Xena and gabrielle in a relationship

Xena Lesbian Warrior Princess is back - and she's gayer than ever

xena and gabrielle in a relationship

Xena and Gabrielle's relationships wasn't so much a 'Will they or won't they Xena and Gabrielle know each other intimately – in one episode. There was also the Autolycus possession in which Xena got to visit Gabrielle, a la Ghost (Jerry Zucker, ), and we almost had a. Xena: Warrior Princess has been off the air since , but its fans are relationship between Xena and her traveling companion, Gabrielle.

Pappas is the most "modern" member of Xena's family tree that we know about to date, at least the mortal side of the tree. If there is a god side of the family, then Hercules would be an uncle. Over the series, including the "Xena Trilogy" in the first season Herculeswe learned that there are many lovers in the Warrior Princess' past, although few of her relationships could be termed "deep and meaningful".

Xena has not had a good track record with men. In fact, her best relationships have been with women.

xena and gabrielle in a relationship

The stories of Xena's love life went something like this: Hercules and Iolaus are among the lucky few to survive this seemingly unavoidable fate. Please note most of these men date from before Xena's reformation.

xena and gabrielle in a relationship

She seems less inclined to have casual affairs now. Some have speculated that this is because her relationship with Gabrielle is of the romantic variety. He, of course, got what he wanted, and once he had that, he abandoned her. He later realized what he had lost and was full of regret for his past actions. Xena was bitter and mistrustful of Petracles, but he managed to redeem himself by saving Gabrielle, but, of course, he wound up dead at the end of the episode. Certainly he was one of her first relationships, and because it went sour, she may have resolved not to get emotionally entangled again.

Xena Lesbian Warrior Princess is back - and she's gayer than ever

Whether M'Lila was more than a friend is unknown. Certainly, Xena had grown to respect her and wondered why M'Lila would lay down her life to save her. There was no love, just barbaric animal passion got to love those barbarians though. However, Borias was to betray Xena not once, but twice!

xena and gabrielle in a relationship

The first time, it was to Ming Tzu, who hunted Xena down. Xena was not a great student, however. She failed to fully grasp Lao Ma's teachings.

Xena and Gabrielle their love story

Xena was dressed in silks, but was, nonetheless, still a Barbarian at heart. They waged war, looted, pillaged, and did the Barbarian thing. It was not a desired baby, but perhaps Xena thought having a son would bind Borias to her.

Whatever the reason, Xena had the child. The Ixion stone represented that power. It was then that Borias betrayed Xena again! He turned to good and hid the stone. Borias was, of course, killed, not by Xena, but by one of her men. Lawless has stated on many occasions that the legality surrounding Xena: Warrior Princess was complicated.

xena and gabrielle in a relationship

Nonetheless, Lawless supports reviving the Xena franchise in whatever form is necessary. Ted Raimi, who played Joxer, explained, "They felt it was a female centric show. It was, like, the only one on TV at the time just about.

xena and gabrielle in a relationship

Most fans eventually warmed up to Joxer. Warrior Princess premiered, many female fans latched onto the strong, smart character of Xena as a feminist icon. A female character as tough and competent as Xena as the main focus of a show was a rarity, and Xena received a flurry of attention from excited women looking for strong female leads. At first, Lucy Lawless was not happy about receiving this kind of attention.

Lawless elaborated, "I was really weirded out in the first season when they were [calling me] 'a feminist icon.

Examining the Depth of Xena and Gabrielle's Relationship

I had never been described before in print and it horrified me to be reduced down to a few words, less than a tweet. Renee O'Connor was excited about Xena returning to the screen, but expressed trepidation about how it would be done. Javier Grillo-Marxuach was hired as a writer and producer for the series. Grillo-Marxuach stated that the new series would be "fully exploring a relationship that could only be shown subtextually in first-run syndication in the s.

I would prefer people be surprised by the story.

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NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke added, "I'd never say never on that one because it's such a beloved title but the current incarnation of it is dead. Throughout the series, Ares and Xena cycled between being enemies and love interests.

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Ares was even cited as a reason Xena and Gabrielle were never really together. There was Ares, God of War. We did not want to give up the hold that character had over Xena. In the original script for the episode "The Furies," Ares was revealed as Xena's father.