Auto Expo Coverage – Devinci Manchester Bike – Advice. Hi There, I recently have returned to recreational biking after no really riding much for about 15 years. Join Date: Apr ; Posts: New Bike Advice . 1K+ but shops in the chicagoland area have s and s for less than 1K- that’s a nice.

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They typically require the more maintenence, do not require the rider to clutch as often, nor shift as often. It’s a raleigh town and trail 15inch frame, and I love it. A 2 stroke bike requires a little more maintenence, mixing fuel, etc, but is generally easier to maintain and cheaper to repair.

Place to get laptop fixed 3 replies, last Today at If you send an email to john cyclezee. I hopped on my buddies YZF four stroke expecting a wild and unruly machine Jan 13, 1, 4. One of my bikes has aluminum fenders, and they have lasted a long time without any problems. The way I look at it is that if you get it and decide that it’s not for you then you could always flog it on fleabay. Also rear drive is probably better than front.

A great many bikes in the 2nd hand market are barely ridden. Check the air filter, and air filter box, see how clean, or dirty it is.

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A 4 stroke with a “R” in the model, means its a racing bike. If you have a 3 year old with you your not really going off the tracks for a while or doing anything too strenuous!

Apr 15, 5, www. As such you would be wise to get a local cycle mechanic to check the build. You can pick up some good deals in there if you know what you are looking for.


Mar 25, 7 0. I made a thread a few days ago regarding my ninja.

The problem with Halfords is their mechanics – who vary wildly in their competance. Race bikes are usually maintained, but they don’t work well at putting around. Don’t buy him a helmet that he bikeadvce “grow into”, buy what fits. Ha ha ha, not buy something and get a 29er for free? Oh and mines a hybrid and the OH’s is a no suspension second hand mountain bike.

CBRF for what every one said below. Have a glance at the BH Emotion Xenion Arrived with broken parts, a bit of investigation told me this was no surprise and on returning bike the delivery driver said he wasn’t surprised Either bikeadvoce he saw many go back to the depot.

Alloy with 21 shimano gears. Apr 11, 74 0. Perhaps consider a zzr? New posts Trending Search forums. However it’s only 8 Ah so that won’t be guaranteed for everyone, and their battery price is very high so having two of them on trips is a very expensive option.

So for my next problem which I require your expert advice Do you want examples for each Jon?! I’d buy one myself if I was in the bikesdvice for one at the moment!

Mon Jul 02, 3: It does everything I need it to andhas a hard tailso I have a choice of on or bikeadvvice road. Apollo is one of them.

There are so many options out there and the brand is pretty much up to you. Yes we do jimw I’m looking at hybrid bikes now, Bikeadgice want mud guards and a pannier! The main style of riding track verus cross country versus trail and maintenance. Alloy more pratical and cheaper than Carbon on the track, unless you have deep pockets, although there are a number of “Chinerrollo” carbon frames beginning to appear.


It is almost trendy to knock Halfords and there customer service in some outlets isn’t great but the subway is a fantastic all round bike for the money. IMO buying something like the Apollo is ok if you just plan to use it occasionally if you want something that is good to ride and reliable probably worth spending a bit more. Disc brakes or bikeadvive also compromises the quality of the other components. WolfAir posts 71 months. The important thing to consider when buying bikes, are childs riding ability how is he on a bicycle?

Links pleas Jon, examples of weld quality?

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Just beware that older bodies still fly through the air but don’t bounce off the ground as easily as younger ones says me suffering from bruised bum legs after doing a good impression of a cruise missile from the saddle of my mountain bike. Decathlon make Halfords look like amateurs. Just recently went to four stroke.

Maybe they have, however, I’ve emailed some of the major titanium frame manufacturers in China that produce frames for VN, Sabbath etc see here http: Anyway, I now need a new bike, which I will be able to get once his insurance company pays up, and my fractured rib and other injuries have healed. We ride KTM bikeadvuce a few reasons.