EUCHARISTIAE SACRAMENTUM A decree of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, authorizing and explaining the reception of Holy Communion and. Saluberrimum Sacramentum Eucharistiae. On Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass. Pope Paul VI. January 10, To: Rev. Rollando Huot. Eucharistiae Sacramentum PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free. Eucharistiae-sacramentum-pdf.

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In processions in which the eucharist is carried through the streets solemnly with singing, the Christian people give public sacramentkm to faith and to their devotion toward this sacrament.

Eucharistiae Sacramentum

For exposition of the blessed sacrament in the monstrance, four to six candles are lighted, as at Mass, and incense is used. The Scramentum Prayer, then, is to be recited by the Priest alone in full.

Ordinarily there should be only one tabernacle in a church; this may be placed on an altar or if not on an altar, at the discretion of the local Ordinary, in some other noble and properly ornamented part of the church. Ignatius of Antioch, Ad Philad. Code of Canon Law, can. Mass is not to be celebrated without grave necessity on a dinner table [] nor in a dining room or banquet hall, nor in a room where food is present, nor in a place where the participants during the celebration itself are seated at tables.

Communion under Both Kinds [ In this way the local community may meditate on this mystery more deeply and adore. Specialists in theological, biblical, liturgical, pastoral, and humane studies should help in this research.

Promulgating the editio typica of rites for holy communion and worship of the eucharist outside Mass, 21 June For exposition of the blessed sacrament in the ciborium, at least two candles should be lighted and incense may be used. AAS 90 pp. If this modality is employed, however, hosts should be used which are neither too thin nor too small, and the communicant should receive the Sacrament from the Priest only on the tongue.

Ignatius of Antioch, Ad Smyrn. The principal reason for reserving the sacrament after Mass is to unite, through sacramental communion, the faithful unable to participate in the Mass, especially the sick and the aged, with Christ and the offering szcramentum his sacrifice. Dispositions for the Reception of Holy Communion [ AAS 72 pp. This presence of Christ under the appearance of bread and wine “is called real, not to exclude the other kinds of presence as though they were not real, but because it is real par excellence.


It pertains to the Pastors prudently and firmly to correct such an abuse. In the celebration of Mass the chief ways in which Christ is present sacrzmentum his Church emerge clearly one after the other.

It is for the conferences of bishops, in the preparation of particular rituals in accord with the Constitution on the Liturgy art.

Written for The Metal Observer. In order that especially in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy the Church might duly safeguard so great a mystery in our own time as well, the Supreme Pontiff has mandated that this Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, [8] in collaboration with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, should prepare this Instruction treating of certain matters pertaining to the discipline of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

AAS 57 p. The consecrated hosts are to be frequently renewed and reserved in a ciborium or other vessel, in a number sufficient for the communion of the sick and of others outside Mass. The Instruction Eucharisticum Mysteriumpublished 25 Mayhas set out the norms, “on the practical arrangement of the worship of this sacrament even after Mass and on its correlation with the proper arrangement of the Mass in conformity with the directives of Vatican Council II and other pertinent documents of the Apostolic See.

The Distribution of Holy Communion [] 3. It is strictly required, however, that such materials be truly noble in the common estimation within a given region, [] so that honour will be given to the Lord by their use, and all risk of diminishing the doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharistic species in the eyes of the faithful will be avoided.

They may be used at once in Latin; they may be used in the vernacular from the day set by the conferences of bishops for their territory, after the conferences have prepared a vernacular version and have obtained the confirmation of the Holy See. AAS 94 pp. Write your own review.

Eucharistiae Sacramentum – Emblazoned | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

The rite of Mass has already been revised. Anyone, therefore, who acts contrary to these norms, for example casting the sacred species into the sacrarium or in an unworthy place or on the ground, incurs the penalties laid down. AAS 94 p. The Communion of Priests [] 4. It is highly recommended that the place be suitable also for private adoration and prayer so that the faithful may readily and fruitfully continue to honor the Lord, present in the sacrament, through personal worship. Never to be used for containing the Blood of the Lord are flagons, bowls, or other vessels that are not fully in accord with the established norms.


They should strive to lead their whole lives in the strength sacramentu, this heavenly food, as sharers in the death and resurrection of the Lord. Offering their entire lives with Christ to the Father in the Holy Spirit, they derive from this sublime colloquy an increase of faith, hope, and charity. Sunday celebrations of this specific kind, however, are to be considered altogether extraordinary.

In order to preserve the dignity of the Sacred Liturgy, in any event, the external eucharistiar should be brought forward in an appropriate manner.

It is therefore an abuse to proffer it in such a way that some parts of the Eucharistic Prayer are recited by a Deacon, a lay minister, or by an individual member of the faithful, or by all members of the faithful together. Consilium for Implementing the Constitution on the Liturgy, Dubium: Genuflection in the presence of the blessed sacrament, whether reserved in the tabernacle or exposed for public adoration, is on one knee.

The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion [] 2. On certain matters to be observed or to be avoided regarding the Most Holy Eucharist. If exposition of the blessed sacrament goes on for a day or for several successive days, it should be interrupted during the celebration of Mass, unless it is celebrated in a chapel separate from the area of exposition and at least some of the faithful remain in adoration.

It should be borne in mind that the experts are to be chosen from among those whose soundness in the Catholic faith and knowledge of theological and cultural matters are evident. Missale Romanum, Ordo Missae, n.