It is CSI’s recommended organization of information within an individual specification section. The consistency introduced by following SectionFormat promotes. About CSI: The Construction Specifications Institute is a professional association MasterFormat,™ SectionFormat™, PageFormat™, UniFormat™, National. Enter CSC/CSI SectionFormat. SectionFormat subscribes to the theory all requirements found in a specification can be organized into one of.

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A paragraph may be text without a heading, a heading followed by colon and text, or a heading followed by a colon without text. Additions relating to sustainability requirements. Define the tests performed in the field or at the site sectionformwt verifying quality assurance for materials, systems, or assemblies.

List products and work included in the section that is covered by quantity allowances or cash amounts. Dalrymple, PE A fter being retained to review the merits of several major disputes involving the scope of warranties in renovation and More information.

The only mandatory information is the section title, section number, and page number. Visual emphasis may be achieved by the recommended capitalization, spacing, and punctuation.

The Article titles are provided in a logical hierarchy of detail. Describe factory, shop, and field primer materials unless specified in other sections.

If the terms are not fully defined in the Standard Contracts, include definitions in “Supplementary Conditions. Include statements specific to this Section that supplement or extend warranties contained in the Contracting Requirements. House mechanical equipment in C.

Any section that only specifies performance or design criteria not related to a product should include those criteria in Part 1. Conditions may include factors such as temperature, humidity, lighting, conditions sectionformwt completion of related work or substrates, atmospheric pressure, gravity, or functional state of particular facility services.

SectionFormat/PageFormat – Construction Specifications Institute

State special measures needed to minimize waste, collect recyclable waste, and dispose of or recycle field-generated construction waste created during demolition, construction, or final cleaning. To further improve navigation, Article titles may be in bold font. Manufacturer’s recommendations for installation of penetrating sealer on stone flooring. State requirements for demonstrating, instructing, and training Owner on sequence of operations, general facility operation, and facility maintenance procedures.


Identify the approvals required here, but if the actual requirements are to be specified, include them in other appropriate locations in the section. This Article is provided to align with section titles included in MasterFormat. The recommended indentation dimensions for Articles and subordinate designations is mm inchor if using a fixed width font, spaces. Coordinate terminology with contract requirements. Whenever indentation distance is reduced, avoid reducing the readability further by maintaining the recommended hanging indent, as follows: Describe submittals intended to document manufacturer installation, storage, and other instructions without repeating requirements that are specified elsewhere and without suggesting any control of the means, methods, or techniques of the Contractor.

Albert Barton 1 years ago Views: Describe special or unusual provisions required of the Manufacturers’ Warranty to be provided, such as special inclusions, exclusions, or other considerations.

SectionFormat/ PageFormat. The Recommended Format for Construction Specifications Sections

Modifications of commentary explaining use of titles to increase precision, eliminate conflicts, and better clarify each Article. A schedule formats information into rows and columns to more easily present design information.

Prepared by a qualified preconstruction testing agency for each mock-up test. SectionFormat and PageFormat provide the structure for consistent formatting. Part 1 — General was reorganized to follow Division 01 — General Requirements.

BSD – CSI’s 3 Part Section Format

See PageFormat for more information. Updates to PageFormat focused on making documents easier to read without limiting specific technology or processing methods. Vinyl composition floor tile materials that match products installed and that are packaged with protective covering for storage C. The page number is either not used or if the technology is capable displayed using the recommended format. State requirements for protecting the surrounding areas and surfaces already in place before continuing with work.

When omitting otherwise recommended blank lines, consider whether the readability can be improved by other devices such as bold font or color highlighting. Optional full justification may be used, but is more readable when used in conjunction with a proportionally spaced font and hyphenation. An option was provided to specify submittals as a single article or as Action Submittals and Informational Submittals.


Product or placement schedules and lists. Recommend avoiding the term “environmental” in this context to prevent confusion with requirements of sustainable design provisions.

If ccsi one primary product or assembly is specified in the section, the Article title may be omitted and any of the subordinate titles used as a primary Article.

SectionFormat and PageFormat 2008

Skip to main content Press Enter. Include requirements for field testing for quality assurance. Snapshot of Footer Zone: Group members were divided about xsi preferences for using alternating headers and footers on printed and electronic specifications and the medium for published specs.

State requirements for verifying suitability of preexisting conditions to accept new work. Part 1 expands on subjects covered in Division 01, adding information unique to the section.

Skip main navigation Press Enter. Each Article should supplement and expand upon the applicable Division 01 Sections and the Conditions of the Contract.

The degree to which information is subdivided depends on the complexity and extent of the section, the nature of the subject being described, and the preferences of the specifier. The group meets the first Thursday of each month from 3: SectionFormat sets the order and hierarchy of the text within the specification section. Mix design or proportioning may be included here or as a characteristic of the product above, under “Description.

Use, application, and meaning of these terms varies regionally and between the various Standard Contracts. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.