Find great deals for Aztek Testors A Metal Airbrush Set Wood Case. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Aztek hobbytools in scale No, A released in 20?? | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Airbrushing. Aztek: All products, news and built models from company Aztek. A +. ActionsStash. No Ultimate Metal Airbrush Kit w/ Wood Case (Aztek A).

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I have not tried to take the tips apart, maybe some day when I get my hands on this set again. Edited March 28, by bzn The Aztek Master Professional Airbrush Set is ideal for general and pinpoint detail work, and gives you a modern, heavy duty airbrush system that provides both precision and durability. The whole process is so quick that I spent about 30 minutes to test all the nozzle tips with base coat included.

Thanks for the advice and links guys. If you have any experience with this tool please leave your comment, what do you think about it and what are your recommendations. I found one bug, nozzle tips.

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Aztek Airbrushes Master Professional Metal Airbrush Set

Yes should be there I think I’ve booked, but better check! I have only the plastic or resin bodied Aztek air brushes, but I think this also applies to the metal bodied Azteks too because the internals are the same only the outside has changed not the internal workings.

A few years ago I went through 2 Aztek A airbrushes in 4 years, they seemed to have an inherent flaw in the trigger assembly. But the Aztek are handy and flexible and will not leave you with a airbrush where it is a problem if paint has blocked something becaurse it is so easy to clean, to use to get to know. Thanks for your comment. Aztek did one thing for me.

Ordering Offers Buyers’ Guide Delivery. When a traditional brush user does this it forces paint and cleaning fluid past the “needle seal” in an Aztek airbrush.

Reservoirs are the same but instead of 12ml one there is another special 2. There is a very good post on the Aircraft Resources forum that will walk you through how to free up the needle and repair that problem if your trigger freezes up. So a traditional airbrush user will out of habit cause problems for himself by over use of cleaning fluids on the body of an Aztek air brush. Never use the “Blow Back” or “Reverse Flow” method, where the airbrush nozzle is covered and a shot of air is used and forced back into the reservoir to help mix paint or clean the airbrush.


For example difference between acrylic and non acrylic nozzle tip. The system was a great idea in principle but reality was a different matter, for me at any rate. With smallest tip tan colour — 0. In this case you just change the needle starting position.

I only use my aztek for future now. I have four nozzles,fine,hi-flow,medium,splatter,3 sizes 7a778 cup Pm me your email and I’ll send you my work done with an Aztec Finescale header quote When the Aztek is immersed in cleaning fluids much past the metal ferrule in a “hot” cleaning fluid it will affect the plasticizers in that air tube and will cause it to deteriorate and eventually fail.

The pedal is fluent with a bit more of resistance than I expected. At the time I used Rotring Artist Colors which were finely pigmented acrylic inks and they behaved quite well in the Aztek.

Nothing wrong with Aztecs. Reviews 1 Product rating 5 out of 5 stars.

The recommended cleaning procedure in this letter is to soak them in Acetone or the appropriate cleaning fluid for no more than 10 minutes but Azte have left them in overnight – ish.

Managed to pick up a load of nozzles from Hobbycraft a couple of years ago in a sale so the Aztec will carry on for a long time yet. Product rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The quality of airbrush gun can give you freedom or you can waste a lot of time not mentioning the frustration. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. As I mentioned before, the size of the set is asking for more, but I overestimated its potential. Topnotch Models is now and an appointed dealer see the sellers section so spare and products in the UK.


I binned my Paasch and Hansa 25 years ago for the That particular Aztek I assume to be an earlier model than the ones they are currently selling, but I think people who buy it will get a reasonably good gun for a fair price. Fitting the nozzle tip is easy as well.

What a great link! With an Aztek the best way to adjust the needle to with the ferruled wheel. Rather than using it as an Aztek air brush.

Aztek Testors A Metal Airbrush Set Wood Case | eBay

I noticed some particulates after cleaning and if it happens every time, after aztwk period it could lead to problems. The Aztec is fine though. Metal magic Azte cream of the crop its aztsk liquid gold to use the cold touch of the handle soon warms up and it becomes part of the user, this is my 3rd kind of airbrush and its the best one I have use its wicked, with its multi nozzels, the wooden case keeps all azteek parts together and it looks real smart, like a true Pro, cleaning is so quick and easy and no mess fantastic.

Posted April 10, And the Aztec nozzles were a bit of a pain to clean as well. Posted March 31, Obviously this guy is quite skilled, but its unique design has good potential. A quick search will give you some clues http: After looking for other people reactions I found that very common problem is that wire inside the gun will ripe up after about 6 months of use.

With the amount I’m thinking of spending, perhaps I can visit your stand at Driffield if you’re there in September and try a couple of brushes before I buy. I have read a magazine review of the new Aztec A, and like what I’ve read, but am azteo if any of you have any experience of using and cleaning it.