Here are some Examples: The plane features a simple flat wing, box fuselage and slanted vertical stabilizers. Do I finish it or start on v2? Of course, if I go with the 6s I will definitely have to do some serious reinforcing on this plane. Now to use this formula you first need to convert your battery size from the common MilliAmpHours to AmpHours. Share This Page Tweet.

May glass the whole thing with silk span and polycrylic. RCPowersJun 10, It is a super agile plane and can turn on a dime, but at the same time has rock solid flight characteristics. Motor mount area is nice and sturdy.


F V3: The “Best Looking” |

FF Plan Design By: The small size and wing shape deprln make it apt to having torque roll at launch. I may go ahead and get a couple 6s packs though because I can also use them in the size heli that I plan to build soon.

Glouing and cutting comes tomorrow its to late for me. I don’t have any 30″x48″ depron so I rearranged the parts to fit on 2- 27″x39″ sheets. AdanShooter1Carluchi15 and v117 others like this. Anyway, updating those steps is on the list, don’t worry. Log In to reply. The plane features a flat shaped wing with a 3D shaped fuselage and angled vertical stabilizers.

Once speed is built up it flies nicely. You need to log-in to comment on articles. An easier option could be to split and rejoin the rudders so that the upper part out of the prop wash are turned inward nose up slightly.

RCPowers F-117 V2

The plane features a unique diamond shaped wing with a KFm2 Airfoil and 45 degree angled vertical stabilizers. I wanted to make a flag that looks like the bottom of the real F they used at Airshows. F v3 badly damaged. Hope to be able to cut tomorrow or Thursday Please use at your own discretion. It had d117 sweet hand-grip that doubled as super air intakes but the problem was you just couldn’t get the battery up far enough That way the amount of ‘decalage’ effect will not vary with power setting.


I think I will mount some light wheels, maybe I manage to take-off from the ground. Grayson Hobby Monster Jet.

F1wanabeNov 2, Free to download, just click on the link! That’s why they pay you the big deron Paul Petty May Description: You are a machine!

Blog – rcFoamFighters

You can kind of see it in depgon video shots if you look close too. RCPrairieFlyyerNov 2, JettaManDanJul 15, It is based on the above formula. Recommended for hobbyists with Basic to Advanced foamboard building skills.