Order AudioQuest Rocket 88 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable – Factory Terminated, From Only £ Lifetime Warranty, NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Audioquest Rocket 88 Speaker Cables. Top of the Rocket series, Rocket 88 offers a combination of power and finesse. DBS enabled with AudioQuest’s best. FREE 2-day Shipping: Let your speakers sing! AudioQuests Rocket 88 speaker cables are designed to help high-performance audio systems sound.

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I think I can safely summarise the current AudioQuest house sound, for loudspeaker cables at least, as being solid, audiowuest and powerful, with a full tonality and a refreshing lack of treble brightness.

Detail need not necessarily be presented in a forward manner. Skyline Hybrid is a different price category and has a completely different sound.

That said, the base material does have an influence of course, especially when using plated materials. As I was happy to note, the Castle Rock also improves on the Rocket 88 in terms of treble air and -flow and even if its solid core nature will not make the cable sound like the airiest of competing litze designs, its balance is just what the doctor ordered for this setup.

The 3 cables were connected successively, so this did take some time.

The reason the Rocket 88 sounded darker and drier is because it is terminated with gold. Also the 88 has bass to die for. Yes Supreme, or the Hi End.

Rocket 88 · Rocket Series · Speaker Cables · Cables · AudioQuest

Showroom Hours Monday – Friday: Rocket 88 cables feature banana plugs fastened by cold welding — a process that uses extremely high pressure to create solid secure connections that minimise signal loss.

Reviewed here are the Speaker Cables. This minimises both energy storage in the insulation and the multiple nonlinear time-delays that occur. It also seems to be less spacious, but the cable does offer plenty of detail throughout the frequency spectrum. Castle Rock Castle Rock is the entry level cable in its series. Ik was al langer aan het nadenken over een nieuwe speakerkabel en op basis van jouw positieve geluiden aaudioquest de Castle Rock heb ik een demo daarvan aangevraagd.


Silver-plated copper banana plugs – series Jacket: Overview One of the most important ingredients audoiquest a high-quality cable is the metal used for the signal conductors. But as more often happens, the devil is in the details, and as it would turn out the Castle Rock really is in another league compared to the 2 cables listened to before it. Thank you for this wonderful review! One of the most important ingredients in a high-quality cable is the metal used for the signal conductors.

However, even when those variables are kept in a reasonable balance, the relationship between conductors can be varied in ways that greatly affect the sound.

Each of the cable’s eight solid conductors is a single unbroken length rockeh pure copper, to minimize signal loss. AudioQuest’s active Dielectric-Bias System DBS creates a strong, stable electrostatic field which saturates and polarizes the molecules of the insulation. I like a speaker cable that is even across the whole frequency range, full bodied, relaxed, a bit on the warmer side.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in rocker browser. The Rocket 88 is the top level cable it its series. Call me 03 The Castle Rock was provided with silver plated connectors. The vdH however has more open treble and sounds more fluid and airy, and has lighter, less solid bass. Cable ReviewsSpeaker Cable Reviews. More importantly, litze designs are not normally capable of delivering this level of solidity or the well-grounded lifelike quality that the Castle Rock is capable of. Silver can absolutely also sound very fluid and smooth.

Dryness, however, is not a trait that I associate with a gold plating. The latter can sound more detailed and open but copper tends to sound warmer and more colourful.


We’re here to help you get it right” – Simon. Castle Rock is the entry level cable in its series. Lastly, I mentioned in the Rocket 88 alinea how the cable made me feel like the Devialet had attained part of the Accuphase E bass, and luckily this also goes for the Castle Rock.

Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice.

AudioQuest Rocket 88

Piano and percussive instruments sound ever so lifelike, and very LIVE. I was thinking of the Ricable Supreme speaker cable. Is that the one you mean? We are not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. The Double Star-Quad construction of Rocket 88 cables results in better dynamic contrast and information intelligibility than the same conductors run in parallel.

The CR is a very detailed and articulate sounding cable that avoids the tonal blandness that often occurs with very detailed sounding cables.

Christiaan Punter 31 October 15 Rocet. Stay In The Know. Does that sound like Ricable? I have a silver terminated Rocket 88 and it sounds exactly how you explain it with the Castle Rock.

SST is a method of reducing the awareness of these character flaws by using a precise combination of different sized conductors. Here I was thinking that the GO-4 could be my next default go-to cable for this setup.

Sound appears from a surprisingly black background with unexpected detail and dynamic contrast. Note that I reviewed two versions Aaudioquest, one smoother and the other more precise.

Soundstage is definitely wider than with the Rocket 88, and contrary to the latter, the Castle Rock easily fills the room with an enveloping sound aura and music flows freely from the speakers.