View and Download DUALphone user manual online. DUALphone User Guide. Telephone pdf manual download. Dualphone User Manual – Read more about dualphone, manual and voip- Gigaset AH Udser Manual (pdf) – VoIP Talk ยท RTX Dualphone – All-in-One Cordless Skype and Landline Phone – No PC Required Manual and automatic sign-in to Skype account.

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Skype also offers additional subscription features, including: Skype credit Your current Skype credit balance. Select the latest software version and confirm to update. Search for Skype users. When it has been sent, a confirmation message is displayed. Available for calls from anyone. You cannot use spaces and your name cannot begin with a number or punctuation mark. Dial a landline number.

Skype Page 14 – Skype.

DUALphone 3088 User Manual

Support Information – Section 3 N Please. Phone Settings Phone settings tones You. Bottom Line For Skype users, this is one of the best handsets available.

Page 77 probLem i experience a bad sound quality during Skype calls. For more details on available collection facilities, please contact your local government office or the retailer from whom you purchased this product. Change The Ring Tone You.


Initiates or answers a call. Adjust the keypad tones You. How The Manual Is Organized 1. There is no reset button on the base station? If I put it into the craddle the red light of the cradle shows the phone is correctly connected but it is completely dead even with fresh batteries. History Your calls, missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails and exchange contact details.

DUALphone User manual |

All of these features are supported by your new Manula and are available at www. For Skype users, this is one of the best handsets available. Please be patient as synchronization of Skype contacts might take several minutes. Sign in to Skype When.

When you are in text editor, changes to lower-case, upper-case or numeric entry.

View Call History view call history You. You are asked to confirm the password by entering it again. Use to read the entire text and then press to accept. Passwords can be characters. Sign in to Skype. Enter text from picture: First Time Start-up First time start-up You.


When you add a name to your list, an exchange ddualphone details request is sent to the user. SkypeOut Allows you to make calls to ordinary landline and mobile phones. Notifications Displays notification icons.

Selects the current menu item or confirms a setting, depending on the current screen. Start a new call during a call This. Exchange contact details request. Divert all calls You.

RTX DUALPhone 3088

If the name is already in use, you will be prompted to try another name. Dial a landline number To. Select by pressing or go back by pressing. You will need to add dualpuone to your list.

Press to call the number. Normally, you need to be within 50 m of the base station to connect successfully. Both the base manuall and the charging cradle are black boxes, each with a red LED indicating connection to AC power.

If you experience any difficulties, please consult our support centre at www. Set the preferred line You.