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She can then get a National ID card at a French consulate, then a French passport she can actually apply for this one at the same time, since it requires about the same paperwork.

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Someone at the town hall told her that since she did not start the procedure to get a new passport, the old one should still be valid. Selected airlines can submit the document details through I-Checkit for screening. If you live abroad: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Unfortunately, French government don’t take the fingerprints of children. The official government website service-public.

Submit a new text post. The consulate won’t give a shit: Privacy policy About Wikiprocedure Disclaimers. Groupes reddit france sur Steam: The only people who could have identified her are her parents and they’ve passed away years ago.

France – Replace Your National Identity Card In Case of Loss (Adult)

If the consulate ever asks cerfs why she isn’t registered in the list optional for French residents abroad or how she hasn’t got a passport while living in the US, she just needs to say she is ALSO a US citizen.

Any declaration of loss or theft renders the ID definitively invalid.

The only thing she therefore needs to do is to ask a birth certificate a full one. If you have provided your mobile number on the form, you will receive notification via SMS informing you that you may now collect the new identity card. She seems to be concerned about having to answer for the things she did to keep her identity going so she may have to spend time in Jail.


For example, if she was born in Lyon: If 1011 went to the city where she was born and asked for her birth certificate, how can she prove it’s hers?

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat A declaration of loss is needed in order to apply for a replacement card. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise noted.

Honestly she needs to search if she has distant cousins or family, or whatever she can find from her dead parents to find proof of identity before she can do anything to reclaim citizenship. I think the return flight would be at our expense. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Good luck to her and keep us up-to-date!

Guadeloupe – Replace National Identity Card (Minor)

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Should I be worried about the travel and will French or English immigration or one of the airline refuse cerva let us pass? Also, a 4 months-old declaration of loss will probably not be useful at all. Declaration of loss of identity card or passport.

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Further info is asked if she does this online most city halls do that nowlike the full name of the cerfx, of the mother ie in order to identify she is who says she is. She will then receive her “copie integrale de l’acte de naissance” which prove that Miss X, was born there from this father and ceraf mother. Except cerf the birth certificate will be hard to obtain if she has no way to prove it’s her. This act is needed when one makes a passport and for countless other procedures.

If they have access to the information, you 1401 be in trouble. The worst case scenario would be if the French police let us pass and EasyJet take us to the UK but the UK border officials send us back. I wont insult you by posting a question run through a translation page and assume it would come through coherently.


Guadeloupe – Replace National Identity Card (Minor)

Would to be acceptable to say “I’m this person, can I have my birth certificate,” or would cerda require more proof? Possesion of a national identity card is not mandatory in France, but you may need to present this document in certain situations like travelling abroad or conducting banking transactions. Once she has this, she makes an appointment at the French consulate responsible for where she lives which can be far depending where she lives in the USand say that she doesn’t have her papers any longer and she wants a French passport and national ID card if she wants.

The amount of time it needs to process an application varies depending on the place and time the request was made, for example, applications submitted before the start of summer vacation may take longer to be completed compare to those submitted after. Identity cards are not made at the same office cetfa you applied therefore it can not be issued immediately.

In France there is a procedure for that, but it won’t probably be applicable oustide of France. Since she’s in the US, I suspect the consulate will stamp it ie makes it official. If you use such an ID cerva they find out, not only will the ID be invalid, but you might get into quite some trouble to prove that you are the person represented in that ID, and not someone who stole it.