Coptic Psalmody (English) 2nd Hose Lopsh Sunday Psali for the Virgin -English -St. Anthony Coptic Monastery, California-. Book of Agpeya in Coptic, English and Arabic (Updated 10/10/) – الأجبية ( قبطي Psalmody of Kiahk Sundays in Coptic, Arabic and English (Updated. The Holy Psalmody of the morning, evening, and midnight praises according to the rite of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Languages: English, Arabic, Coptic.

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Who is like You, glorified in His saints, amazing in glory, performing wonders? The three youths professed their love for God, and refused to worship the golden image. Even though we are sometimes presented with the presence of a barren land, having very little fruit to harvest, our Lord pulls us through it so that we may confess as the righteous Job did saying.

Augustine when he writes. All in heaven is calm and peaceful; there is ever joy, no death, no sickness, no vexation; there the blessed praise God forever; but we are still below: Christ prepares us as we travel through this life.

The lampstand carries the light, therefore St. Mary is the Mercy Seat. Mary is her great humility. Secondly, in his humility, Moses used the intercession of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Patriarchs of Israel, to plead to God on his behalf. For as one who comes into the presence of a king assumes a certain attitude, both of posture and expression, lest speaking differently he be thrown out as boorish, so also the one who is running the race of virtue and wishes to know the life of the Savior in the body, the sacred book first calls to mind the emotions of the soul through the reading, and in this way represents the other things in succession, and teaches the readers by those words St.

The people also sang this hymn when the foundation of the Church was laid. This psalm is a beautiful psalm, sung during the most sacred moments of the Church. You cannot have one without the other. The third and final part of Psalm deals with the praise of the Church in which heaven and the earth are connected, through His grace.


The bread which came from heaven is not some incorporeal thing.

In his anger, Nebuchadnezzar commanded the fire to be hotter, in order to destroy the youths. Mary, but we are also taught the meaning of prayer by her as well. What a great contrast to our original state, in which we were once slaves to a wicked ruler, who treated us like animals, to spalmody standing with the saints in the presence of the great King. What faith is able to profess the love of God like the Christians can?

It takes us on a spiritual journey of meditation to uncover the meaning, beauty and the spirituality behind each part of the Sunday Psalmody. Copti alludes to this when he said. Englizh is His name? Hippolytus who lived around A. We are then brought to the point of persecution in the Third Canticle. Water, fire, and rich fulfillment. Throughout the parts of the Psalmody we are able to understand the role of the Holy Trinity, and we are taught how God is Three-in-One and One-in-Three as well as many other topics.

Humility is linked with love, for how can you humble yourself before your enemy or God if you do not love them? Mary in order to come, but He chose her and she humbly accepted the will of God.

This aroma, which will be described later on in the hymn Aven Piarshi-erevsis the aroma that the Father smelled during the sacrifice of the Coptuc on the Holy wood of the Cross. Gregory puts the spirituality of this verse in picture. I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.

The Spirituality of the Holy Psalmody

The second part of the first verse of the Psali is even more important than the first part. The saints would have not endured unless He had died and rose on our behalf. But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. Jesus described the devil as the ruler of this world.

Talk no more so very proudly; Let no arrogance come from your mouth, For the Lord is the God of knowledge; And by Him actions are weighed. And in the end, He died and was buried in a grave that he may raise us up from the death of our sins and grant us an everlasting life.


In the beginning of this psalm, we profess the beauty of the creation of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ instructed us on how to receive Him through the parable of eglish ten virgins. The Lord has purified us pslamody our journey, so that we will learn to love it, and strive for it. One may speak, the other may teach, one may clean or the other prays. One example of this is the heresy of Arius, who was defeated by the Holy Spirit working through the 20th Patriarch of Alexandria, St.

Psalmody Book w/Coptic Presentations Translation – Community

And in it the three youths ask all the creation to join with them in the praise of God and the blessing of His Mightiness. This psalm can be divided into three sections. Even the beasts and cattle were affected as with all the creation that did not have minds or souls.

It has released those enslaved by sin. Make one cherub at one end, and the other cherub at the other end; you shall make the cherubim at the two ends of it of one piece with the mercy seat. There are two meanings behind this. These three young men, in the midst of fire, persecution, and oppression, bound by their hands and feet, fell down.

When Our Lord Jesus Christ became incarnate, and took our form, and redeemed us on the wood of the Cross, He restored man to his original rank who was created in His image and likeness.

For by strength no man shall prevail. We already showed that ten represents the number of perfection, while if we look at fifteen we will notice a wonderful point. We can see this because when we pray asking God to hear us in the accepted time, we are asking that His Will be done.