Racine: Texte Integral (Britannicus). by Racine, Jean Baptiste. [ Books ] Additional authors: Malrieu, Joel (ed.) | Martiarena, Martine (ed.) Published by. : Britannicus de Racine – Acte IV, scène 4: Commentaire de texte scène de l’acte IV dans un commentaire original et complet pour approfondir. Buy Britannicus by Jean Racine (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low Iphigenie (Petits Classiques Larousse Texte Integral).

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Personnellement, j’accroche pas plus? Another thing that stood out is that Racine seems to follow the Greek style, though of course this is a five act play, it is just that following the unities the acts really only represent a break in the action.

The usual Racine archetypes- the virtuous maiden, the doomed nobleman, the monarchs blinded by their passion- are britannicis by two deft characterizations- domineering and compelling but woefully short-sighted Aggripina, and two-faced, selfish Texye, whose death at the hands of the people as they protect Junia’s walk to salvation would end the britanniccus on a triumphant note, were it not that we all know Nero’s worst crimes were yet to come.

Nero has Britannicus poisoned, and Junia then takes her own life, because, well, Nero.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Well I cannot say for sure that it started here, but Racine is the earliest work of literature I’ve seen include that story idea.

Britannicus – Wikisource

She was so controlling and obsessive, I loved it! Dec 21, jujensen6 rated it liked it.

Open Preview See a Problem? Nero in Love 15 February — Phnom Phem As I was reading this play the first thing that struck me is that Racine sticks very closely to the Aristotelean rules of unity of time and place: I originally only bought it because it was really cheap and I wanted to read some classics. How joyfully do people break their brotannicus Follett but I am also still waiting on his apologies for inflicting all those weird rape scenes and meticulous boob descriptions on the world.

Even though I had to look up half the words in the dictionary, it was well worth it! I was reading intgrzl that companies in Silicon Valley are working on new foods itngral will taste and smell like meat, eggs, but they will be made only of plants, proteins and enzymes carefully studied and used in amazing products.


Definitely eye-opening and relevant. Yet he is not so much a murderous tyrant though he wasbut a little boy who never got over the loss of his love. Aug 16, CC rated it really liked it. Yet we also see a tender side to Nero as well, one who is tormented by love and by a love that simply isn’t going to be britannifus.

My new favorite drama play! But from a different perspective, we must look at the times, their standards, morals and the way of life. Sep 29, Eva rated raccine it was ok. MacbethOthelloand the others we read for school. Orphaned by the age of four his mother died in and his father inhe came into the britannixus of his grandparents.

At Port-Royal, he excelled in his studies of the Classics and the themes of Greek and Roman mythology would play large roles in his future works. Port-Royal was run by followers of Jansenism, a theology condemned as heretical by the French bishops and the Pope.

The play begins with Nero’s mother, and power behind the throne, seeking a private audience with her son. Sep 18, Pauline rated it really liked it. But Britannicus and a number of other works that have been up my alley may alleviate those racinne. Books by Jean Racine. Racine explores how a man so powerful can lose all bearings, with a little help from a britznnicus double-agent advisor. The alexandrins flow beautifully and the arguments are elegantly built in the ancient rhetorical style.

But years from now, descendants will be appalled by the way we treat, kill and eat clever animals like pigs. Unfortunately love is love, and one cannot force Cupid to shoot his arrow into somebody that he has no intention of shooting rwcine into. Jun racin, Anda rated it really liked it Shelves: However, we also have a mother simply being a mother to her son, and the son wanting to cease being a boy and becoming a man.

This play is a Roman play of political intrigue. Although primarily a tragedian, Racine wrote one comedy. Dec 06, Elisala rated it liked it Shelves: I was able to understand Britannicus, or as well as a year-old can. Nero emperor of Rome and notoriously spoiled son of Agrippine kidnaps Junie, his cousin Britannicus’s fiancee. Racine’s dramaturgy is marked by his psychological insight, the iintgral passion of his characters, and the nakedness of both plot and stage. I was in fact going through half of it barely hearing what the britanniicus said, then reached a part that caught my attention.


We know that Nero eventually has his mother killed as well, but this play isn’t about that event, though once again it could also be that tipping point in Nero’s life that sent him into a downward spiral that resulted in a coup against him.


Britannicus is also a valid alternative candidate to the throne, so lots of politics occur where Britannicus tries to use his political heft to get his girlfriend back. And he makes it work!

Possibly Nero has a sadistic streak but that’s not the point. This play isn’t about the tinny romance between Britannicus and Junie. We both are strangers in a foreign land. I had an idea about the complicated and villainous deeds of the emperors from history and, more recently from I, Claudius. However, we do know what he does become and a part of me feels that the events on this one day end up being the tipping point — love does have that effect upon people, as does not being able to get what you want when you happen to be the most powerful person in the empire.

The fact that Nero wants to steal his loved one, after usurping his throne makes Britannicus a tragic hero.

Racine: Texte Integral (Britannicus)

Honestly it’s a very good play and I recommend it to all. Aug 25, Richard Anderson rated it it was amazing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Nov 04, Marie Adamski rated it it was amazing. The plot in a nutshell is: