It is not a self-teaching manual, since APPLE provides a separate manual (the APPLE II BASIC Programming Manual) which will help you learn to program even. APPLESOFT II BASIC is APPLE’s very much extended BASIC language. BASIC has manual, since APPLE provides a separate manual (the APPLE.!!. BASIC. Apple® computer. The entire Applesoft BASIC® and Integer BASIC® vocabularies are included, along with all the DOS commands. The entries are presented.

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In the second example, INPUT prints the optional string exactly as shown, then waits for the user to type a number which will be assigned to the real variable B then a comma, then string input which will be assigned to the string variable CS. Note the use of REM statements for clarity. This command allows protection of variables from high-resolution graphics in computers with large amounts of memory.

The rules for using arithmetic variables still apply. If FOR loops are nested more than 10 levels deep, the ‘. HD 00 return Now you can “Write” store on cassette first the table length that is stored in locations to 1and then the shape table itself that is stored in locations Starting Address through Last Address: In the example, If NUM is 2.

It also provides 4 lines of text at the bottom of the screen. Each REM statement uses at least one byte plus the number of bytes in the common text. To move the cursor one space, first press the escape key, then release the escape key and press the appropriate letter key.


I4I59 ten times in your program. To convert an integer result to its floating-point equivalent, so that the function can return that value, place the two-byte integer in registers A high-order byte and Y low-order byte.

The cursor is not moved into the text window.

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C B A Bit Number: They are the escape zpplesoft, marked ESC, the repeat key, marked REPT, and the left- and right-arrow keys, which are marked with a left arrow and a right arrow. A single line can include up to characters. NEXT loops are nested Inside each other and do not “cross over. If the square is not yellow, your TV set is not tuned properly: This is due to the way home TVs work. Mznual the cursor moves, each character it crosses on the screen is copied into APPLE II’s memoryjust as if you had typed the character.

There is no way manuap get it back. Both commands sound a “beep” to signal the beginning baisc the end of recordings. I liked it, but now it is out of date to today’s computers. THEN statement does just that. If you’re interested in finding out about a specific command, the alphabetized index on the inside of the back cover will tell you where to look. In the example, is returned.

The program halts when return is typed. Recede the vector information into a series of hexadecimal bytes, using the hexadecimal codes from Figure 3.

String operations are differently defined in the two languages. Try the following examples: Once manula program line DEFlning the function has been executed, the function may be used in the form FN name argument where the argument aexpr2 may be any arithmetic expression.


Applesoft BASIC Reference

The second tab field occupies the next 16 positions 17 through 32and is available for tab-field printing only if nothing is printed in position Game paddle numbers through 3 are valid. The first time through, only the first character will be printed; the second time the first two characters will be printed, etc. When printing in tab fields, spacing may be within a tab field or across into another tab field, or it may occupy a tab field of its own.

This serves mainly as an aid to the programmer, and serves no useful function as far as the operation of the program in solving a particular problem.

You may want to SAVE it on cassette tape for future use. HTAB’s moves are relative to the left margin applfsoft the text window, but Independent of the line width.

To check the information in your shape table, you can examine each byte separately or simply press the RETURN key repeatedly until all the bytes of interest and a few extra, probably have been displayed: Try running the last two programs several times.

GOTO 2 50 Causes the program to branch mqnual the indicated line in the example. A different random sequence is initialized by each different negative argument.

They may be used in either immediate or deferred execution.