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Results of data analysed show that there is a positive change in the students answers before and after the project, especially in the areas of self esteem, sense of direction and information at fingertip. Ecology A lesson about the small things that can matter very much in order to live in a cleaner, less consuming, less poluting community. GROW aims to be the number-one national education program addressing high school students as it is unique among any other program: Communication abilities How to communicate politely and make yourself understood, how to bring arguments in order to make a point, how to surpass shyness and emotions.

Self-knowledge Participants will try to discover their strenghts and weaknesses and will make a plan to straighten their weaknesses. Jrgen Sarmet, Estonia, TrainerIn these times when human value loses serious points in the battle with day to day life, its wonderful to find determined young people willing to create beautiful things and to add value to their time.

The program offers high school students a professionally designed educational curriculum that complements the formal education system. GROW helped me rediscover myself and have more confidence in myself. Nobody said that is not adequateIn the qualitative feedback most of the trainers say that is indeed a delicate topic to discuss about and should not be removed even though sometimes is not as much fun as for example the debates about fast food versus healthy eating.

The participants, along with the international trainers, presented their assigned culture in many creative ways. If at first I was shy and nervous about speaking in public, now Im proud of me.

I think their communication skills and the openness. Theyve had the chance to grow and Ive had the chance to grow once again with them. Overall the teenagers know mateamtica better. The project involved more than high schools, participants and 27 international trainers. Through the GROW program they can follow a complementary four-year educational cycle.


I do think the GROW project was a milestone for the majority of my students. I learn from my mistakes and experiences. The courses took place around the entire country and included trainings like presentation skills, public speaking, personal awareness, personal effectiveness, project management skills, Romanian values.

A student of mine gave me a letter, and I want to share this with you: Closing session and ceremony The participants will nationalx come out in front and will say what they have learnt from the 10 sessions they attended.

All of them improved somehow in different things but at least at the end of the project they were able to talk in public and to see things from different points of view more than the one that they had before.

Train the Trainers is also a motivational conference gathering altogether a f a large number of international people, combined with the idea of being a vulegere of a movement which leads to the creation and deepening of common directions and values, shared by all the people involved in the GROW project.

I know already which studies I want to choose. Thank you for giving me and my life a new sense, a new purpose Maybe this seems not that important, but for me Grow unfold new ways for them to think and to act more aware and responsible.

I think this question is something really subjective, but I want to share something with you. I had the chance to observe the next generation and I can truly say I gained hope for the future. All the projects details are defined for a smooth implementation. At improvement suggestions, most of the trainers suggested that the session would be more dynamic and the working groups should be advised from the manual to be smaller this of course is not precise because some groups had 15 people while others had If asked to describe myself in one sentence, I would not have any difficulties.

P how to properly use the pocket money I didnt like talking matemagica pocket money In this session, the participants will learn what are these advantages e. Both of the Forms contained the same questions divided in 5 groups.

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Theoretically I learned how to manage my pocket money but also I knew that before GROW, when you dont have so much money you learn by yourself how to manage them because money doesnt grow in trees. I have never imagined the impact GROW will have on me, that it would strengthen my vision and my values through the unique moments spent with the team, challenges that came up throughout time and the incredible people I had the chance to meet. The teenagers know more about their future plans.

What impact do you think GROW had on your students e. Go and make a difference, go and GROW the future for them and for yourself. They had the opportunity to mix internationalism, cultural sensitivity, creativity and team work while having fun and practicing some of the skills gained during the project.

Train the Trainers and Train the Coordinators conferences took place in Predeal between 27th of February and 2nd of March and gathered together over 70 participants.

Evaluare GROW 0.9 primavara 2012

There, the vision of the project is both discussed and shared. I cant say mateatica it GROW actually changed my whole perspective of the world, but that made me realize who I really am and, furthermore, who I want to be.

What are 3 most important things for you which you have learned in thelast 5 sessions of GROW?

This discrimination can make them turn shy, timorous, complexed and prevents them from learning and becoming valuable people for the community. In this session students go through a group exercise in which preconceived ideas are dismantled.

The teenagers are more informed.

According to their feedback, the teenagers are strongly interested in acquiring practical skills which are at the core of the activities during the sessions.