Get Avaya D+M Telephone User Manual. Get all Avaya manuals!. View and Download Avaya D+M user manual online. Avaya D+M: User Manual. D+M Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: Definity . View and Download Avaya D+M user manual online. Avaya D+M: Users Guide. D+M Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: Definity , .

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Page 13 Press for odd. Page 1 This guide was downloaded fromwww. Page 38 approximately 10 milliseconds, msnual packets are transmitted to the network without artificial delay. See b in Figure 7.

Avaya 6424D+M User Manual

PressTrnsfragain to complete the transfer. Remote Loopback Test Remote Loopback With Self-test A priority call from another extension, orfrom an Automatic Callback call youplaced.

The parity of data received from the network is transported to the data terminal without alteration, except if requested to do so by X. The Test-Reset screens are listed below. Page 42 This option determines which method is used to control the flow of data from your data terminal to the ADM.

Avaya D+M User Manual (Page 61 of )

Table Of Contents For both switched and permanent applications, the following implementation information is provided: Page 76 Appendix D: To store pA, at the CMD: If you do not have a and press.


To put a call on hold while you answer another call or perform anothertask1.

When you initiate a remote loopback test, data is transmitted from the data terminal, through your ADM and the network to the data module at the far-end, where it is looped back mmanual your ADM.

Super-twist Liquid Crystal Display LCD and three push- button switches for displaying status, setting options, controlling tests, storing telephone numbers, originating and answering calls.

Avaya D+M : Telephone User Manual

Local Loopback Test Never spill liquid of any kind on thetelephone. All Use this option to change the speed at which data communications take place. Applications And Switch Administration Disp lay Fea tures. When you type avaythe system displays the following screen: Seed in Figure 7. Ofthese three lists, you can have only one System List and one Enhanced List.

HoldThe Hold feature puts a call on hold until you can return to it.

Maual of DTE devices are a display terminal, a PC running appropriate data communications software, or a printer or plotter. Getting Started — Explains how to set some data options from the keypad and how to make a data call. The following sections provide a brief overview of the four major applications.


For example, typing dialtwo spaces, and the string results in the second space being transmitted as the first character in the dialed string. If you have a display, it shows the volume level: To use any of these features, you must press the softkey below thefeature name or abbreviation. Locate the Program button on your telephone.

The remote loopback test is used to send data to a remote endpoint and check the returned data for errors.

Data Option Profiles This section describes the available data options profiles and how to create and use your own profiles. The remote loopback with self-test determines the quality of the data transmission channel and the proper operation of the HSL at the local endpoint.

Avaya Definity 6416D+M Manuals

The option name and setting screens are shown in Table The cursor moves to the right. It also covers problems that may occur with switched and dedicated applications. To cancel a Leave Word Calling messageNote: