Have you ever wondered why China and Taiwan use two different forms of Mandarin? What is the difference between Pinyin and Zhuyin?. Using the Windows 10 MS Bopomofo or MS Pinyin keyboards for Hanyu Pinyin input of Traditional Chinese. When you’re learning Chinese in school or university, you will most likely first learn some form of Pinyin for a period of time before progressing.

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In bopomofo, the lack of a marker is used to indicate the first tone while a dot above indicates the fifth tone also known as the neutral tone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Zhuyin vs Pinyin Since returning from China a short period spent in Taiwan I spent over two years on and off between work etc. University of Hawaii Press, Understanding Pinyin and Zhuyin. It is also used to transcribe other varieties of Chineseparticularly other varieties of Standard Chinese and related Mandarin dialectsas well as Taiwanese Hokkien. This article contains ruby annotation. You can click here to to jump to the instructions for the desktop language bar to avoid scrolling through the instructions for the new settings panels.

Windows 10 Chinese Pinyin Setup: To alleviate the problem by introducing another script is just silly. Here’s how to set it up. Chinese Computing Help Desk. Following that, there was a big push toward simplifying the Chinese language. Z in Pinyin is totally different than the z in English. It will not let me use the “split keys” keyboard, because that is only for devices with a touch screen. In the Settings panel for Microsoft Bopomofo, find the “Keyboard Layout” section, and click on the menu below “Choose your preferred keyboard layout”: Jian’ou dialect Kienning Colloquial Romanised.


Ultimately, the choice of whether to learn Pinyin or Zhuyin, especially if you are learning in school, may not be yours. Any ideas on specifically learning the tones would be appreciated. November 17, at 5: In Taiwan it is used to teach phonetics for kids in grade school, and sometimes up through jr.

Guestblog: Understanding The Difference Between Pinyin and Zhuyin – Hutong School

Compare the Warring States bamboo form. Zhuyin and pinyin are based on the same Mandarin pronunciations, hence there is a one-to-one correspondence between the two systems:. If I am wrong about this and there is enough adult material annotated in Zhuyin that would be great for Chinese learners in Taiwan. More Chinese learning resources, books, and texts use Pinyin. I only found out about zhuyin recently and have never thought of using it my self.

I’m going out of my way to mention this here because when you are in Zhuyin Fuhao input mode, the Touch Keyboard will have the Zhuyin symbols only, with no Roman letters on the keys, unless the full virtual keyboard is enabled. Pinin Chinese is a traditional style of written Chinese that evolved from the classical language, making it different from any modern spoken form of Chinese. Unlike Hanyu Pinyin, Zhuyin aligns well with the hanzi characters in books whose texts are printed vertically, making Zhuyin better suited for annotating the pronunciation of vertically oriented Chinese text.

The vocabulary lists of course still have the pinyin but when I get to reading I have to read characters. Originally developed for Traditional characters only, it also offers a Simplified character option.

Sara, I know what you mean, the Pinyin in my textbooks used to distract me so much that I used Tipp-Ex to cover it all up.


Chinese Romanization Converter

If you’re planning to use the on-screen Touch Keyboard, click this link to jump up the page to my notes about making it show more than just Zhuyin keys. November 23, at 1: October 19, at With zhuyin, westerners often tend to stay focused on the characters until they hit one they truly need help with… and then they look at the zhuyin beside it. My personal thoughts are: Below is an example for the word “bottle” pinyin: This seems like quite a sensible approach to help people focus more.

Select “Hanyu Pinyin” from the menu: The wrong choice will make it more likely you’ll experience technical problems later, like e-mails turning into unreadable garbage. Now, I could do it easier. Or you might never need it….

Learning Chinese – Pinyin or Zhuyin?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Note that the need for a type writer style keyboard for entering information into a computer is slowly become outdated. But if not, you’ll have to go back up to the previous instructions for the new Settings panels. By then, I was interested in why foreigns choose Taiwan to study Chinese instead of China.

Only in the past ten years or so has Taiwan been faced with a growing number of foreigners who have learned Pinyin. Zhuyin helps Taiwanese children to acquire Chinese radicals and traditional characters more effectively.