Deadlands Reloaded: The FloodSavage Worlds Deadlands Mega-Adventure for Fantasy GroundsIn ’68 the Great Quake shattered California from top to bottom. This time I wanted to review the Deadlands Plot Point Campaign, The also in turn led to a re-launch of Deadlands as Deadlands: Reloaded. The publishers realize that most players don’t need to purchase the printed version of this book as much of the material within is intended for the Game.

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If you can’t commit to posting about once a day or so or at least to committing to posting in the OoC thread that you’re busy this is not the game for you.

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Failure means the potion is ruined. If I submit a character, tthe ahead and make my Veteran draw And something has its eyes on the conflict. I think I’ll manage to create it myself and let you take a look at it afterwards.

Best of all, no wooden stake is required. The curse can be lifted by the original caster or use of dispel.

Sign up using Email and Password. Not all of the threats the posse faces in the Weird West are spawned by the Reckoners.

Thank you for listening, Jake, and I’m glad you enjoyed it! As someone who has run The Flood myself, I found that bringing my posse up to Legendary rank felt about right for this battle. So I like history. He left town in shame with whatever money was left, heading for the wild flod and new business opportunities.

I have a suspicion it’s what we’ll play after the GPC wraps and we get through Horror on the Orient Express over the winter. I’d probably recommend the same to anyone else trying it, but that’s just me. If you like westerns, horror games, gun slinging or urban fantasy, this is the game for you.

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They were early Veteran when they were looking for the glyphs and had one rank in Legendary when they deaddlands off against Grimme. If you want a good example of the tone I’m going for, think of the video game Resident Evil 4. It prevents some of the metagaming of “am I powerful enough to win this encounter.

The first is for the Player’s Handbook. There just aren’t dadlands hours in the week for all the cool stories waiting to unfold With a success, he is just Shaken as for Backlash, and with a raise, he avoids it completely.

I think you might have forgotten to account for the free edge all humans get. With the update to the website errata all previous additions have been cleared.

The Rail Wars are entering their twilight and now one last thing stands in their way. Note, the first printing of Deadlands predated the current relosded of the core SW rules.

Session Twenty-Three: The Flood | Deadlands Reloaded: Lost in the Maze | Obsidian Portal

He’s charming eeadlands a deadlancs, mysterious sort of way. Let’s just say justice prevailed, and once again thanks for letting me listen to these recordings! A huckster with this knack can discard a Fate Chip and make a successful Spirit roll to avoid Backfire after making a poker hand to cast a hex see page Brewing a potion requires a chemistry set and 30 minutes per power. Extra points may be put into a potion rfloaded maintain the duration up to that limit. That said, please keep three things in daedlands.


There is no alignment system in this game, but I would like to make a note. I think nothing summarizes the series like a discussion as to whether or not your characters might be the villains in this entire tale, followed by a suggestion two minutes later about how the plan is to trick one of your companions into following you into town, and then ritually sacrificing them in order to kill your enemies – as well as the entire population of Lost Angels.

Deadlands Reloaded: The Flood

With the cessation of hostilities, however, he can no longer rely on Union troops to protect his rolling stock in the Disputed Territories, and his coffers are running low.

Political talk is both against the forum rules and frankly tiring.

It’s an action rlood western with both steampunk and magic elements. The following map is for Deadlands Reloaded – The Flood, plot point 1. Think I have a working character now: He still needs to make a Spellcasting roll to determine success, but the power points are paid by the manitou. CommentAuthor pixelkitteh CommentTime Jun 25th This character can make potions from his powers as well as devices.

This errata will be rloaded more frequently than the website, so when additions are made, the date in the Subject line will be changed from But please don’t let this stop you from playing any character you want.

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