pollution problem, a straddle-type monorail has been introduced. As the first urban monorail introduced in China, the Chongqing monorail was opened to the . Elevated subways or monorail lines snaking through urban jungles in modern cities have become the norm. But how about trains that penetrate. July 31st, at Liziba in Yuzhong District of Chongqing, the Line 2 monorail passes through a building. Many netizens complain about/make.

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Chongqing opens monorail and metro lines

The train reportedly makes very little noise as it passes through the block of flats. Chongqing Rail Transit in Chinese. Dongwuyuan – Xinshancun 30 Dec The value of the properties has actually risen as a result of the overhaul because transport links in the area are now much better, authorities claim.

Chongqing Monorail will probably be the largest monorail for a long time.

The navigation board at the escalator of University Town Station. Chongqing’s first full subway runs from Chaotianmen passenger port at the east end of the central district to Shapingba in the west.


InLine 2 served 45 million passengers. Then in December ofLine 3’s extension to Jiangbei Airport opened.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Archived from the original on 29 October Jiaochangkou – Shapingba 27 Sept The navigation board at the platform of Tongjiayuanzi Station. Retrieved 30 December It runs mostly elevated, but a 2. The Regular Card can be purchased at any CRT station, and a deposit can be recovered when the card is returned with its receipt.

Monorail through building in China: Photos reveal ingenious solution

Mmonorail here to read full report PDF! Retrieved 9 August Line 2, a monorail line, runs Map of Chongqing Rail Transit. Chongqing Daily in Chinese. In addition, many older interchange channels between lines are not designed with accessibility in mind, which means the disabled there must transfer by the main concourse.

Chongqing Metro at Wikipedia. Chongqing Metro Official website.

Urban rail transit in China. An app, Heikuai Chinese: This stretch, on the southern bank of the Jialing, offers impressive views to the north and west. Inthe line was extended south to Yudong, where it connects to monorail line 3. The first phase Liyuchi to Wangjiazhuang opened in 28 Decemberand the second phase will connect Yuzhong and Nan’an District by crossing the Jialing and the Yangtze Rivers.


The line started to equip eight-car trains inwhich are now in operation. Line 5, Chongqing Rail Transit. Retrieved 28 December The Nationalist government made a plan of high-speed tram system.

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai. Shijie Web in Chinese.

Chongqing Rail Transit

Although the platform and entrance area of this station are not particularly interesting, the notion that you are stood on the 6th floor of a tall apartment block is, and again the views across the river to the north are mightily impressive. Jiaochangkou – Xiaoshizi 21 Dec Each train took passengers. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation provided some of the funding.