Vincent nightray and echoes relationship quiz

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vincent nightray and echoes relationship quiz

Anime, Pandora Hearts, Gilbert and Vincent Nightray. Find this Pin and Gilbert Nightray, Pandora Hearts, Xerxes Break, Leo, Fanart, Fan Art. Find this Pin and. As a result Vincent loves Gilbert to obsessive degrees. Gilbert Nightray . with Vincent, who seems to share a more positive relationship with him than Echo. Echo, knowing that Vincent's death would destroy Noise rather than just Vincent by revealing to Gilbert Nightray and Elliot Nightray that Xerxes Break had her as a person, the deeper the connection between him and Echo seemed to get. . Trivia. Echo's zodiac sign was Gemini. Echo referred to herself in third- person.

He shows a lot of anger and is just plain adorable. He certainly did reach my favourtism because of his relationships he had with others. Especially him and Leo which were the prime examples of a perfect friendship with their up and downs. Elliot did show to be practical and a good guy most of all. The manga is hella confusing but I will try to write out my thoughts. So yes I basically grew attached to this character Dislike I didn't like how he was in the manga for straight up chapters.

His death was really badly portrayed and had the emotions build up I didn't like how he died at all. I won't lie this will be my last Pandora Hearts favourite on these characters to be honest.

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Maybe one more on Sharon Let me know your amazing thoughts on this character as well! And keep in mind I read the manga so the anime does confuse some things which I didn't like the anime as much.

But he manga is literally a master piece! I enjoyed his role so much. I loved how he was so frenzied around Oz and was practically jealous of him. Elliot did die pretty early on but he shall be forever missed honestly. Elliot is practically was one of the main characters. Well seems that Leo written the song or something. But I gotta say their relationship was by far my favourite. Elliot honestly didn't deserve to die. It was all too shocking and everything felt too fast. The anime is one thing but the manga is another.

I didn't like his relationship with Vincent honestly even though they lived in the same mansion for many years. I enjoyed his relationship with Leo the most and was like a brotherly kind of a relationship. Seems that Leo always believed in Elliot and always stuck by his side. Leo was like his non blood brother. Elliot had a good relationship with his father in he beginning as he was taught by him.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship quiz

But most of all because Elliot was more stuck up with being a kid from the Nightray family Elliot met Leo at a young age and chose him to be his servant. I definitely gotta say that these two had an almost perfect relationship. Leo wanted to feel the burden of Elliot and helped him through so much. So a lot of their past does get revealed even in the Light Novels I still need to read those which has some of Elliot's childhood and even this incident that happened to Elliot. Practical story which was true.

Leo is so loyal to Elliot that he'd do anything to save his master because of their bond they have. Elliot was inflicted so badly from this wound even Leo did something so dirty by forming some contract with Humpty Dumpty to save Elliot from dying.

Elliot didn't know that he formed a contract and even later on after his death I could see Leo's face of regret before becoming the head Baskerville.

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But before all of that Humpty Dumpty is a no good chain that forms contracts with orphans and uses them. And with this case Elliot was the core contractor of Humpty Dumpty.

So of course this was a huge disaster and I hate discussing his death which I hated the most. Like this relationship was unknown honestly. Elliot was most likely rather isolate reading books while Gilbert and Vincent did brotherly things most likely during the 10 year skip. I really need to read these LNs to find out more of these relationships.

Bernard was of firm belief that Elliot wanted exactly what he wanted, and thus would do anything in order to cleanse the Nightray name of the social stigma that Raymond Nightray was branded with years before Elliot's time. Elliot was meant to become Raven's contractor in order to impress his father through the positive representation of their family, but after Bernard encountered a boy from the Abyss named Vincent, Bernard discovered that no one could form a Legal Contract with Raven successfully, except for Gilbert.

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Bernard felt bad about this because it meant that his son would never be given the opportunity to represent the Nightrays as he wanted to. Instead of the contract with Raven, Bernard finally came to the decision to allow Elliot to bear a heavier responsibility.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship quiz

Bernard gave Elliot his black-bladed rapier in order to represent himself without Raven, Elliot unaware that his father had entrusted him with the Nightray Dukedom's Key to the Abyss. Elliot had grown up learning under Bernard, with Bernard teaching him that the Vessalius Dukedom is a treacherous group of people who were the reason the Nightrays were pushed into the darkness, as Jack Vessalius had spread rumours about Raymond because of his previous connection to Oswald in order to do exactly as Bernard had explained.

Despite this, Elliot eventually went against his father's teachings, having trouble believing that the Vessaliuses were evil after interacting with Oz Vessalius on so many different occasions. As time passed, Bernard saw nothing wrong with using Elliot for his own personal gain, having convinced himself that what he was doing was within Elliot's best interest as well. Bernard felt fine allowing Elliot to form a Contract with the ChainHumpty Dumpty, seeing it as an opportunity to regain the Nightrays' status, despite the fact that Elliot's Contract with Humpty Dumpty resulted in the deaths of four of his family members.

Bernard remained numb to the deaths that unfolded around him, being unaware that Elliot was the root of the dilemma.

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Although Bernard's intentions were in wrong, Bernard had only done so because of his love for Elliot and his misguided attempts to provide Elliot with the kind of life he deserved, and Elliot continued to believe in his father until the very end, never knowing about Bernard's dark history and only ever wanting to please his father.

Vanessa did this out of concern because Bernice Nightray had slowly been losing her mind because of the assassinations of her younger brotherFredClaude and Ernest; meanwhile Bernard acted as though he didn't notice anything was happening with Bernice and was even willing to collude with a foreigner, acts which Vanessa believed made them unfit parents to Elliot.

Gilbert Nightray Gilbert Nightray is Elliot's adopted older brother. Although Elliot was pissed off for Gilbert "running away" after the Headhunter incident, he actually cares very much about Gilbert. This is shown when Elliot screams at Oz to "remember not to hurt my adoptive brother. It was stated that the only reason why Gilbert continued to smile while he was in the Nightray household was because of Elliot.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship quiz

Vincent Nightray Elliot was the only one of his brothers to not hate their adoptive siblings, Gilbert and Vincent Nightray. In fact, as a child part of the reason he spent time with them was to figure out why his older brothers hated the two boys so much.

He got along well enough with them and was needless to say Vincent's favourite out of his adoptive siblings. Especially since Elliot made Gilbert smile.

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Vincent was sadden over Elliot's death. Elliot decided to end his life by his own hands and Vincent didn't interfere.