The GEA turbulence with draft tube and baffle crystallizer is the typical modern type of crystallizer in the industry. This is a typical model of mixing tank crystallizer. Draft tube is mounted inside, allowing crystals which are growing to be sent efficiently to the evaporation. In a continuous crystallization process employing an evaporative draft tube baffle (DTB) crystallizer apparatus to produce crystal product, the improvement which.

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The publication also teaches wet screening of the slurry withdrawn, and return of fine crystals with mother liquor to the crystallizer. Patent 4, teaches a dynamic control method and apparatus for obtaining a uniform particle size. Many useful products are produced by crystallization from aqueous solution.

DTB Crystallizer | Draft Tube-baffle Crystallizer Supplier

The GEA turbulence with draft tube and baffle crystallizer is the typical modern type of crystallizer in the industry. A Clearer View of Crystallizers. Since the withdrawal rate varies, it is inferred that the addition rate of these fine crystals is not constant. Usage Examples Forced-circulation crystallizers are commonly used to produce salts and chemicals in industry.

After this has been done, the heated or diluted brine is returned to the crystallizer. ES Kind code of ref document: This vacuum makes it possible to generate a supersaturated solution when very low operating temperatures are needed.

We specialize in designing and installing innovative systems to convert liquid solutions into dry solids using evaporation, crystallization and drying.

Crystal slurry is removed via line 17 by the suction of pump 18 and ‘ discharged to a thickener 19 by line 17a. Effectively, this method does not eliminate cycling; but reacts to it to increase total production of large crystals. The vacuum crystallizer shown below is used to produce Glauber’s Salt at a mineral plant. IT Free format text: Forced-circulation crystallization is the most widely used crystallization method in industry.

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Swenson Technology is a global leader in the design and supply of chemical process equipment for separation. The solute of this supersaturated solution then cools, forming crystals. The wet crystals are discharged via line 21 to a dryer not shownthen screened to the appropriate product size.


The destruction of the small particles is achieved either by heating baftle by diluting the brine containing these particles. Lighter particles are picked up by the air stream, while heavier ones remain in place.

The process of claim 6 wherein the suspension of crystals is fed in step g to the body of slurry at a point at or adjacent to the liquid level in the DTB crystallizer vessel.

BE Free format text: Sufficient seed surface is maintained at the boiling surface to minimize harmful salt deposits on the equipment surfaces. This is achieved by a separation of the crystals from the liquid mass, in order to manage the two flows in a different way. The DTB crystallizer is used when a larger particle size is desired. Parts Center Parts SwensonTechnology. The drawing shows the suspension enters the crystallization apparatus via line 27 to line 22A, the thickener overflow line, which enters the crystallization vessel 1 close to the liquid level This is so that the large crystals settle and return to the main circulation, while only the fines ones, below a given grain size, are extracted and eventually destroyed by increasing or decreasing temperature, thus creating additional super-saturation.

Contact How can we help you? Crystallizers such as these are the most useful for operations in which the solution’s boiling point is extremely high, or when such low temperatures are required that evaporation by vacuum is not possible.

Forced-circulation crystallizers are baflfe used to produce salts and chemicals in industry. Inside the pipe, large scrapers wipe the solid dragt from the wall to prevent build up. Vacuum crystallizers use a condenser with a booster to maintain a vacuum inside the crystallizer body. Method of employing elemental zinc for the purification of aqueous solutions of metallic salts. This type of crystallizer is used primarily in the production of a variety of large-size crystalline materials such as ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride and diammonium phosphate for the fertilizer industry.


Method of production of metallic granules, products obtained and a device for the application of the said method. A scraped surface crystallizer consists of a jacketed pipe in which a cooling medium between the pipe wall and the jacket remove heat from the slurry, causing crystallization. The mother liquor is returned to the suction of the propeller circulator after the fines have been destroyed by heating or mixing with dilute feed or water, depending on the flowsheet.

Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering. It should be understood that the suspension could enter the vessel directly at some other point close to the liquid level 14 or close to the bottom inlet to the draft tube 7 via appropriate piping.

Draft Tube Baffle (DTB) Crystallizer – Swenson Technology

Vaporization occurs at the top surface of the slurry, while nucleation occurs near the bottom of the crystallizer body. ES Ref legal event code: This crystallizer has been named so because it provides for two discharge streams, one of slurry that contains the product crystals, and another, that is mother liquor saturated solvent with a small amount of fines.

Swenson Recognized with Export Leadership Award. The fine crystals are defined as those below 20 mesh 0. This method consists of adding at constant rate to the crystallizer vessel a suspension of crystals in essentially saturated solution from some external source designated 25 on Figure 1.

Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook. Description of Related Art. Scraped surface crystallizers such as the one shown below are used as low energy, low cost means of crystallization for small scale operations.