Ups and downs relationship tumblr sketches

There will never be another person like you or me.

ups and downs relationship tumblr sketches

Life is full of ups and downs, but the best ups and downs happen on Caturday. [ via /r/aww] . “All relationships have ups and downs; love is strange. Just make. Nov 7, Illustrator Yehuda Devir creates funny relationship comics about him and his experiencing the minutiae of everyday life—both its ups and downs. Even when they're annoying one another, however, it's clear that Devir's drawings are all in good We're also on Pinterest, Tumblr, Flipboard and Feedly. Nov 24, Sometimes the tags don't work on my tumblr and even I can't find shit. I wanted to say I love your drawing style and the pieces of art you have done!! endings, but in reality relationships are a multi-series of ups and downs.

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ups and downs relationship tumblr sketches

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