Triss and yennefer relationship with god

triss and yennefer relationship with god

Almost always up for some Fantasy life fun, Creator/God ranked everything Triss went after Geralt even though she knew that Yen and Geralt were the relationship Triss built with him during the events since his amnesia. Throughout the previous Witcher games, Geralt's main love interest has been Triss Merigold. Time and again he has saved her from peril, and. My understanding is Geralt and Yennefer had a minor break up and Triss seduced geralt with magic.. but Yennefer and Triss are best friends or.

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Almost everything she does in the events of The Witcher 3 is for Ciri's sake. Geralt deeply loved Yennefer before he lost his memory, and Triss was "only" one of his best friends. Whichever woman he chooses to confess his love to in The Witcher 3 is technically a "correct" choice, because it's quite feasible to think that something more than just friendship grew out of the relationship Triss built with him during the events since his amnesia, but it's also equally plausible that his love for Yennefer transcends his memories.

Thus the player is given some choices in the matter, because it's open to your interpretation. Raile Topic Creator 3 years ago 8 Wratts posted Triss went after Geralt even though she knew that Yen and Geralt were an item.

Well this is probably the most informative post I've seen on these relationships yet. Never did get what people were talking about with this wish Geralt had made, and now all the sleeping around makes a lot more sense as well. Overall, sounds like Yennefer will be a more interesting option, though Triss sounds like that girl that always ends up alone at the end of the movie.

Consequences of choosing Yen over Triss, and how Geralt becomes a shadow of himself.

You feel sorry for her, even though she did something she shouldn't have. Almost makes me want to choose Triss Honestly, I like Yennefer's type anyway.

Triss & Yennefer Romance Scene - Witcher 3

Thanks for the detailed response Wratts. Johndv 3 years ago 9 Wratts posted It's true that Triss knew about Yennefer and Geralt's on and off again relationship, but Geralt has had a relationship with Triss in the past before even the Witcher 1.

So in Triss defense, she could have not known Geralt and Yennefer's current state of their relationship because they were often on and off again. Geralt has had sex with Triss quite a few times in the past as it is implied in Witcher 1 and that is why she fell in love with him. Knowing Geralt, he has always been the on to initiate relations with women.

So in the end, it's really Geralt's fault for getting himself in this love triangle. Johndv Johndv 3 years ago 10 IMO, Yennefer is one of those abusive relationships that people get into where they think the level of heart pain equals to the level they love someone. Triss is a good girl and everyone gets along with her. Then off to Skellige we go and Yennefer meets you, you go to the in the banquet, steal the mask together, pissing on guest rights and the druid while you are at it.

If you object, she comments on how you should grow some balls, how you like to complain, etc.

triss and yennefer relationship with god

Then you use the mask and nearly cause a weather disaster, and you get the info that Ciri fought the Wild Hunt. The druid, upon hearing this information, tells you that the wild hunt was present in another island. Later if you go find Yennefer at the inn you are shown another taste of her wonderful character, with a villager is confronting her about her actions and her telling him to piss off and using magic to subdue him, then proceeding to sit in her corner waiting for you.

You get your info about Ciri and damage was caused because of it. So when the later finds you in White Orchard, she decides that finding and protecting Ciri is more important than whatever quarrel she might have with Triss as shown in later instances of the game.

So Yen enlists her help too and the three of you set out for to Vizima. There could be some interactions with Triss and the emperor, like him asking if she enjoyed the torture and her responding that the only people who could answer that are now dead.

There, the three of you discuss your options; there are three leads so naturally one will go to check each.

Geralt has a say in the matter, because choices, you know, and if you choose to send Yen and Triss goes to Novigrad, then the game plays out more or less the same. If you instead decide to send Triss to Skelige, Yen goes to Novigrad. Velen more or less stays the same.

Yen is incognito in Novigrad, somehow learns of the Oniromancer, maybe a leap in logic here, so there could be instead a quest where you two go around the city asking for info to resolve it. After that, we visit the haunted house. You get the clues as usual.

triss and yennefer relationship with god

Then when the infiltration of the camp is presented, the only option is to attack. In it, you find Triss and the banquet. Triggering the side quest for the civil war Now, contrary to just engaging in a bitching contest with Ermion, and alienating him prior to your arrival like Yen did, Triss tells you that she asked for his help, and again, instead of withholding information like Yen loves to do, she told him that Ciri was being chased by the wild hunt. Triss told him to come with her so that when Geralt arrived we could interrogate him.

As a bonus, when in Skellige later in the game, Ciri wants to see his savior. You go there with Triss and her and when they find him, he tells her about the problems he is now facing because everybody thought he run the craven quest.

As Geralt we can even show some fatherly jealousy, with Triss teasing him about it and the two women like sisters teasing each other as well about the whole romance angle.

Also given how Freya is the goddess of love, she priestesses can, in gratitude for their deed, grant Geralt and Triss their blessing, give them some boon or similar. Ohh and the mages in Novigrad are now dead because Triss wasn't there to evacuate them. Or they are ok because Yennefer was busy killing witch hunters to pass the time. Or maybe Triss returns to Novigrad now and resumes her mission, her whole optional arc happening now or in act 2.

triss and yennefer relationship with god

Show, not tell, as they in the movie business. Both women used their own methods to find Ciri, both found her, both stood in character. Having an equal relationship with your significant one isn't in your priorities either.