Touka and kaneki relationship help

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touka and kaneki relationship help

Does anyone else feel like Touka and Kaneki's relationship is really fuckin weird ??? I mean I remember that one time where when Touka was like. Thank you so much for the help, but I still couldn't find it xD I guess I will just. Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul character) It does seem like a budding romantic relationship, although it's sometimes a love-hate one (the bridge scene). Sui Ishida's newest update of Tokyo Ghoul re has confirmed Touka is their sexual tension by consummating their relationship in a grungy.

He originally planned to die at the hands of Arima, however he was brought to tears once again when she told him she would see him later, a cruel act in his mind. After the Cochlea raid, Kaneki initially reverted back to his post-Aogiri treatment towards her, continuing his distance from her. After a month, they finally conversed in a friendly manner in: After Goat was formed, he repeatedly excluded her from combat and operations of the organization, much to her disappointment and confusion.

Touka Kirishima

Following the Clown Siege, during another private talk, she asked about this and his virginity — causing him some obvious nervousness and discomfort.

Together, they discovered their fears of losing the other were mutual. And in the conversation she mentioned the look he gave her as Sasaki, a look that embarrassed Kaneki but one that Touka admitted made her happy, indicating her romantic feelings for him. Afterward, he acknowledged her by asking her to go with him to a Goat meeting.

[Spoilers] A look at Kaneki's feelings towards Touka : TokyoGhoul

At his refusal to eat human meat, she thought him a fool despite being aware he was formally human and beat him up, refusing to show him any compassion. When Kaneki joined Anteiku, she had little patience for his mistakes and lack of knowledge of ghoul-related affairs, much to his dismay. Despite her constant annoyance with him, she would teach him more of what living as a ghoul meant.

Her incessant anger towards him however, caused Kaneki to thought of her as scary, until Uta shared how hard a worker she was and he began to think of her as less frightening. The two then found middle ground in their care for Hinami after her mother's death. The event had triggered a desire in Kaneki to become stronger. Thereafter, she agreed to train and instruct him on how to use his kagune.

During this time, Kaneki developed his concern for her due to her impulsiveness and a fear that she would die without him knowing. She becomes friendlier towards him, though she still maintained her tough attitude towards him.

Kaneki in turn viewed her as someone important to him and tries to put her out of harm's way. He responded aggressively to anyone who had hurt her, shown when he broke half of Ayato's bones for hurting Touka and held back from killing him because doing so would only hurt Touka more. Upon leaving Anteiku, Kaneki stayed true to his intent to preserve her safety and protect her, shown when he refused to allow her to come with him and avoided her during the months he was away.

He believed that she was better off not getting involved in the world he chose to become a part of and their first reunion however, concluded in an argument and Touka beating him up. The taste of her coffee had brought him to tears and he thought that she was very beautiful. From then, Sasaki developed an infatuation for Touka and would visit: Touka noted that at the time, he looked at her with the same gaze he looked at Rize in the past.

After regaining his memories, Kaneki met Touka in Cochlea and he remarked internally that she's cruel and was brought to tears once again. As the One-Eyed King, he reverts back to his post-Aogiri treatment towards her, continuing his distance from her and would repeatedly exclude her from combat and operations of Goat, much to her disappointment and confusion. Some time later during a private talk between the two, she asks about this and his virginity — causing him some obvious nervousness and discomfort.

She has reverted back to her short bob cut.

touka and kaneki relationship help

Her bangs are shorter, reaching her nose instead of her chin and considerably bouncier than her previous bob haircut. Touka switched to a more feminine style of clothing.

touka and kaneki relationship help

She wears a white wide neck blouse with a black apron over the top for her waitress outfit. When Touka's moving around as a "ghoul," she wears a trench coat, pants, and boots.

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After the Clown Siege, Touka dyed her hair back to its original black purple in anime color. Manga Depiction Touka's profile in Vol. Touka as a child.

touka and kaneki relationship help

Touka's introduction in Chapter 1: Touka disguised as a student.